6 Solid Ways to Divert your Visitors into Customers

6 Solid Ways to Divert your Visitors into Customers

Have you ever thought about converting your site visitors into real customers but cannot find ideas to achieve this feat? If yes, here's a blog that talks about six solid ways to do it in the best possible way.

Along with the advancement and development in technology, there is an increase in the number of eCommerce websites. These days’ customers have become more techno savvy and are well informed about your competitors and the services offered. However, the toughest task is to convert the visitors into the customers.

Owing to the increased traffic, customers have a lot of options to choose from and hence if they are not satisfied with the online experience than they would immediately switch to your competitors. Hence, in order to convert the visitors into customers' companies need to make sure that the online experience of the customers needs to be pleasant and embracing.

Here are 6 solid ways that will definitely help you out to convert visitors into customers.

1. Design of website

The design and layout of the website are very important for the company. The website that is not user-friendly doesn’t encourage the visitors to continue the purchase. A study shows that visitors generally face the usability issue with the website which compels them to move to another website that is more user-friendly. The homepage of the website is considered to be the face of the website, hence; it should be simple, informative and easy to understand.

The website should be equally compatible with the phone, desktop or any other device. 46% of the customers bounce to another website if they face difficulty while using the website on their phones. Moreover, the website needs to be responsive as well as the landing speed has to be good. If the overall design of the website will be good then there will be an increase in the number of conversions.

2. Publishing testimonials on the website

Using testimonials can be really helpful to increase the conversion rate of the visitors. Testimonials that are long and share the story or experience of the customer can influence the reader and compel them to make the purchase. The research suggests that the longer testimonials result in a 11.3 % increase in sales as compared to short testimonials.

Testimonials should be shared at all the pages of the website that can impact the buying decision of the customer. Inserting the testimonials and case studies allows the visitors read the experiences of other customers and their journey which helps to gain credibility.

3. Content Marketing

In recent times, there is a rapid increase in the popularity of a content marketing strategy. It really helps to increase the conversion ratio of blog as well as website traffic. As per data collected from Kapost, adopting content marketing has increased the conversion rate of websites by 6 times as compared to the ones who are not using content marketing.

Moreover, the content has also lead to increase the qualified leads by 75%. The content should be created in a way that it educates the customer as well as markets the product. Content can be widely used to solve the problems of the industry and educate the customers.

4. Add Videos

The biggest drawback about websites is that the customer can not touch and feel the product before making a purchase. This can be compensated to some extent by inserting the video about the product or its usage on the product page of the website. Adding videos can increase the conversion rate as it helps the customers to understand the products or services in a better way and offers the chance for the company to showcase their product in a more lucrative way.

As per the details provided by comScore 64% consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching the video about it. Moreover, visitors who view videos on the website on an average stay 2 minutes longer on the website as compared to the ones who do not view the video. Having videos can definitely help to boost up the number of conversions.

5. Add frequently asked questions (FAQ)

At times customers will have queries about the product or service but are reluctant to ask questions or navigate through the website.  Adding the frequently asked questions on the product page can be helpful to answer, the answer the queries of such customers and convert them.

According to the details provided by Optimizely, Roller Shaker Nation increased the conversion rates by 69% by adding the FAQ on the product page. Questions that are repeatedly asked by the customers should be compiled and probably the questions that might come up in the mind of customers shall be added to the product page.

6. Enable live chat

Live chat is gaining popularity these days and is one of the most admired tools of the customers. Enabling live chat tab on the website empowers the firm to answer the queries of the customers at the same point of time. Moreover, having the live chat tab increases the confidence of customers as they believe there is someone to answer their queries and give them instant resolution.

The live chat tools are often enabled with features like co-browsing and screen sharing that helps the agents view and share the screens with the visitors and guide them or even do the required steps on behalf of them. It leads to increase in the satisfaction level of the customers leading to increase in conversion rates. It was surveyed that 31% of online shoppers from US and UK stated that they would be more likely to make a purchase after a live chat.


Companies aim to increase the profit and revenue, which can be only achieved by increasing the number of customers. Hence, companies should not lose the opportunity to convert the visitors into the customers. This can be done by addressing the queries of the customers and providing them the required information on their fingertips.

Sawaram Suthar is the founder of TheNextScoop and Jagat Media. A digital marketing consultant, he has experience in branding, promotions, page optimization, research, and strategy. He has an MBA from the University of Pune. Anyone can find him on Twitter @sawarams.

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