How to Beat Writer’s Block and Be a Productive Blogger

How to Beat Writer’s Block and Be a Productive Blogger

How’s your blog doing? Are you posting new articles regularly? Do you get to generate new and interesting ideas every week? If yes, then that’s great! However, If you feel you haven’t been able to post new content recently, you’re having trouble writing, and the words just don’t come out, then you may be going through writer’s block. But don’t worry, that’s alright. It can happen even to the best of writers. And there are certainly ways around problems like this.

Writing can be easy for some while it can be quite difficult for others. Some can write a 3,000-word article and just breeze through it. For some, that task may take them days or even a week. Some can write well but work inefficiently, so their time is not used wisely. However, there is a way to be more productive with less the time. It’s a technique that any blogger needs to know and master to be able to get ahead in the online marketing game.

How to Be More Productive?

There’s one key thing to remember on getting productive; it’s that you have to get organized first. Yes, organizing. Organizing your tasks and setting your priorities. This is a way where you can manage things more efficiently. No matter how busy your day is, once you have cleared your mind off all the mental distractions and organized your tasks, you will always win against writer’s block.

To organize your tasks, you can arrange them according to priority. List the ones that need the most attention first. You can start working on those that need to get done. Set daily goals so you only have to think about the day’s task. But you can also assign tasks for the next days so you can have a weekly goal as well. You can also list tasks according to difficulty so you will know which tasks need more or less time to get done.

Make Tasks Bite-Size

Make things bit size

To make complicated tasks manageable, break them down. Treat blogging as a project. You have to be efficient. To do that, you need to be able to understand the scope of your project and to simplify the processes.

If you’re going through a writer’s block, writing even a word can be very difficult. But a trick to this is to write just one sentence, just one thought. From there, write another one, and another one, and another one. The next thing you know, you have a paragraph. Imagine this process and you will see that you are already writing another paragraph. Make your goals doable, even if it is just one sentence at first. That is better that not writing anything at all.

Use SWOT Analysis

Analyze using SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. Looking for these things in your project will allow you to see it as a business process since SWOT analysis is a business analysis process. You will become more efficient and chop away the inessentials.

When you feel that today is just not a writing day, you can perform the SWOT analysis. You get to review your blog, what it is about, and what you want to achieve with it. When you start reflecting on the goals of your blog, your ideas on what you want to write about will also be clearer. In the process, you may even get new ideas for your next articles.

Make To-Do Lists

Create to-do lists. You’ll have fun when you begin to check the tasks you have finished; I promise you that. Having a to-do list will allow you to look at the tasks you need to accomplish. It’s a way to be productive. However, don’t get carried away and start listing things you may not be able to achieve. Remember, you have to break down the process into manageable tasks. Keep your list realistic and clear.

There are three factors that can affect the productivity of bloggers like you and me. That is attitude, the technology we use, and our attitude to change. Let us look at these factors and see if we have experienced some of them.

Get in the Right Attitude

First, attitude is everything. You have to remain positive no matter how discouraging the results are sometimes. Remember that some things just take time, and you just have to be a little patient. Always be inspired and be excited to be innovative. This will allow you to inspire others. Don’t think about the money just yet. People won’t read you if they know you just want to rip them off. Remember that your blog has to be about something that you love, like say, for example, herb gardening. When you will write about herb gardening, you will enjoy writing about your plants, your techniques, your tools, and whatnot. Writing about what you love won’t be work for you. It will be fun. And your readers will be sure to have fun as well.

Use the Right Technology

Second, Using the right technology can help you become a better blogger. It will make a world of difference to your blog. An example of this is using automation instead of the old school manual marketing methods. It will save you a lot of time. Don’t be afraid to learn and try out new things. Only you can know what’s best for your blog and for your marketing strategies.

Be Ready to Adapt

Lastly, we have to know how to adapt to changes. That is how we survive. Do you hate it when Google updates happen? Or have you learned to embrace them and improve on your techniques? As a blogger and marketer, the ability to adapt to these changes will give you an edge among your competitors. Sometimes, things will not work out as you planned them. But rather than mull over them, accept it as a learning experience and improve.

How to Be a Better Blogger?

To be a better blogger is to be a productive blogger. And what does it take to be productive again? Get organized. Chop down the inessentials. Focus on your goals.

productive blogger

So now we are going to learn about being a better blogger, the first thing to remember is that you need to set a goal for your blogging business. Some of the decisions you will need to make is your course of action. For example, do you want to nurture relationships with other bloggers in your niche? Here’s what your can do.

Write Your Objective

If you are planning to connect with other bloggers with of your niche, what do you want to achieve? Do you want to share each other’s posts on your social media accounts? Do you plan on recommending your products and services to their subscribers? Whatever your goal may be, just try to write it down on paper. This way, you won’t forget about them. You may even think of other goals and ideas while writing. It’s a good exercise for thinking and planning.

Share Other Bloggers’ Stuff

Influencers on social media are busy people. You want to give them good reasons so they can begin considering connecting with you. One great way to do this is for you to share their content, ideas, and products with your own community. You may think you are doing them a favor, but actually, you are doing yourself one because this will pay off. What you get in return are relationships from trusted marketers that will allow you to get thousands of visitors.

Connect With Other Bloggers

To connect with other bloggers, check out their blog. You will most likely find links to their Twitter and Facebook account there. When you have found a way to contact them, briefly introduce yourself. Tell them something about yourself and that you have been sharing their content. They will mostly likely appreciate that act of kindness, and you will gain a good first impression. This is the beginning of you building connections with pro bloggers and influencers.

Be genuine with your communication with them. You don’t have to fake it if you don’t really like the blog and you just want a connection with a pro blogger. That’s just not the way to go. Connect with bloggers with the same niche as  you. This will make sure that your interests are similar and that you will have lots to talk about once your start communicating.


You may have struggled with writer’s block sometime in the past and it is really difficult to get even a word out. It’s always a challenge to get things done in a very short amount of time. Or even if you have all the time in the world, you lack motivation and direction. But it is never too late to start working on that blog again. You do not need to wait for the New Year to start your resolution to begin writing more and writing well. Remember, being productive does not mean working long hours. Work smart, not hard. Manage your time efficiently and remember, organize, organize, organize.

Nicolas Finet is a web marketer with a solid technical knowledge. He stimulates sort-list.co.uk strategy in line with the strong business and market insights he possesses. Follow him on twitter @nifinet

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