7 Reasons to Combine Your Email Marketing Technique with Blogging

7 Reasons to Combine Your Email Marketing Technique with Blogging

Ever wondered what would happen if you combine the lethal force of email marketing technique with blogging? If not, here's a blog that helps you achieve this endeavor and get the right results for your business.

We know that email marketing and online blogging are two major tools of digital marketing. Usually, the marketers choose one of these marketing channels in order to increase the sales. However, we have realized that you will get better output if you have blended both these options. These two marketing channels allow you to present content, which is relevant to your own business. These online processes may also give your clients the latest information on your products and offers.

Blogging helps you in creating leads that will be most useful to carry out email marketing. The informative blogs will increase the interest of the readers. You can send emails to those readers. Thus, it is the major factor in combining your blogging techniques with email marketing.

However, remember that if any of the marketing elements are not successful, then this will affect your overall combined technique. So, you have to start everything by checking out if the blog is improving your efforts for email marketing. These options have to be complimentary and synonymous. You may also use the marketing platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

We have presented the tips that help you in blending the two techniques-

  • Synergizing the blog content with that of your email marketing- This assists in the development of a brand.
  • Including other posts to your blogging site and to your email newsletter- You need to do it to get back the visitors several times to your site
  • Write blogs to attract people and send emails to retain them

However, now, we like to reveal you the reasons for which you have to blend email marketing technique and online blogging.

1. Strengthen your efforts for marketing

We know that blogging allows us to improve your own writing ability. You may also convey your own preference to a topic. However, it can also be helpful to do SEO or to establish the reliability of a company.

marketing ideas to boost business

Now, if we consider, email marketing, we may see that this assists us in getting connected with clients. This also attracts clients and other viewers. You will find it easy to draw the attention of potential clients. Thus, power and strength of blogging and effective email marketing get combined to provide you with the best output.

2. Share content at the right time

While you have started your marketing program, you can use email as the best tool to reach your message to potential customers. The inbox of email users may notify them about the tasks that they have to do. The users may read their inbox, whenever they get time. Or, they can also use the email system as a reminder. Many users also like to save their newsletter for reading it in their spare time.

Share content at the right time

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Thus your promotional email will stay in the recipient’s inbox for a longer period. However, you may not get this advantage if you have uploaded your blogs on Facebook or have tweeted anyone on Twitter. The targeted viewers may not be on their Facebook or Twitter account at that time. That is why you need both- Good email marketing campaign and blogging with attractive content.

3. Having target at the viewers

Your business database may include several readers, who are interested in your products or your blog posts. Many of them are also subscribers to the newsletters of your company. They are also your potential clients, vendors or your business partners.

As they have a positive feeling about you, it is better to take its advantage. You may add blogging in order to enhance their relationship with you. In every blog, you can input the best information on your service or products.

4. Increase of audience with two marketing channels

Those, who have visited your blogging site, may have reached the platform by searching through social media. They have accessed the portal and found out everything that they need. However, you may not be able to easily recapture them with the social platforms. At this time, the most important thing that you need is the email subscription.

You will be capable of meeting them at any time. Your invitations and newsletters will be seen in the inbox of the readers. Your brand name will also be seen by those visitors. However, you have to check out if you’ve added good details to the newsletters. This will help you to achieve the goal of your marketing program.

5. Tracking the result and then testing it

You have built up a blogging platform for attracting the customers. Email marketers understand that they need to ensure their own worth to their clients. That is why they like to assess various things, including, CTR and open rates. They will also assist you in tracking sales, which you have gained from the regular newsletter. Positions of your business, headlines, and graphics- they test out all these things.


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6. Promote and selling products becomes easy

You like to earn money through blogging. However, you should also learn the email marketing technique. You have to create a list of those persons, to whom you should send the email. The major reason behind it is that you will be able to develop trust among the audiences. These persons may have interest in your business.

promote your business

Thus, they are the right audience, whom you may target for promoting your goods. For instance, if you offer online academic course, then choose the right candidates for sending emails. So, in addition to blogging, you have to focus on email marketing.

7. Development of trust of the audience

There are any people, who do not like your brand. But, now you will have their love for you. While you are not able to do so with blogging, you can rely on email marketing. Start to create your email list.

After joining them in your list, it is better to deliver them with more information at free of cost. While sending email, you can also add the links to your own blogs online.

So, you have now understood the main reasons for which you must combine email marketing technique and blogging.

Martin Sumichrast is the CEO of Level Brands Inc. He has been a seasoned entrepreneur his entire career. Marty has over 25 years of hands on business building and executive leadership experience that has led him to specialize and ultimately succeed in the areas of entrepreneurial business development, finance, and real estate economics. He has also co-authored multiple books and also worked for some big magazines like Engadget.com and Seeking Alpha. Currently, he is working as a part-time blogger for Elegant Media that provides app development services in Australia.

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