The Psychology in Digital Marketing 2022

The Psychology in Digital Marketing 2022

With billions of websites screaming to be noticed, you require a secret weapon to cut through the jumble. One that touches deep into the hearts and minds of your customers, going beyond the ordinarily tired marketing tricks. This is where the psychology of consumer behavior plays a crucial role.

With more and more companies going online, digital marketing in 2021 is becoming challenging. Every digital marketing company would fight to get the maximum visibility for their client's site on the search engines; thus, it will be highly competitive. 

Today, billions of websites and social media accounts are available on the internet. Getting the buyer's attention, generating their interest in your product or services, and retaining the existing customer is going to be very difficult.  

A good marketer understands the consumer's emotions and uses these emotions to form a bond between the consumer and your product. To understand the buyer's emotions, you need to get into their social media minds and discover the psychology behind their behavior.

This would further help you find factors that influence the buyer's liking and disliking of your brand.  

By understanding what factors influence your potential buyer's decision, you can always use these factors for your own benefit. You can work out innovative marketing methods to trigger these psychological and social factors in your consumers and achieve success in getting their attention toward your brand.

Hence, analyzing consumers buying behavioral patterns and understanding their psychology is crucial for digital marketing in 2022. 

Tips for Using Psychology in Digital Marketing 

1. Psychology of Color in Marketing 

Digital marketing experts know the influence colors have on consumers' minds. With the right choice of colors in logo design, you will be able to make your consumer feel what you want them to feel.  

Your color selection directly influences the readability factor of your content. You should be very cautious while selecting colors, contrasts, or tones for your company's logo.  

Colors possess the power to generate a certain feeling among the viewers. For example, the Red color represents love, affection, and friendship.  

Red is a color that demands immediate attention. The use of red color in Red Bull's logo design represents action, adventure, strength, aggressiveness, and passion. Different colors are known to generate different emotions in human beings.

Hence, having a thorough knowledge of color theory is very important for digital marketers. 

For Example, Yellow color is generally used in logos where you want to get immediate attention and spread the message of warmth and happiness. McDonald's yellow M in its logo perfectly uses yellow color. 

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Similarly, white signifies peace, purity, cleanliness, simplicity, and truthfulness. It is generally used in logos as negative space or reversed space. Logo designs of ZARA, Apple, Sony, etc., in black and white color, are very good examples. 

2. Influence of Trust Factor 

Another major challenge of Digital marketing in 2019 is to earn the consumer's trust. Today, the digital world is full of fake news publishers, hackers, phishers, and other fraudsters. As a result, consumers doubt the credibility of various websites and content. Earning the buyer's trust is very important to have a good consumer relationship.  

If consumers trust a brand, they will automatically buy the products and services offered by that brand. Hence, building a buyer's trust in your website and brand is essential to increase your revenues. In this online world, you can make users trust you by incorporating the following data in your marketing strategy: 

  • Testimonials and customer reviews 
  • Total subscribers 
  • Total number of social shares 
  • Success stories by your customers 
  • Third-party certifications 
  • Security badges 
  • Client logos 

If you are designing your website or social page, add the above to your landing page.  

3. Reciprocity Method 

Content writing experts spend a lot of their time and effort in creating original and informative content about their client's websites, products, and services. A successful digital marketing strategy is based on reciprocity.  

The time and efforts of content marketers are reciprocated in terms of the people visiting the site and the purchases made by the buyers.  Hence before you expect buyers to buy your product and services, you as a marketer should work out creative ways to pass on valuable instructions and information related to your product through your social media accounts, videos, emails, social forums and most importantly, your website. 

4. Social Existence 

Digital marketing in 2019 is about proving your social existence in the digital world. The concept of social existence is based on the principle of ‘mirroring.' A study of consumer behavior shows that, in most cases, buyers tend to follow in the footsteps of other buyers.  

In retail markets, this behavior can easily be seen as many buyers enter a restraint or food stall with a maximum rush. Many buyers are afraid to take the risk of trying something new.

