5 Awesome Research Strategies to Generate New Content

5 Awesome Research Strategies to Generate New Content

There are many resources at your disposal to get a new idea for content. Learn to take advantage of them. Go through these 5 research strategies, and you won’t have any problems.

Are you looking for good content creation strategies to help you generate fresh content daily?

Well, I can understand the challenge of being a content marketer. Always coming up with new ideas is a task in itself. But don’t worry there’s a solution to every problem.

I know sometimes we sit down to write, but the words don’t come in the way we would like them to. But planning will always help you create new content of any type.

So, here I’ll be discussing some strategies that will definitely help you in producing fresh and unique content.

Let’s get into the details now:

1. Create a bunch of topic lists:

When you write new content, you should not just sit down and keep thinking about what to write. We don’t have that much time dude!

This is such an inefficient approach to start writing content.  

The initial step is to create lists of all the topics coming into your mind. Invest some more time researching new topics related to different aspects of society. Research is all you need to create your own new subjects.

Start accumulating topics as much as you can so that when you sit to write, you have numerous topics to write on. If you aim to write 3 posts weekly, you should have nearly 25-30 ideas in mind.

This will help you choose the best and trending topic that will engage the audience and help you come up with the best content you can.

2. Follow your social media followers and blog comments:

What can be more lucrative and beneficial than social media? Social media is a huge platform that will definitely give you unique ideas to start writing.

Look into the profiles of people who are following you on social media. Just check out what they are talking about.

See-through their tweets and check the brands they are following. Facebook and Instagram are the most useful resources for getting many ideas to work on. See the kind of photos they usually post to get an idea of what your audience is interested in. This will benefit your thinking process.

It would be a plus if you have loads of followers on your social media accounts-the the more people, the more the ideas-is, n’t it?

Asking questions is another great way to discover the topics people are curious about. You can directly ask questions on your Instagram story to get insight.

Their answers will definitely help you create and generate new ideas that will actually please the audience.

Blog comments are another new source of getting new ideas. With this, you can communicate with your spectators and ask them about their interests.

Make sure you respond to them whenever they have a query and try to answer them by creating a topic on their query. Their comments can be a great source of motivation for you.

3. Look through your competitor websites:

So, if you are unsure about your audience's reading habits, you can check your competitor’s blogs and see what kind of stuff they are talking about. This doesn’t mean you have to copy and paste; you have to take an idea from that.

You need to look at their concepts to generate new ideas from them. There might be some topics on their site that you haven’t covered yet, so start writing on them with some new prospects.

If you have the same target audience as theirs, there are more chances that the content that performs well on their website will also work for you. Some tools are available to see what’s performing well on a website.

What’s more beneficial is looking through the comments on your competitor's blogs if you can get ideas from your comments section, you can also get them from other’s websites. Clever right? But that’s how it works!

You can even visit the FAQs page on their website. This also can give you a bunch of ideas to write about.

4. Collaborate with others to create new ideas:

You can generate valuable content ideas from different people in your company or society. The most prolific way to get ideas from everyone’s mind is to organize a brainstorming session.

You should build an atmosphere where people are easily and comfortable sharing their ideas. It can be a bit difficult to ask colleagues to give some random ideas coming to their minds.

It is even more difficult for those not accustomed to doing so daily. People usually get self-conscious while sharing their ideas. But try to make them comfortable, give them some time to think.

Focus on quantity and not quality. Being a content marketer, quality is what you can achieve naturally. You need ideas, and you have to work on them.  

Try using sticky notes, whiteboards, or some visual mediums to keep track of the ideas you got. It’s an effective option to use sticky notes as you can easily group the ideas by topic and identify the latest trends people seek.

List down and display all the ideas you have accumulated from your colleagues so that it feels transparent for them. Give a positive experience to the people so that they want to do it in the future also.

5. Take help from data and analytics:

Look through some latest studies related to your brand or business. These studies might give a relevant idea related to your brand and is the most searched question on Google.

So start writing about it, research more to acquire more knowledge and then conduct research on a new level to write a blog from a different angle.

For instance, if you are from the nutrition industry, the new study made on some food that might hamper your digestive process is a good idea to write something about it.

You can share your ideas about which foods are substitutes for it or something related to it.  So this is how you can use analytics to generate new content.

Final thoughts:

While you might get stuck sometimes when you start writing, you should never struggle to create fresh content thoughts.

I’ve listed some essential strategies that will help you hit the ground.  Go the extra mile to have an edge in the online era. Efforts and brainstorming are the key aspects of unique and engaging content.

Gurneet Kaur works as a writer for Woosper Infotech, an SEO Agency offering cost effective search engine optimisation services in India. She has a knack for Anticipating Marketing Trends and best practices in the realm of digital marketing and customer acquisition. When she actually manages to get away for more than 10 minutes, she is usually reading books, traveling or shooting photos

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