Top Digital Marketing Tactics for Healthcare Industry to Deploy in 2020

Top Digital Marketing Tactics for Healthcare Industry to Deploy in 2020

The healthcare industry is continually chasing the upcoming technological advancement as it serves a wider audience. And to generate leads in today’s patient-centered market, an effective healthcare digital marketing strategy is needed to keep your organisation at the forefront of change—even online.

Digital Healthcare Marketing

A patients' journey does not begin from the moment he enters into a hospital to get treated; instead, it begins from the moment he finds awareness about the problems he is facing and to find the best specialist for the treatment. The impact of digital healthcare marketing is evident from the fact that people can learn about any latest health-care innovation from the little screen of their smartphones.

They do not have to blindly trust a doctor rather search about him online and get to know about his practices. Reliability is the most important factor that digital healthcare is catering to the masses. 

Above all, around 5% of all Google searches are about healthcare or related facilities. In addition, over 3x times more visitors are drawn through online search results indicating the massive influence of digital channels. It exceptionally indicates how emerging technologies reshaping the Healthcare Industry.

Successful Healthcare Strategies To Ensure Sustainable Progress

Just like the way an ounce of presentation and beat a pound of cure, a little investment of time and efforts in build the marketing strategy can ensure optimum growth and outreach. The strategy is like the building block to foundation your healthcare marketing on stable grounds making you gain accelerated outcomes.

Among the many aspects that ensure a progressive growth while helping you make a result-oriented strategy, some of them include:

  • Use Consistent
  • Flawless Evaluation
  • Responsive Digital Platforms
  • Test Site Speed
  • Targeted Search Engine Optimization
  • Streamline Social Media Campaigns

Top 5 Digital Healthcare Marketing Trends To Fuel Up Your Online Presence

The competition in the digital landscape is fueled up that not even the healthcare sector is left with much vacant space to cover. You need to showcase yourself a unique entity by using smart and innovative measures. According to the statistics, the global healthcare spending through a digital medium is likely to surpass the TV ad spending in the year 2021.


So, if you are hunting for some exciting trends of the year here is a list you can follow. Read on!

1. Streamline Your Social Media Campaigns

Getting involved on social media platforms is the biggest step to take for increasing your online recognition. You can increase the engagements at double the pace by taking over every single leading platform from Facebook to Twitter to YouTube. You can provide instant information to your users while creating proper interactive sessions with your audience. 

Moreover, you can power-struck your social recognition by posing interesting awareness posts. As per the sources, around 90% of healthcare customers fall under the 18-24 age group who seek the information from multiple social media channels, that's how vast the influence of these mediums are on the industry.

2. Improved Search Engine Optimization

Around 60% of patients who reach out for nursing homes, physical therapists, optometrists and other specialists prefer to search online to get details before taking any appointment.

Source: LSA

Search engine optimization is a vital component to fuel up your online game. If you want to increase your recognition, you need to practice targeted optimization techniques that include the use of most searched keywords and the creation of quality backlinks. 

There are a number of other aspects that are involved in bringing your name among the top searches. With the help of SEO, you get to appear in front of your prospective customer and gain enhanced credibility. You can expand the possibilities of your digital presence and reach out to a huge number of the target audience.

3. Mobile-Responsive Marketing

With every digital marketing, asset comes a hurdle of it not being responsive enough to show complete accessibility across multiple mediums. This creates hurdles and lessens the scope of productivity. You need to make sure that whatever you build, be it a website or a mobile application; it should be responsive enough to increase engagement. 

No matter where your patient tries to access it, it should provide complete content in high definition quality. If you manage to do so, you will receive outbound benefits and will be able to handle huge traffic in no time.

4. The Impact of Customer Reviews

Just when you begin to ponder on the significance of having inspiring customer feedback you will be flooded with a ton of statistics indicating how vital it is to get a good review.

Around  84% patients trust reviews more than any personal recommendations. It only takes a single review to help a consumer form a favorable opinion about any entity. Moreover, around 94% of the patients prefer checking out online reviews to evaluate the healthcare provider.

The power of words is beyond any other strategy you can try to increase the level of productivity. You can persuade the patient within seconds to rely on your services if you have inspiring feedback on your websites. So, this year invest time in keeping your patients fully satisfied to attract more.

5. The Power of Video Marketing

As you know that videos can easily humanize any organization and entity, it is influencing the healthcare industry up to a great extent. Video is now being used to promote hospitals and effective treatments that can help the patients get cured efficiently. 

However, it's important to identify a unique voice and find ways to connect with the target audience in a way that they feel more attracted towards your treatments and plans. Among the many ways video is providing their assistance in maximizing the online reach, some of them include:

  • Testimonials-Now hospitals and clinics area presenting videos of customer feedback to inspire the viewers.
  • Awareness Campaign-By using short explainer videos, spreading medical awareness has become much more efficient. You can reach out to a huge population of viewers globally.
  • Website Videos-Videos related to processes and treatment plans are shared on multiple digital mediums including websites and social media platforms.
  • Profile Videos- Now you can learn about the shortlisted specialist by viewing his profile videos and getting to know about his expertise before you book an appointment.

Wrapping Up

The digital world is loaded with a number of possibilities; it depends upon your ability to find out the best tactics to dig out more avenues to success. You need to be innovative and strategic to hunt for ways that can help you capture the market and garner attention of your target audience. To reach further you need to dig deeper into the market. 

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