How To Craft Outstanding Influencer Outreach Email Template?

How To Craft Outstanding Influencer Outreach Email Template?

Need more support with creating an ideal influencer outreach email? We got you covered. This article will guide you in creating effective templates.

Need more support with creating an ideal influencer outreach email? We got you covered. This article will guide you in creating effective templates.

Influencer outreach involves building relationships with influencers. You’d need to successfully convince them to forge a strong working relationship with your brand and promote your offerings.

Luckily, there are various ways to tap influencers, including sending emails or personal messages to their social media accounts. 

Now, why is influencer outreach a significant component of brand marketing? If you’re a brand manager, one of your primary objectives is to ensure your brand remains your target customers’ top choice over other businesses and stays relevant in your field.

One way to achieve this goal is to maximize influencer marketing, a powerful tool to leverage your marketing efforts. 

You can only implement influencer marketing if you successfully partner with influencers to help promote your brand. As such, it starts with finding a suitable email influencer template.

If you’re looking for new ways to contact influencers, don’t fuss. This article will cover various methods to write a compelling influencer email template. 

How do you partner with influential digital individuals to market your niche?

There’s no perfect approach to reaching out to influencers. With that in mind, the key to building solid connections with them is developing and executing the right strategies.

If you’re unsure where to begin, follow the tips below to help you get ideas for your influencer outreach email template.

i) Research and determine who the right influencers are for your brand

Not all influencers are suitable for your brand. Some focus on specific niches like fashion, beauty, technology, and finance. As such, choosing influencers solely based on their number of followers and engagements is not a good metric for including them in your influencer marketing strategy. 

Part of growing your brand’s relevance is strategically choosing influencers that fit and align well with your brand’s image. Research influencers you think to suit your brand.

Study previous products and services they promoted to get a clear idea of their areas of influence. Additionally, ask for their organic engagement as it defines their impact on their communities.

Lastly, treat influencers as business partners. You’re after their services, and finding the right ones to work with will boost your chances of acquiring a high return on investment for your marketing efforts. 

ii) Clearly define your marketing goals 

A male employee conducting a meeting using a white board and discussing the buisness.


Apart from reaching out to the right influencers, you must have a list of marketing goals you aim to accomplish through influencer marketing. Depending on your marketing campaign, you must meet some of the following metrics: 

  • Reach – this determines how well influencers can draw the attention of your target audiences on specific social media platforms. High reach indicates that your marketing content also effectively reaches new audiences. In line with reach, you should also choose the right online platforms to promote your brand. Choose influencers who are active in your target audience’s preferred platforms.

    Your efforts may go to waste if you keep promoting on Facebook, even if your target audience is mainly on Instagram

  • Engagement – influencer marketing involves interactions between influencers and your target audiences. Regardless of comments, likes, reactions, or video views, measuring engagements will give you an idea of content types that work and your target audience’s reception of your chosen influencers.

  • Brand sentiment – this gives an overview of positive and negative comments from your target audience regarding your products or services. Their feedback can help you adjust your strategies for future campaigns. 

  • Sales – If your goal is to sell products, getting an idea of your influencers’ sales impact impacts how well they can convince your target audience to purchase. It also tracks how much revenue current or new audiences generate based on published content types.

iii) Write your outreach email

After choosing the influencers you want to work with, start drafting your influencer outreach emails. As you think of what you want to say in your email, consider asking yourself these questions to guide you: 

  • Why am I tapping these influencers? 
  • What incentive can my company offer them in exchange for their services? 
  • What kind of value can they deliver to our brand marketing?

Keeping these questions in mind will help you properly structure your emails. Enumerate the campaign objectives and metrics in detail so the influencers know what to do for the project.

Well-written email campaigns can save you and influencers from misunderstandings and friction. For their compensation, here are some ways to thank them for agreeing to collaborate with you and endorse your brand: 

  • Gifts or rewards – these serve as tokens of appreciation. You can go with something as simple as gift certificates or coupons. Better yet, send them packages of your products to try out. 

