Why Content Marketing Is All About Education, Not Sales

Why Content Marketing Is All About Education, Not Sales

Here are few argue about the power content marketing which is now all about education content marketing, not for sales.

Consumers are evolving as much as the ways to reach them. Marketers heavily relied on outbound marketing before to get leads. Now, with the internet and other innovations like marketing automation software, it can be easier for you to get in connect with your audiences.

At present, people look for content that is relevant and useful. Anything can be considered as content as it can come in the form of an advertisement, product information, and event details among others. Use these to attract an audience to a destination that’ll meet your objectives.

This is where content marketing comes in. The way you use this information to come up with a personalized content that’s relevant to your audience can prove beneficial to your business. Here are 5 reasons why content marketing is all about education and not sales.

1. Consumers are 131% more likely to buy after reading an educational content

Every customer journey has a beginning. Let that start be a worthy educational content marketing that your audience can munch on. Why? It is because, with such good information, there’s a 131% likeliness that they would be converted, even after one week later as a study shows.

131% more likely to buy after reading an educational content

The study highlights the importance of early-stage content and its impact to the readers. This kind of move affects the purchase decision and the reader’s trust towards the brand. Part of the findings of the study is that the audience were likely more to buy from a brand that provided useful content. Share such information with the use of marketing automation software to quickly touch base with your intended audience.

2. 9 in 10 ad blocking users block ads via desktop or laptop

Serve up advertisements with educational content that’s relevant to avoid falling into this pit. By making it past the block, you can further connect and maintain a relationship with current customers and attract new ones.

Make your educational content marketing and interesting so people would want to know more about your business. Take these tips into consideration the next time you map out new content for your brand:

  • Finalize your objectives: You need a guide to set benchmarks and to know when you’ve hit your mark
  • Understand your audience: You need to go deep into how they think, what makes them tick and what interests them. With these in the bag, you’d have a better grasp of how you can maintain current customers and attract new ones with content that’s relevant to them.
  • Create slants that matter: Mixing your objectives and new understanding of your audience, you can now craft slants that would pique their interests and help move your brand forward.

3. 80% of people appreciate learning about a brand through custom content

Everyone wants to learn something new every day. May it be about current events, the highlight of a friend’s day or even the latest trend online. Make your audience’s time worthwhile by sharing the content that’s useful.

Great Content

By not hard selling your product, audiences would feel that you’re not out to rob them of their money. Instead, they’ll appreciate your brand’s purpose based on the edusational content you shared with them. Keep your content fresh by playing around with images, videos and statistics. You can even share these custom content by utilizing a marketing automation software to reach your current customers and tap new ones.

4. 60% of people are inspired to look for a product after reading content about it

Ever stumbled across an article that you just couldn’t get out of your mind? Turn heads your way by coming up with an interesting slant that would blend well with your product. Go for content that will smoothly ease it in so that the reader wouldn’t see it as an eyesore.

60% of people are inspired to look for a product after reading content about it

Other than making sure that your content is educational, you have to make sure that the product integration is fluid. If deemed successful, people will be searching about your products and trying to get to your business in no time!

5. Content marketing costs 62% less and generates over three times as many leads versus outbound marketing

Content marketing is a strategy that’s centered on the principle “Teach, don’t sell.” But it’s also good to note the benefits this strategy can bring to your business. With content marketing, you’re setting yourself up to be found by people who are already learning about and shopping in your business’ industry.

62% less and generate over three times as many leads

With this kind of setup, it costs less versus outbound marketing and can have over three times as many leads. When you put educational content out there, you can draw people to your business.

They get to know about you and your product. They’re also tuned in without any distractions because the topic is relevant to them. This could heighten their affinity towards your business which could then turn to solid leads at a more affordable budget. There are affordable marketing automation software available in the market that can suit your need and help meet your objectives.

Wrap Up

It’s undeniable. People want to be informed and educated. Use this to your advantage by crafting content that’s relevant, relatable and timely. With these in mind, you’re sure to have custom content that’s ready to incline people to gravitate towards your product. Maximize them even more by utilizing marketing automation software to continuously keep your leads in the know for new information!

Kimberly Maceda is a Content Writer for ActiveTrail. She writes for some top online marketing sites and blogging advice on email marketing and marketing automation. Activetrail is a leading provider of professional-grade email marketing and automation software for growing businesses.

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