5 Actionable Tips for Your Design Display Ads for PPC Campaign

5 Actionable Tips for Your Design Display Ads for PPC Campaign

If you are looking to optimize your PPC campaign ad then this blog post will help you in understanding the key elements that results in a successful campaign.

Advertising is the art of convincing people to spend money they don't have for something they don't need. - Will Rogers

Pay-per-click (PPC) and display advertising are the classic marketing staples that are proven to be effective at boosting traffic and multiplying conversion rate. Before getting into designing ad you must first decide the campaign objective as you have to reflect it through your ad design. The objective of your campaign will have a great influence on the design of your ad. It can create brand awareness. However, due to banner blindness users have now become quite sophisticated at filtering out the presence of design display ads. In order to get noticed and grab the user’s attention at first glance, you have to create an ad that resonates with your audience.

If you are looking to optimize your PPC campaign ad then this blog post will help you in understanding the key elements that result in a successful campaign.

1. Use White Space for Clean & Uncluttered Design

PPC visitors are often in a rapid-fire state of mind. They are alongside searching through your competitor’s ads and might have come to you for a second thought. What if you were their first choice but your ad is not effective enough to hook their attention? That is how imperative your design display ads are for a successful PPC campaign.

As Daniel Shane from LogoOrbit emphasizes that managing white space effectively in your design ad is the key to grab your audience attention. White space is used to balance the design elements while surrounding the feature aspects of an ad and it is where companies often fail to inspire.

They attempt to deliver all the necessary information within a small area which eventually make the design overcrowded. An uncluttered design can make visitors frustrated therefore to provide an effective visual communication experience you need to simplify your design and leverage from white space for a minimalist layout.

To stay ahead of the curve in the PPC world, you need to transform the way it has been done before. Instead of delivering an encyclopedia about your company or services simply add information that is pertinent enough to spark the visitor’s attention. Remember, less is more!

2. Incorporate Unique Blend of Colors & Schemes

Selecting colors and schemes is another challenging task as it can provoke a positive or negative emotion. As you go about designing your display ads, remember to choose color schemes that complement the colors you have used on your placement website. Color is one of the powerful tools that have a direct influence on your audience mood and can trigger them towards a call to action if used carefully.

Research about colors that positively influence your audience and provoke certain emotions that keeps them engaged with your brand.  Based on the facts about the psychology of colors, 62-90% of a first impression is due to colors. Also, colors can even play tricks on your mind.

Therefore, when selecting colors to maintain consistency in the overall design of your brand so that your design ad will look like a part of your website and there will be less risk of visitors skimming over your ads. Moreover, remember to use colors that draw your audience instantly towards target calls to action.

3. Hook Your Audience by Relevant Images

When selecting images for your design display ad you need to selective. Images can be impactful but you need to incorporate images that are relevant and provide adequate information. Images can also evoke emotions, therefore, keep it professional and relevant enough to complement the campaign goals.   Remember the image you select has the power to break or make your ad.

The effective image is one that is visually appealing, prominent, consistent with your ad copy and above all able to grab viewers’ attention. Do not insert images with too much information as it will make the design of your ad look unattractive. Rather, try to put images that perfectly resonates with your audience.

4. Display Information that Reflects Brands Core Goals

Power words evoke an emotional response in your target audience and you must leverage from these words in your design ads. Don’t forget to add information that triggers them towards the required CTA. The information you are going to display in your ad must be in harmony with your brand's core goals.

If your campaign objective is targeted at making people buy your product or service than the relevant details would include benefits that trigger them to go for your brand. For instance, discount rates, free delivery, free giveaways with your products.  The main focus should be to include information pertinent to the goals of your campaign.

5. Calls to Action that Persuades Users to Click

Try to keep your message as clear and crisp as possible. This implies that you must include the call to actions that are directly meant to fulfill your core PPC campaign objective. For instance, increasing brand awareness may not require any sort of call to action in this scenario a company logo and brand message is what you simply need. As per the facts stated by HubSpot, personalized CTAs convert 42% more visitors into quality leads than untargeted CTAs.

However, if your objective is to instigate an interaction with users than you may insert Click Here button or in case of any video you can visibly add “Play” button to let them see the ad or engage with your brand.  Another possible effective call to action that might attract viewers are Sign Up for Free, Subscribe, Get Started and Find out More, Get a Quote etc. Make the CTA button prominent enough to grab viewer attention.

Key Takeaway

By following the above-mentioned design display ad tips for PPC campaign you can have the desired outcome that you wished for. In a nutshell, your display ads can make or break your PPC campaign, therefore, you must put extra efforts into how they are designed. Ensure the right balance between images, colors, information, and calls to action as this will instantly boost your click-through rate. Consequently, your PPC campaign will strive with success resulting in increased ROI.

Amtul Tahir is a writer by heart and profession. She loves to write about the topics related to digital marketing and branding.

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