They prefer to follow other buyers' decisions. In the case of digital marketing, the same psychological concept holds true regarding shares, likes, and comments for any online video or social media posts.  

A general rule states that the social post and video, which gets many shares and likes in the first few hours, would tend to get more likes with increasing time. 

Amazon, eBay and other retail websites keep posting success stories of their customer and customers' feedback. These success stories help the website attract new customers and convince them to buy products from these websites. 

5. Scarcity 

Marketers have been using ‘scarcity strategies' for a very long. It is one of the oldest marketing strategies based on triggering consumers' emotions. This strategy generates a fear of missing out among consumers.  

Per consumer psychology, fear of missing out is a syndrome that pushes the customer to buy the product or services. To generate high demand, digital marketers use various techniques to generate perceived scarcity among buyers. This strategy works in most cases and can also be used for Digital marketing in 2019. 

Some of the best examples of generating scarcity include ‘discounts would be first come, first basis,' offers available for a limited time, etc.  

6. Be Sweet, Not Annoying 

Digital marketers need to plan marketing strategies that help them gain attention from potential customers without annoying them. Pop-ups are among the most effective ways of attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. Pop-up ads ate known for their visibility.  

Clever marketers design these pop-ups to appear on top of the website, further increasing its visibility as the user has to see them while closing the window. The pop-up ad should be informational and relevant to the website. This would further help in increasing sales.    

7. Decoy Effect on Pricing Strategy 

Marketers have been applying the decoy effect in the pricing strategy for ages. This pricing strategy is generally used when a company offers various products at different prices. This strategy is again based on analyzing customers' psychology and buying behavior.

Depending on the understanding of the customer's buying behavior, the pricing is set so that the buyer prefers purchasing the product the seller wants them to purchase.  

8. Working of decoy effect in pricing strategy 

It is generally used when a company offers three or more versions of a similar product. 

The smallest version is offered at the lowest price, whereas the margin between the medium and the largest version is quite low.  

The buyers tend to go for the largest version as they get more quantity that too by paying a little extra than the medium version. 

9. Free or Trial Offers 

Marketing strategy involving free or trial offers can hardly go wrong. The word ‘free' possess the power to get immediate attention. Human buying psychology is such that they get attracted to products and services where they don't have to spend anything. As a result, many companies offer a free trial period to attract new customers.  

However, the biggest challenge for Digital marketing is to convert these trial pack users into permanent buyers. Markets need to generate a feeling of need among users. Product quality plays a significant role in this.  

If your product quality matches the user expectation, then the chances of purchase become quite high.  

Marketers need to use innovative and creative ideas to make this strategy work and win customers over the competitors 

10. Consistency with The Use Of AI 

Attracting customers is just the beginning, and maintaining consistency is very important. Today, marketers work very hard to understand various factors affecting buyers' buying behavior.  Detailed analysis of these factors can be done using AI.  

It further helps marketers discover the triggers that would lead the customer to buy a particular product or service. AI tools also help marketers prioritize customers based on their conversion chances.  

With the help of various AI tools, one can easily find almost everything related to a customer's buying behavior, like sites visited by the user, likes on social media, last purchase, preferable mode of payment, etc.  

The Takeaway:

Experienced digital marketing experts always follow the golden rule of marketing ‘customer is the boss.' The marketing strategy should be planned by keeping the buyer in the center. To win buyers, understanding the customer's psychology is very important. It is important to ask questions like 

What triggers the customer's buying behavior? 

What do they think and feel about your product? 

Which psychological principle should be used for the campaign? 

Which psychological method should be used on which social platform to get the maximum benefit? 

The more you find out about your potential buyer's psychology, the higher the chances of success. 

Sourav Paul is a Blogger, Marketer, Entrepreneur and the owner of the blogs Iamcontenting.com and Businesstale.pl. Being a certified SEO, Content Marketer, and Inbound Marketer, he has created many valuable and well-appreciated contents over the years.

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