What Have Neural Networks Learned by 2020 and When Will They Replace Copywriters?

What Have Neural Networks Learned by 2020 and When Will They Replace Copywriters?

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science have become the most powerful and forward looking force in technology over the past decade. Machine learning is continuing to shape business and society.

The development of artificial intelligence provokes the question of people whether their work will remain relevant and whether they can be calm for their employment. The popularity of the question is so great that the site “Will Robots Take My Job?", was created, where you can find out if the profession is at risk. 

According to the resource, the probability of replacing authors and writers is 4%. Moreover, according to forecasts, demand in the industry by 2024 year will grow by 2%. Good news, right? Further more about this and how copywriters can protect themselves

Opinions about the issue

Opinions are divided, there are less optimistic arguments and more passive. Some believe that artificial intelligence will occupy jobs and are very concerned about it. Others say that neural networks can make work more efficient and improve results. They believe that automation will harmoniously complement human labor.

Needless to say, some professions will completely disappear and a human resource will not be necessary for them. However, this is just an essential component of scientific and technological progress. It has always been so.

The best that people can do is prepare for this and choose related activities and better master them. You should not panic, the process is quick, but not enough to rob you of your work tomorrow.


TOP 3 professions on the brink of extinction

1. Telemarketer

AI substitution probability: 99%

Remember the last call from a company. Was it made by a man or a robot? Now very often this task is assigned to automated systems. This work is very easy to give to artificial intelligence, because it does not require emotional intelligence in order to get the desired result. It is the criterion that currently makes some professions very stable, while others fall into the “threatened” category. 

2. Accountants

AI substitution probability: 98%

A huge part of accounting operations has moved to the automation stage at the moment. This is due to a decrease in the number of jobs, which is projected to decrease by 8% by 2024. Global giants such as Microsoft Office offer companies solutions to make the process automatic.

Moreover, the cost of software is much lower than the services of an accountant. Obviously what enterprises will prefer.

3. Compensation and Benefits Managers

AI substitution probability: 96%

Using artificial intelligence will save time, because the work that people will do, will take much more time. This is especially true for large-scale companies.

Automation will avoid a huge amount of paperwork and interaction between employees. Ultipro and Workday have already presented turnkey solutions for business, allowing to reduce human labor.

What new professions will appear?

Let's not forget that the old is always replaced by the new and the appearance of artificial intelligence will entail not only job cuts, but also the emergence of other professions. Therefore, do not worry so much. And here are 2 specialties that can give jobs.

  • The personality designer

These are specialists who are involved in the development of architecture and logic. This profession will be very important, since AI will not have a personality without it. Vivid examples are Siri and Alexa.

Their personality is not an accident, but the laborious work of specialists. In the future, when there will be much more AI interfaces, they will be created specifically for certain tasks. 

Therefore, specialists working on the development of personality will be responsible for their ergonomics. They will need to provide convenience and ease of use. The key skills of specialists are understanding of algorithms, new technologies and deep knowledge of psychology.

  • The AI ​​writer

This profession involves interaction with a personality designer. This specialist creates behavior, vocabulary, tone of voice and more. The main task is to make the robot as similar to a person as possible, to give him emotions. An AI writer is a marketer and copywriter all rolled into one. You need to be creative to succeed in the profession.

What did AI come to in the field of word processing

Currently, convolutional and recurrent neural networks are used for language processing in addition to new methods. They work with transformers, attention and nesting. As a result, word relations are modeled in massively parallel CNN or FCN. This allows you to perfectly understand the full enclosures.

Using a converter, a set of word attachments is converted to another set of word attachments. This technology perfectly shows itself in machine translation and word generation. It is the direction of development that may seem dangerous to copywriters, since it is able to research information and create exclusive texts.


The industry is developing 

AI is constantly evolving and becoming smarter every year. This happens at an unprecedented rate, which is difficult to imagine. Technology is improving and improving, replacing people at work. This process is irreversible and inevitable.

However, this always happens. In conditions of such changes only the strongest survive. It happened historically. This state of affairs is forcing companies and specialists to move at an accelerated pace, to find new solutions that are more valuable to customers.

For clarity, consider an example of the growth of Walmart in the 1990s. The network was like a strong wave that destroyed everything in its path. Its market entry has destroyed 1,000 small businesses. Among the huge number of stores were those who sold pet food. 

Pet owners started buying pet food at Walmart. It was convenient, because in one place you can immediately get everything you need, from products to various home accessories. Competitors could not do anything in order to survive. It seemed so.

Over time, pet shops began to open again. And you know what? They got customers. At first glance, this may seem like a paradox, but the solution was on the surface.

Some may say why should I buy from small stores when delivery from large Internet platforms is now absolutely free. You can bring any product directly under the house, you can buy anything without having to go anywhere. But not all if you require something specific. This means that working in a niche, you can succeed.

Large companies prefer to sell products that are in great demand and are easy to scale, so by offering combs for labrador puppies, you can become quite competitive. After all, this product is not interesting for large-scale retailers.

Small shops with highly specialized goods can use their deep knowledge and offer high-quality service that will please visitors. A feature of such stores will be personalization and a good understanding of the needs of each customer.

The history of Walmart and small shops suggests that in times of crisis it is necessary to adapt and use a creative approach. Therefore, the intensive development of artificial intelligence should prompt thoughts on how to maintain competitiveness in the face of such a competitor.

And it’s not necessary that everything is so bad. On the contrary, those who quickly understand what is happening, receive more than they had.

Note for copywriters, remember safety when working in public places. Unprotected public networks can lead to data leakage from your PC or smartphone. To ensure a secure connection, use only reliable VPNs.

There are many sites with reviews that compile collections of reliable tools and test them, one of which is Cooltechzone.com. Remember that malicious programs often hide behind useful tools. Therefore, use only proven software.


Find weaknesses 

To deal with a problem, you need to understand its essence. The advantage of artificial intelligence is the ability to create texts in a huge amount for less money. First of all, huge brands will resort to technology, whose reputation sells better than any texts. Therefore, they may well refuse copywriters in favor of AI.

In view of this, writers are better at exploring new markets, becoming more personalized and offering solutions in the form of marketing strategies instead of texts. You can create articles that will develop the business and take into account the needs of the target audience. Artificial intelligence will do simple tasks.

Thus, this means that AI will replace simpler tasks. As an option, specialists can move from quantity to quality, raising the cost of work. You can write less and get more using something valuable in which so far artificial intelligence is not strong - emotional intelligence.


Artificial intelligence is getting smarter every year. And this is true. Do copywriters need to fear their work? More likely no than yes. The probability of replacing AI people in this area is only 4%, and the demand for workers is only growing.

However, so that technology does not take you by surprise, consider what competitive advantage you can offer your customers. This will help to get a stable position and get rid of the fear of losing a job. 

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