6 Ways to Never Run Out of Content

6 Ways to Never Run Out of Content

Have you ever run out of content? If yes, this blog is especially for you as it contains tips to never run out of content.

Along with a fresh new year, most of us want to take a refreshing start in almost everything we do. Be it our scheduling, our work routines, our diet plans, our social life or our travel plans.

Same is the case with the content creators around the globe. They also want to gear up and write some amazing, fresh and winning content. And basically to set a completely new schedule with a fresh variety of topics.

But a feeling that they are over with compelling and relevant content topics just keeps hitting these people all the time. They just want to pile up a range of new valuable topics with every new year, in fact, every new season, just to be sure that they do not run out of them.

And of course, being worried is valid… because you get to see an intense competition around you. Everybody is writing the same things and every site is trying to create the best content ever.

So obviously, it’s pretty difficult to combat this competition. You got to create some really captivating content in order to hold onto your market.

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However, today we are here to lower down your worries and tell you that you can never run out of these topics… as this world's population would never come to an extinct, in the same manner, your content topics are not going to end any sooner, my mates.

This post will give you some really easy and quick ways to keep finding interesting content topics for your blog.

So just sit back and chill because…

Here You Go With These 6 Quick Ways to Never Run Out of Content:

1. Use Google Alerts:

Today, we have so many outlets on the digital world that it has become extremely easy and quick to find what you want. There millions of sites which are producing content.

Use Google Alerts

Google Alerts is one of the tools from where you can get constant alerts from Google about various blog posts that are being uploaded daily. These are the alerts which you will regularly get on your email.

So opting this facility will really give you some great content ideas. You can tweak them and create content taking help from those ideas.

2. Use Google Keyword Planner:

Another great way to get new ideas is to look into Google Keyword Planner. This gives you a chance to look at the trending keywords and create content according to those keywords because that is what readers demand.

Use Google Keyword Planner

In fact it is the best keyword tool which you will get anywhere online. This will let you have some awesome content ideas and have great campaign ideas also.

3. Curate The Relevant Content:

Now, this is one of the best ways to make sure that you stored enough topics for your blog. Yes, I am talking about Content Curation.

Curating the content means that you are gathering all the form of content ideas and types of content in form of inspirations and ideas.

You can gather great ideas, polish them up, put in more effort into it and publish them whenever you want.

4. Check Out All Content Generation Forums:

In this digital era, you have hundreds of content generations forums like Reddit, Medium and Inbound. These forums help you generate and find some really useful content for your niche.

Other than these, you also have unique Content Generation Tools like Buffer and Blog Topic Generator. These tools give you some really useful blog post ideas.

When we are talking about these forums, it is mandatory to check out all the social media forums you are present at. Check out your competitors, influencers and all other players in your industry.

5. Track Your Own Previous Content:

Another practical way to always have sufficient content is to set your own self as a benchmark. If you keep a track of your own previous posts you will simply be able to know which post was the best and could you write more like that.

Track Your Own Previous Content

Yes, treating yourself as a competition is the best thing one can do. You can pick and choose any topic which has done great previously on your blog and re-write in a different context again. Many topics can be found within a blog post as well.

A big chunk of these online bloggers make new content out of their own old content. And trust me there is no harm in this. You can easily do this. If a topic is doing well and it is in demand, you can create content on it again and again with different styles.

You will read great stuff on Repurposing Your Content and taking its double advantage. You will also find many ways to republish your content which include sharing your post on platforms like Medium, Inbound or SlideShare.

6. Be Updated With All The Current Happenings:

The last tip of the day which I would like to give is to keep yourself updated.  Knowing everything going around you is the best way to grab maximum topics to write about.

Keep a check on all social media platforms. For instance, Twitter’s hashtags give you a regular check on what is going around. Sites like Inbound or reddit will also guide you on what is going on.

Joining all the groups and network of your niche will also keep you posted on all the current happenings.

These are some great ways to have enough content in your closets for the whole new year.


So these were some great ways which will save you and keep giving to compelling topics all around the year. So never get down or pressurized that you are done and you cannot write anything meaningful because you always will.

In this digital age, you will find hundred tricky things to deal with but the most important advantage here is that there are a lot of ideas available up there and that you will never be out of these ideas.

Just put these above-shared ways in your mind and you will simply excel, taking your content marketing to the next level.

Do not forget to use the Google Alerts, Google Planners and other social media platforms. Curate quality content, update your own past content and always be updated with the new happenings. If you keep all of these in mind, then it means you are playing well with your content.

I would also love to have more ways and tips as suggestions from you people in the comments below.

Hammad is a tech entrepreneur with a passion for technology and online marketing. He's currently focusing on a new startup Truconversion , a SaaS application in web/mobile analytics space. You can visit his blog at: HammadAkbar.com

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