5 Proven M-commerce Growth Hacks for Startups

5 Proven M-commerce Growth Hacks for Startups

Mobile commerce is the new trend as the penetration of mobile devices is increasing at an exponential rate. Every e-commerce startup wants to grow fast with lots of customers and users so every strategy you develop and implement should be centered around driving growth.

An impressive number of startups in various fields appear every day since many inspired specialists decide to separate from their companies and run their own businesses. Unfortunately, most of them fail at the very beginning and don’t reach their initial goals. 

According to the Statista report, the main reason is the absence of market needs. In other words, businessmen didn’t conduct essential research or learn enough about the products or services the clients need.

Growth Hacking Marketing: How to Boost Mobile App Download

Despite a brilliant concept, available investments, and excellent branding, many startups fail because they think professional mobile application development is everything they need to succeed. 

As a result, many apps do not even reach the top of Apple Store or lose 77% of its users within three days, according to a new study by Quettra. If you don’t want to hit their number, then consider efficient growth hacks able to attract new clients and preserve the attention of the existing audience.

Top Growth Hacks for Startups

Due to the rapid changes in the world as a whole and business in particular, every startup owner should realize the significance of e-commerce mobile app development at a checked company. 

Experienced specialists will help improve user acquisition and deliver the product/service to potential customers. Selecting a good mobile app development company is only half a success. Explore these growth hacking recommendations after mobile e-commerce development:

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1.  Optimization for Apple Store

You can boost mobile app downloads by optimizing the application for better ranking in the search results. For this:

  • Make sure the icon situated next to a descriptive name is well-designed.
  • Test keywords in the description with Google keyword planner.
  • Care about unique screenshots that demonstrate the value of your app.
  • Ask for feedback and reviews.
  • Update the app constantly.

2.  Considering influencer marketing

At present, people prefer to trust somebody they know and believe the person who is an expert on a particular question. Finding such an influencer will bring you astonishing results and boost your e-commerce.

Well-known brands use influencer marketing strategies and benefit from it. As a startup with a shoestring budget, you can start cooperating with owners of small blogs who have a more loyal audience.  

3.  Creation of organic adverts

Mobile commerce app developers know the efficient channels of advertisements and help you make benefit from them. For example, an ad model PPC will not only put the startup face-to-face with your target audience but also help discover what works and doesn’t. 

Sometimes it is better to avoid adverts at all rather than irritate the audience. It is worth establishing a good reputation to attract potential customers. It may take you more time but will provide more long-term relationships with the clients.

4.  Implementation of a referral program

A referral program can increase mobile app downloads. A startup will reach a greater number of clients if it chooses this tool. Recommendations have always been working and will continue for sure. It is important to arrange the conditions which are enjoyable for all members. 

For example, the electronic car company Tesla changed its referral program. They no longer offer money or something that can be purchased for money. Now, clients have a chance to receive exclusive invitations to the factory or get products that are not available in the market. Such an approach increases the number of engaged clients.

5.  Sending push-notification

Push notifications are a great way to keep in touch with your audience, but remember that the style you choose influences the person's reaction. Avoid using passive voice or formal tone and communicate like a friend. Make the messages more personal and include the opportunity to refuse them easily if the user wants.


E-commerce mobile app development is what every startup should consider for reaching the stated goals as soon as possible. Cooperation with mobile commerce developers will help save time, budget, and effort. Business Insider reports that m-commerce will hit 44% of e-commerce in 2024 since more and more people prefer using smartphones to do the shopping. 

Most corporations understand this and have already approached mobile commerce development services. Startups also need to create a mobile commerce app to reach the target audience and grow from a small team to a respectful company. 

However, occupying a top position and preserving it requires effort. Consider the above-mentioned growth hacks and implement them to reach the target audience while still saving your budget.

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