10 Ways To Increase eCommerce Conversion Rate Without Spending a Single Penny

10 Ways To Increase eCommerce Conversion Rate Without Spending a Single Penny

Are you hoping for the best eCommerce conversion rate? Here are some exciting and proven ways to increase the eCommerce conversion rate without spending a single penny.

In earlier days, we never thought of getting on with business deals by sitting back home with a cup of coffee, but e-commerce has compartmentalized it.

The major segments operated by electronic commerce are business-to-business, business-to-consumer, consumer to business and consumer-to-consumer. E-commerce provides any variant of service, whether it's books, music, financial services, plane tickets, etc. Now, why use e-commerce?

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Obviously, it has got its own advantages and benefits. The most important significance is that it is available for 24 hours, which means you can do anything at any time and secondly is the selected option.

Many online stores offer their customers a wide range of products, considering their requirements, but there are also setbacks; for example, if you want to buy electronic goods online, there are no suggestions as to which brand would be the best for such a device. Therefore, the customer service is poor.

Secondly, you cannot get the desired product instantly. It takes days to reach you. Many stores are trying their best to solve this huge problem related to delivery to their customers.

The major factor that needs to be supervised periodically for a successful e-commerce website is conversion rate, which is the percentage of users who take a specific action. Now, these “specific actions” can be of numerous types.

  • Percentage of users who purchase from that site
  • It can be the number of users who have registered on that particular site
  • The site may store the credit card information of its customers, which may help them for their future checkout of other products
  • The users may sign up to the site (free or paid)
  • The users are having social media shares
  • The user or visitor may add a product to their cart

These are the very few examples of conversion rates. There are many branches to it.

Why do the conversion rates become low?

  • The bad impression of the site
  • No complete information about the buyers to whom you are selling
  • Your site is not well planned
  • The site is not available or able to be used from mobile devices.
  • Your website page is not filled enough with information to engage your visitors.
  • The image qualities provided are of poor quality.

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These two points can be taken into consideration before improvising further:

Know the online store conversion rates

You need to know the accurate conversion rates because that’s aligned with your business goals. An e-commerce conversion rate determines the percentage of users who have bought something from the online store. Since sales are the stores' main objective, the conversion rates should be optimized.

Know the online store conversion rates

Online guides are available for effective management of how to increase the rate.

The standard rates of conversion

If everything is right on your websites, the average e-commerce conversion rates are 1-2%. If you have a greater number of sales, it goes up to 2%.

10 Ways to increase your e-commerce conversion rate without spending:

1. Use product images of high quality

When people buy something online, they cannot touch the product physically. Therefore a good image is a high-definition image that itself will define all the properties of that particular product; for example, if someone buys a dress online, she needs to know the color fabric its size available. An image of that dress and along with its description, is helpful.

When we add high-quality product images, look at the user engagement in the following screenshot:

high-quality product images

2. Free shipping services.

These add a bonus to increase your conversion rates. Offer as many free shipping services as you can. If you want to balance the amount, add the charges to the product price.

3. Offer coupon codes

Everyone loves a discount or an offer to buy expensive products of their choice. Supply your customers with coupon codes that they can use on the items they check out.

If you look at the example below, Amazon offered a 20% coupon for a product that I had no intention of buying, but after availing of the coupon, I ended up buying the product.

Offer coupon codes

4. Run a Survey to get user feedback and review your products

If you find that the product available on your website and other websites is of lower cost, then you also need to re-adjust your prices to sell more. Not only will adjusting the price help you, but user feedback and generated reviews will help you convert the visitors by offering what they are looking for.

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5. Supervise your e-commerce checkout and test in a well ordered

If your e-commerce checkout is a long and complicated process, then you may lose a mass of customers so proper supervision should be made through tests

Because the checkout process is the heart of any kind of e-commerce website related to consumer sales. Some brands also give customers a complete description of the checkout process.

6. Manage the non-purchased items in the cart by using the cart abandoned software

This software helps you in the rapid increase of conversion rates.

It tracks the customers who have registered or sign-up to your website and added items to the cart but didn’t purchase them.

When someone tries to leave the checkout page, we capture leads using the Webinar offer Exit Popup to convert them into email subscribers.

non-purchased items in the cart

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This software provides help free of cost. They allow you to create a follow-up email that is the email will consist of the emails of customers who all didn’t buy items that they did add to their cart and send offers to them or discounts or incentives.

These would definitely increase the conversion rates as they will lure more customers.

7. Make use of live chat software

If you are readily available during the peak hours of your business to respond to your customers, then use live chat software. Customer interaction is very important to scale up your sales.

Never allow your software to go off mode or currently unavailable leave a message. It creates an impact of negativity on your website. A real connection or a network of communication can bring trust and loyalty and develop a beautiful future relationship.

8. Provide a safe and secure environment for the visitors

This is a very sensitive area of concern. You need to make an optimum level of trust in your customers so they can readily feel safe entering their credit card information into your website.

It’s tough to build trust where the need to compete in hundreds of e-commerce sites where there are many who are frauds. You can find online help to enhance the relationship with your customers. A few points mentioned below can help you with such a problem.

  • In the checkout process, install SSL
  • Display small images of an option provided for a transaction, such as credit cards, PayTm PayPal etc.
  • Display some badges of security software such as Mcfee Geotrust, etc., to make the customers secure and to show that your website is active.

Look at the example below; after we added the Paypal option, conversation improved by 30%.

secured environment to the visitors

9. Set- up models or structures so that the users can find their desired products easily

Categorize your products in a well-planned manner and also make sure that you use a fewer number of levels or sub-branches otherwise, it would make the search more complicated. You can also use various types of colors or names, such as the top sellers or the top branding products, to increase attention.

If you look at the search page above, it provides a good number of variables to sort out to find the products that the user wants.

10. The checkout form that you use on your website should be of easy access

The details to be filled in that you put in your checkout form should be easy to read and understand, such as CVV and other input formats.

For example, when the purchaser has to give any date, don’t allow her to write the date in month, day or year format rather, give a drop-down of it, then it would be easy for them to give the desired input. Offer the option of digital payments. It makes the transaction smoother.

Everything is properly planned the site you made is running properly with all the resources and information it needs. Somewhere you still find that there is a gap well; the gap is the traffic or the density of users and visitors.

Everything you do is around this one big thing: the sale and the technical or business term to its conversion rate.

Nobody wants to have a loss in a business strategy therefore, to maintain a well-planned business, we need to ensure that the conversion rates are always at an optimum level and to make sure of it, several factors must be taken care of.

Every business analyst marketers from across the world come out with different ideas, theories, strategies or points of betterment to ensure a high conversion rate. These are a few among them; the list is endless because different people have different concepts and ways to solve the problem.

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