3 Reasons Why Your Digital Strategy can end up Failing

3 Reasons Why Your Digital Strategy can end up Failing

Why digital marketing plan fails? There could be multiple reasons, find some of them here...

In the digital era, a business’ chances of survival are directly proportional to its online presence and adaptation to the ever-changing online trends as well. For you to grow your business, the first thing you need is a solid and well planned digital strategy with which all of your online presence will be handled.

This digital strategy involves everything from a website domain name, website content, tools that can make your online presence more relevant, target audience marketing, and even something like timing. For this very reason, it is incredibly important for any business owner to analyse what they want from their online presence, and then create a digital strategy accordingly.

For business owners who are not very tech savvy, there are a lot of free online tools available to get you started, and there are a lot of seasoned and well-trained professionals who can also create and tailor make a digital strategy which suits your needs and your business’ target audience. 

Sometimes, if you are unable to do a few things correctly, your digital strategy may end up failing quite terribly. More often than not, the following are the three reasons why this could happen and how to avoid it best:

1. Poor timing

There is something called good timing; even in the digital strategy and marketing world. A great way to ensure that your digital strategy is gaining the maximum use out of its contents is to time it in a way that it becomes most relevant to what is happening in the industry your business caters to.

It would make no sense for your business or website to have holiday-themed content a lot earlier than the holidays or right after the holiday season either. Traffic to sites that have relevant themes often follows a systematic time-ordered pattern based on the time of year and the theme.

Waseem from VM Interactive said, "Poor timing would mean that despite all the hard work and the effort used to make the digital strategy and create a digital presence, it would all go to waste just because the timing wasn’t right."

The best way to avoid this issue would be to analyse your web content and the traffic that is generated on websites that have similar material. This analysis will not only tell you what works and what doesn’t work for those websites but will also show you what sort of content generates what amount of traffic in what time of the year.

2.  The right audience

One of the most significant issues any business owner or website owner can face is not getting enough traffic because you are not targeting your content to the right target audience. If the analysis of your target audience is incorrect, then no matter how great your digital strategy is on paper, it just won’t work!

The best way to analyse your target audience is just to look at the product or service you are offering, and imagine what sort of demographic it would be most liked by. This is, in straightforward words, your target audience. After this has been decided, the rest of the entire digital strategy can be tailor-made to fit around the target audience, which not only includes your web content, but also the way you promote it and through what channels.

3.  Poor content or website

No matter how many times someone tells you not to judge a book by its front cover, it simply will not matter. Consumers and readers will look at a website for a few seconds before deciding whether or not it is worth their time. It does not matter how good your content is; if it is presented poorly or your website takes too long to load, then no one will invest their time in it.

Apart from this, if your content is weak, then your strategy may not even matter. Having well written and well-structured content on your website, along with an easy to use and appealing web layout, is the most important thing.

There is a lot that goes into making a digital strategy, and also a lot that goes into making sure that it is successful. For some, digital plans fail because of one of the three reasons mentioned above. To ensure that your website has a robust online presence, real web traffic, and an impact on your target audience, make sure to thoroughly understand the points mentioned above so you can avoid these mistakes altogether.

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses and overall ROI. You can follow Sam on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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