7 Proven Ways to Build a Website That Customers Will Love

7 Proven Ways to Build a Website That Customers Will Love

It is not unusual to see business owners fret over creating a streamlined and professionally designed website that achieves key marketing objectives. As a matter of fact, ‘How do I start and build a website’ is one of the most commonly searched queries on popular search engines by startup owners.

If you are promiscuous while developing your website, you will surely disappear from the business sooner or later. Therefore, developing a well-defined and well-designed website that your customers will love coming back to is incredibly significant.

Below are a few distinctive proven ways to build a website that your customers will fall in love with. Read further to know.

1. Having correctly prioritized key pages

Your customers will hate being on your website if you fail to prioritize key pages effectively. And unfortunately, plenty of websites fail to make important points obvious on their web pages. For instance, many restaurant websites don’t have their working hours listed on their homepage. Even worst, have their contact number listed at the bottom of the page for reservation queries.

prioritized key pages
It is imperative to view your web pages from a customer’s point of view and learn to keep things simple and clutter-free on the pages.

2. Apply the Von Restorff Effect

If you are creating a website for a T-shirt design studio, you may wonder what the Von Restoff Effect is. So here’s the thing: As per Von Restoff Effect, any color that stands out gets recognized quickly and easily, and what blends in is easily forgotten. So, technically speaking, no one color outperforms the others, but a color’s ability to affect conversions certainly has more to do with the content than the color.

Therefore, while performing A/B tests, one should recognize that one color may outperform the other only because it stands out.

3. Choose concise headlines

Many legitimate studies and surveys suggest that headlines are indisputably one of the most viewed items on a web page. We might have assumed images to be the frontrunner, but the headlines attract the maximum eyeballs because the visitors want to know exactly what the page is about. So, it is a good idea to have a clear, concise and bold headline that lets the visitors know upfront what the page is about.

Ensure that your headline is not like any other marketing tactic; a headline should give the users the information they want. No beating around the bush here!

4. Have a lot of white space

Your customers will thank you for this, as a lot of white space will assist them in comprehending the content on the page easily. As per Susan Weinschenk’s book Neuro Web Design, white space is significant for reading comprehension and creating contrast with other on-page elements.

When you decrease white space from the margins, and reading comprehension drops dramatically. Having said that, make sure that your typography is well-spaced and very easy to read so that readers can easily read and absorb the copy.

5. Doing it the Adobe Dreamweaver way

Adobe Dreamweaver lets you easily create a complex website. In other words, you have more creative control over the design and construction of your site without having to own those ridiculously overpriced web designs and coding programs that many professionals use.

It is a no-nonsense way to develop a visually based design system that allows viewers to see what you do. Although it works effectively almost all the time, it is vital to have a fair grasp of HTML and CSS to work with Adobe Dreamweaver.

6. Hiring a qualified web designer

Unarguably, hiring a professional web designer is one of the most expensive ways to build a website, but it also is the easiest and hassle-free way. It simply means you can outsource the job of building your website to a professional web designer who is experienced and knows the job well. But, of course, you will need to pay and do your own homework to find a web designer who can do your work at affordable rates. Also, finding someone who lets you customize your website as little or as much as you will be necessary.

If for some reason, you do not wish to hire a professional web designer, and it is worth trying to explore some of these free website builders. With free website builders, it is usually a ‘drag and drop’ story, meaning you have several options you can pick from and then drag them over onto your site and drop them wherever you like. In short, a free website builder will help you design, build, launch and manage your website for free.

7. Your website needs to load fast

This, perhaps, is the most obvious among the rest. Nobody likes a slow site. Period. As per a report by Bing on O’Reilly Radar, at less than a 2-second increase of delays in page responsiveness, reduced user satisfaction by a remarkable 3.8 percent and increased lost revenue per user by 4.3 percent.

slow website load speed

So how do you ensure that your website loads quickly? Firstly, include only the essential on-page elements that are absolutely essential for your page. Then, use caching and pay for premium hosting, which will assist you in loading the page swiftly without causing delays.

Final words!

In this article, I have mentioned some proven ways to help you develop a website that your customers will love to visit repeatedly. Unfortunately, it is a given fact that about 50 percent of businesses still do not have a website for their business. Isn’t that a shocking statistic, given how significant it is to have a professional-looking website for any business to survive and grow?

Presumably, you won’t be in that category ever; instead, you will be looking for ways to build a website that your customers will irreversibly fall in love with.

Isha Singh is trying to take advantage of the technical knowledge she has to help people gain a foothold in the digitized world. Read her sharing her views on marketing services, e-commerce platform, and web & application development.

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