5 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Blog (Must Avoid These!)

5 Mistakes You’re Making With Your Blog (Must Avoid These!)

Are you making these costly mistakes while creating your blog? If yes, avoid them at all costs.

It does not matter what you started blogging for. Goals can be earnings, self-esteem, self-expression, and search for like-minded people or popularity and regardless of the reason, they do not affect the fact that novice bloggers repeat the same mistakes. But just one wrong action can lead to loss of reputation. It is the one on which the success of the blog is built.

Therefore, do not forget that although blogging is different from such task as do my free essay papers for me, here you also need to follow certain rules and avoid common mistakes.

In this article, let's look at typical blogger mistakes. Some of them are common to beginners and experienced users so you should be protected from the hassles they can bring.

1. Free Hosting

First of all, let's start by posting a blog. Yes, it cannot give instant profit, so you do not want to pay in advance. But, most likely, a blog hosted on a free hosting, will never bring this profit. Having saved on placement, you get a lot of shortcomings that will constantly interfere with the promotion and development of the project.

Anything like indecent advertising, links to sites of questionable content may appear on your site without your consent. There is even a chance of removing the resource and losing the effort and time. Visitors are also not very respectful of sites placed on such hosting.

By the way, it is the attitude of visitors (even casual ones) and subscribers that should become the main criterion for your own evaluation of the resource. It is necessary to at least temporarily turn from a writer to a reader.

Evaluate what you are doing, look outside, try to understand what on your site can attract people, and what can alienate them. From your understanding of such seemingly simple questions depends on the fate of your blog.

2. A Huge Number of Advertising and Attendance Counters

While your blog will not be visited by 200-250 visitors every day, placement of ad units does not make sense. The reason is the following. Advertising in the opposite case will give only braking in the development of the site and the outflow of readers. It is necessary to understand that advertising should be harmoniously entered on the pages of the site, you need to pick up clickable places and arrange them correctly, so it's not as simple as it seems. A huge number of affiliate links for the sale of info courses will not help you develop the blog. So, clean your young site of advertising junk and work on its development and promotion.

This statement is also true for attendance counters.  Surely, you've seen blogs that contain 5-7 counters at once. Firstly, you do not need to place such counters, secondly, you do not need to display 10-15 visitors per day, you can just make a counter without displaying statistics. When you need to look and analyze attendance, do it with the help of specialized tools from Google.

Remember that if you look at the attendance counter every hour, your eyesight and nervous system may deteriorate from the fact that the numbers do not change. To increase attendance, you need to write quality content and correctly promote your site. Then the numbers on the counters will grow.

3. Repulsive Visual Design and Poor-Quality Layout

Design can be called the face of the blog because it determines the first impression of the visitor. Ideally, the best option would be custom-made author's design, but for the initial stage, it is unrealistic. Therefore, it is possible to choose a suitable template on one of the free resources that provide such an opportunity. But it requires some work.

First of all, you should think about the coincidence of the content and appearance of the blog. For example, the background "in sequins" may well be suitable for a resource related to beauty and makeup, but it will not coincide with the content of the site about rock music or gadgets.

Next, what you need to pay attention to is the convenience of visitors. Every visitor should clearly understand where he got so the blog head must necessarily correspond to the content. The visitor should not look for ways to navigate through the pages, he should see links leading to a particular section. The absence of such elements will alienate potential readers.

Color design is also one of the important elements, and this is even a more psychological moment. Choose the right color combination, a font that is easy to read but in pursuit of originality, one should remember that the main thing is the convenience of visitors. This is an indicator of the author's attitude to both readers and the blog itself. You can be sure that visitors will not read articles written in bright red letters on a poisonous-green background. Such a page will be immediately closed.

If to sum up, it is worth saying that the external design of the blog should be restrained, it is necessary to keep it in calm, harmonious colors, informative and not overloaded with unnecessary details. However, the most important thing for a blog is its content. And this moment is a whole Klondike for mistakes.

4. Too Bulky Subject Matter

If you are starting a blog for a specific purpose, you need a specific target audience. Too often novice bloggers try to embrace the immensity and write about everything in a row. And in the end, these articles are about nothing. Do you think this can be of interest to someone?

Before you start blogging, you need to understand what it will be about and how can you interest potential audience? The selected topic should be interesting to specific people, you should know that you can tell them something new, answer questions, and give the necessary information.

How to choose your own niche is a separate issue and it is very difficult. But one tip can be given boldly - the most important thing is that you should like what you write about. And then, even if you are not yet a "guru" on this topic, articles written "from the heart" can conquer readers. Although, if you like, for example, aquarium fish, but you have no idea about them, only enthusiasm will not be enough. You can not write about things that you do not know. Once you deceive the reader, and the trust will be lost forever.

Of course, the ability to write in such a way that readers can practically "live" on the pages of your blog cannot come at once - you have to learn it, besides, there are a lot of constantly repeated mistakes in this question.

5. Ignoring of Content Creation Rules

First of all, you need to write competently! Check the texts by the Word, special resources, remember the rules that you did not learn at school or just forgot. Grammar errors can undermine the author's authority. They show disrespect to the audience and not too good education and this, in turn, causes distrust to the written.

Divide the text into paragraphs. The solid text is much harder to read and looks worse and the paragraphs should not be too large. The same applies to sentences. Do not use abstruse words (especially if you do not understand their meaning very well).

Do not expect to win the audience by the number of articles. To frequent appearance of posts will not attract, but, rather, will alienate the audience. It does not even make sense to talk about copying someone else's posts. Filling your blog with other people's messages can be compared to an anecdote told in a company that knows it by heart for a long time. In addition, it can spoil the "relationship" of your site with search engines.

Do not use a lot of pictures. This question concerns not only the design but also the texts themselves. It is very good to dilute the text with a suitable picture and it will look much more attractive. But when there are a lot of pictures, it interferes with reading, dispels attention, and also takes away traffic of visitors. Pictures should match the content of the article.


Do not forget that the prospective blogger differs from the amateur in that he studies someone else's experience, does not try to get everything right away and avoids ridiculous mistakes. Considering the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to protect your blog from ignoring from the perspective of readers.

Author Bio:

Necole Hardison is a content writer at phdessay.

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