4 Ways to Lose Money with Your Blog

4 Ways to Lose Money with Your Blog

No one wants to lose money through their blog. However, there are certain ways writers are guilty of making these mistakes which makes them lose money through their blogs.

Nothing stings like losing money through your blog.

Seeing donuts in your PayPal account can drive you mad.

What if I told you that making a few changes with your blog can bring you instant relief?

Money responds to your energy around money; it is not really what you are doing but what you are being.

Successful bloggers are being successes - even before they see evidence of success - so naturally, they make a lot of money in the long run. They do not waste their time. They don’t make excuses. More than anything, they invest their time and money in their blogs even if they haven’t seen any markers of becoming successful.

I know it may hurt like the dickens to see all your blogging efforts go unrewarded. But this is not true. Every little helpful, successful action yields some form of success. Maybe you aren’t seeing blogging money in your bank account but these little actions add up in the long run.

On the flip side of thing, you may be doing the exact opposite things online that ensure you lose plenty of money.

I made these errors for years. So I struggled horribly for years. I also committed fully to following these steps and boosted my income substantially.

Honestly, assess if you are losing money with your blog through these 4 mistakes.

1. No List Building

Like an absolute fool, I resisted building an email list for years.

I shudder to think about how big my list would be if I got stupid serious about list building 8 years ago.

I just added 15 more subscribers the last time I checked my list numbers earlier today.

Build your email list. Make more money through your blog.

Not building an email list leaves reader visits to chance. Some rabid fans may bookmark your blog and others may follow through different services but most folks will only read every post if you give them email subscriptions or PUSH notification options.

Virtually all bloggers who are frustrated with their lack of blogging income are not serious about list building.

Be all in on a listing building. Maximize your blogging income.

Use pop-up forms and sum up posts with a call to action to sign up for your list.

Make sure you opt-in form drips with sugary sweet benefits geared to please your readers.

Build your email list. Prosper.

2. Changing Topics like the Wind

Some bloggers change topics like the wind.

Don’t make this mistake unless you plan on losing money through your blog.

Stay on topic. Blog about your niche every single post. Avoid confusing your readers. Develop your expertise. Establish your authority.

Top bloggers like Zac Johnson and Darren Rowse always stay on topic. These guys know where your attention and energy goes, grows.

Give your attention and energy to mastering 1 niche inside-out. Make more money as your readers see you as an authority in your niche.

Specialization is the great secret of making money through your blog. Trying to be a Jack of All Trades is an obvious marker of a struggling blogger.

If you are beyond disgusted with your blogging earnings you may be laying goose eggs because you change blog topics like most folks change their minds.

Be firm with yourself. Do not bend on this common error. Unless you have hundreds of thousands of readers you won’t make any leeway with this silly approach. Master in one niche. Before you publish any post ensure that you are solving one specific problem for your idea reader from your blogging niche. Get super clear. Avoid confusing your readers. Avoid losing money with each blog post.

3. Expecting Full Time Income through AdSense

Unless you generate a ton of visitors a month it is impossible to generate a hefty income through Google AdSense or other ad networks.

Here’s why: you’re relying on pennies or perhaps dollars per click to fuel your blogging empire. If you’re getting thousands and thousands of hits daily maybe you can make that work. If not you are losing money like crazy.

Scrap AdSense. Use the vacant ad space to house your products or services. Think abundantly. Write an eBook and self-publish on Amazon. Get at least a few bucks for your clicks, brand yourself and expose yourself, your blog and your brand to a worldwide audience.

Think like a blogging big dawg. Think like prospering bloggers think. Do as prospering bloggers do. You may not earn a ton of money 1 or 2 months after you scrap AdSense but over the long haul you will really rake it in compared to when you attempted to squeeze pennies out of your AdSense ads.

4. Spending All Your Time on Site

Financially struggling bloggers usually spend 100% of their time trying to build their blogs.

This Lone Wolf act will not go far. Because all success flows to your blog through outside sources. Otherwise, you’d be writing a diary.

Guest post. Comment on popular blogs from your niche. Engage folks on social media. Offer answers on sites like Quora. Share your insights on the Warrior Forum.

The money is in off-site sources that flow to your blog. Hang off site to boost your blogging income.

I spend 70% of my day - usually more - off-site because outside of responding to comments and publishing 2 posts weekly all action unfolds offsite. The same rings true for most bloggers.

The one exception is when you are fully clear on your blog. This means you have few fears around yourself, your blog and your blogging abilities so you create a masterfully optimized blog that yields all kinds of Google traffic and major media coverage. This type of blogging catsise few and far between though. Most of us cling to fears about our blogs and our abilities so we need to frequently hang off site to make the most money, and more importantly, to not lose a bunch of money.

Your Turn

Are you making any of these mistakes?

What errors can you add to this list?

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who's been featured on Richard Branson's Virgin Blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, John Chows Dot Com and Neil Patel Dot Com. He has written and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon. Ryan can help you retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging at Blogging From Paradise.

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