  • Performance bonus – Influencers typically receive fixed sums to promote a brand. Over time they might feel the need for an increase. Consider increasing the amount you’re paying them if their performance contributes to your brand’s growth. Remember that the duration of your influencer partnerships depends on how well you pay them for their time and services rendered.

iv) Create as many templates as possible and revise them when deemed necessary

Photo designers working together


Once you know how to write influencer emails, it’s time to create a writing template. Doing so will save you time writing emails and provide consistency in tone, messaging, and campaign details. 

Although practicing consistency is good, don’t limit yourself to just one email template. Find different angles for your overall messaging to craft multiple email versions.

The trick here is to make them sound as human as possible. You don’t want influencers to feel that a robot is greeting them. Here are some good examples to follow:

  •  Initial outreach template  

Screenshot of influencer outreach email template


  • Giveaway collaboration pitch

Screenshot of influencer outreach email template.


  • Brand ambassador email Template

Screenshot of influencer outreach email template.


v) Personalize your outreach email

Like any other marketing strategy, it’s crucial to personalize your email to demonstrate your commitment to the potential partnership. It shows that you’ve taken the time to research and understand the recipient’s work, which can increase your likelihood of getting a positive response.

The simplest way to do this is with the language you use. Address the influencer by name instead of generic greetings like “Dear Influencer.” Additionally, create a concise and intriguing subject to make your message stand out.

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Next, present a collaboration proposal that showcases your creativity and aligns with the influencer’s niche. The proposal should match their content style, audience preferences, and personality, so they’ll know that you can address their viewers’ wants. 

Also, don’t forget to enumerate other specific details, such as the type of content you’d like them to create and the incentives or compensation they’ll receive in exchange.

vi) Track and analyze the performance of your messages

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How well did your message do? Analyzing their performance can help refine your strategy and improve your success rate. The most straightforward approach to this task is leveraging email tracking tools.

Mailchimp, HubSpot, and other brands can provide valuable metrics that indicate the message’s performance, including open rates, click-through rates, and email engagement.

Also, consider conducting A/B testing and sending variations of your outreach emails to different groups of influencers. Test subject lines, email templates, or call-to-action placements to see which version yields better results.

Then, use your findings to optimize future outreach emails and drive better results. Finally, analyze the performance of your follow-up emails. Evaluate whether they improved response rates and led to further engagement or otherwise.

You can determine the best timing and content for future follow-up communications.

Implementing the above strategies can increase your likelihood of partnering with internet celebrities. That said, you might wonder—what’s all the fuss about influencer marketing? 

Here are some facts and figures demonstrating this approach’s effectiveness.

i) Influencer marketing experiences a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33.4% (Grand View Research)

Don’t hesitate to jump on the influencer bandwagon. Recent figures from Grand View Research revealed that the market size of this marketing strategy has a value of $10.39 billion in 2021, with a staggering 33.4% growth per year. 

ii) 27% of marketers plan to work with influencers on Instagram (HubSpot)

HubSpot’s 2023 Global Social Media Trends Report found that 27% of influencer marketers are planning to work with influencers on Instagram—even more than Facebook (19%), TikTok (15%), and Twitter (5%).

Join in and tap into the image and video-sharing platform’s opportunities!

iii) 21% of social media users have purchased an influencer’s recommendation (HubSpot)

Customers trust influencers’ recommendations. The same HubSpot report showed that nearly one-fourth of social media users (aged 18-54) had purchased a product or service based on an online celebrity’s recommendation.

As influencers become more popular online, expect this number to increase.

iv) 82% of consumers are likely to take a micro-influencer recommendation (Experticity)

Micro-influencers are an excellent investment despite their limited reach. Experticity reports that most consumers will likely buy a product or service based on a micro-influencers recommendation.

Why? The respondents attributed their purchase to the influencer’s credibility, knowledge, and ability to describe the product.


The power of influencer marketing can significantly boost your brand marketing efforts. Influencers can elevate your brand’s visibility, awareness, and equity.

However, finding the right ones is challenging, as it entails extensive research and sending them relevant and compelling emails. 

Creating effective influencer outreach email templates takes time and effort. Don’t give up if influencers don’t respond to your initial outreach messages.

Take these learning experiences as opportunities to refine your email outreach templates, familiarize yourself with influencer marketing further, and land multiple collaborations in the future. 

This post was submitted by a TNS experts. Check out our Contributor page for details about how you can share your ideas on digital marketing, SEO, social media, growth hacking and content marketing with our audience.

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