Effective B2B Marketing Tactics for a Successful Business Growth

Effective B2B Marketing Tactics for a Successful Business Growth

Strategy without tactics is a daydream whereas tactics without strategy is a nightmare. For B2B marketers, the convolution and world in which we operate in a day-to-day basis will only continue to grow with more complexity. There must be real transformation that enables us to get to know our buyers at a deeper level.

Are you happy with your current B2B marketing strategies? Is it getting you the results as expected?

If not, do you wish and keen to know the best B2B marketing strategies that will help you grow your business and so on for long term and eventually generating the best revenue.

Below are the 5 easy and effective B2B marketing tactics that can help your business grow.

1. Effectively Delivering the Promises You Make

Now this tactic is very much important in the marketing field as it gives an opportunity to create the best impression in the minds of the consumer about the brand. Let us understand this better with examples.

Example 1: An Internet Service Provider company promises to provide the best internet speed to other businesses at an affordable price without interruption but fails to keep its promise.

As we know today all the business functionalities happen through the internet and now it’s possible that the internet downtime will lead to a huge loss for the company. This affects the trust of internet service providers.

 Example 2: You are a blogger and you wrote a blog on "Easily adaptable health tips that keep you away from the doctor"

If people are searching for health tips which clearly mean that they are looking for new, fresh and which they can easily adapt to their busy schedule. As the title promises on “easily adaptable health tips” but the reader doesn't find the health tips to be new, fresh and moreover not easy to follow then it creates a bad relationship with your audience.

Hence it is recommended to effectively deliver the promises you make so that you have a good relationship with your audience.

2. Customize the marketing strategy to the personal level

Consumers undergo a three-level buyer journey process as below.

  • Awareness: The prospect at this stage has realized there is a problem.
  • Consideration: Prospect is very much clear about the problem and looking for a solution and expert advice to come over with the problem.
  • Decision Making: Prospect is now very much clear about the solution and ready to opt for it.

Hence you need to make sure that every stage of the buyer's journey is personalized and touches the human emotions which let's buyer to take a faster decision on opting your services.

3. Why Social Media and Email as a marketing strategy

Today we see a large number of people engaging and interacting with the interesting content on social media. The role of a marketer is to first understand the tone of each available social media channel example; Facebook and Instagram are more of entertainment and informational video sharing platforms whereas Twitter is about opinion oriented channel where people put out their views on political, entertainment, science, and technology, etc..!! And LinkedIn is more of a professional platform. 

Depending upon your business you need to choose the right platform and create interesting, engaging content for your audience. Email Marketing is another best b2b quality lead generation method for any business as it gives opportunities for marketers to create personalized and customized content and deliver directly into the inbox of their ideal prospects.

Below are the social media content to which people like to interact with.

  • Important Business tips and Motivational Videos
  • Pain points and solutions
  • Explain the features of your B2B products and services
  • Brand Success and failure stories
  • Photos and Testimonials--particularly videos
  • FAQ
  • Live Videos
  • Product Explainer Videos
  • Webinars
  • Live Interviews

This lets readers and viewers express themselves what they feel about the content through like, comment and share. Social Media also helps businesses to interact with consumers personally, understand them clearly and to best understand their likes and dislikes and accordingly provide the best service to them and eventually make them a loyal customer for their business.

4. Why you should be focusing on Customer Retention?

As much as you focus on acquiring new clients you also need to put the same efforts on retaining the existing customers. Always be available for customers to help and resolve all their queries post product or service purchase. It is also more profitable to sell a new product or additional services to the same customer than to a new one.

The process of retaining can be achieved through rewarding individuals with the best discount offers on the new product, additional benefits like 1-year free service on products or services they purchase, creating combo offers and so on depending on your business.

Existing customers are already aware of your brand, products and services you provide and hence it won’t take much time and effort to draw their attention to buy your newly launched products or services where as it is difficult with new customers as you have put in a lot of time and effort to build their trust towards you to draw their attention to take any necessary action about your business.

5. Analyze your competitor's marketing strategy

Competitive analysis is a kind of activity which involves understanding your competitors marketing strategy to know what’s best working for them and what not and what trouble a competitor could get you in to and what are the opportunities out there for you to enhance your marketing strategy which can increase brand awareness, grow your business, your customer base and eventually generate the best revenue out of it.

Take Away.

As the marketing world is evolving and emerging rapidly it’s very much necessary and important to constantly assess and review your B2B marketing strategies and find out the loopholes and try to improvise it accordingly.

Marketing is all about telling stories hence businesses should learn the art of telling stories, consistently creating interesting content for consumers.

Content could be in the form of audio, video, Infographics, images, blog posts, slogans, etc..!!Always keep observing on what grabs the attention of the customers because at last a good customer experience is what that last more than the data you have.

I am Charles Daniel a Content Marketing Strategist at Mailing Data Solutions for the past four years, which is one of the top leading B2B Email and Mailing List providers across the globe specialized in offering quality email marketing services. I play a key role in b2b marketing, content strategy, business development, and marketing for technology-related brands. I love to interact with client’s to unfold their biggest challenges and to find a solution to it.

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