How You Can Elevate Your Digital Marketing Campaign Through Artificial Intelligence

How You Can Elevate Your Digital Marketing Campaign Through Artificial Intelligence

Explore the true essence of Artificial Intelligence beyond robotic stereotypes. Discover its role in perceiving environments and optimizing digital marketing strategies for superior results.

I totally understand if some may immediately imagine a robotic character after hearing the term “artificial intelligence.” However, this, in fact, describes the process of a machine wherein it perceives its surrounding environment and be able to take various actions accordingly. Just like what robots usually do.

On the other side of the coin, it may sound familiar to you. Well, that’s because that is what we usually use in the world of digital marketing if we seek to test and improve our campaigns.

Below are further ideas as to how you can utilize artificial intelligence (AI) in streamlining your data collection and in improving your digital marketing strategies:

Content Suggestions :

Before, digital copywriters need to craft their calls to action at the end of every blog post. This is for them to direct users to related content that the users might also have an interest with, according to the posts they had just searched. The very reason for this is that personalized calls to action tend to yield significant conversion of up to 42% larger in contrast to the generic ones.

Today, content marketers can already have personalized suggestions that are computer-generated tailored for each reader from their internet history. You have probably noticed this on Facebook that after viewing a particular video, you’ll be given suggested videos that are somehow related to the first video you saw.

Technically, this process of personalization may not only help provide relevant content, but it could be the way for the reader to enjoy and find useful ones, allowing an increased chance for conversions.

AI can also be used for generating and optimizing ads and has the capacity of producing content for more efficient ads and business info. Know that a prediction from Gartner stated that by 2018, 20% of the business contents would most like be authored by machines.

Sales Forecasting :

Forecasting is truly one of the most complicated business factors every organization must adequately address. Especially that there is a myriad of variables to see, but fortunately, Artificial Intelligence can be of help. Forecasters can utilize AI for some methods that include that analysis of inbound communication and the interpretation of these communications to allow the organizations do appropriate actions based on consumers/users’ previous behaviors.

Sales Forecasting

Online Buying Assistants :

There is an increasing number of brands that recognize the importance of excellent user experience and attentive customer service. As a response, they use AI-inspired virtual assistants to assist clients in finding answers to their queries, products searches or even in teaching them how to navigate the site.

Online Buying Assistants

This then does not only provide customers with quality 24/7 customer service, but it may also help in reducing the number of phone personnel required to attend calls. Helping you reduce overhead costs.

Product Launching :

There had already been some industries which tend to launch their products with AI embedded in them. From the smart refrigerators of Samsung and LG up into those robo-investing products of the advisory markets. However, for an innovative marketer’s point of view, AI can ultimately help to make the process of the whole product launch more efficient.

For example, BMW used its iGenius system in an advert campaign for the electric car9. The technology is utilized to address client’s questions about the car through text. This allowed BMW to have a simultaneous ability in handling questions more effectively. Further, this also saved them from an added cost in training customer service personnel to handle those queries.

Moreover, one interesting aspect of this technology is its ability to memorize previous queries thus providing more meaningful answers as time passes. But, a myriad of input is still necessary for personal responses that have a high standard of knowledge to be created.

Pre-emptive Marketing :

With the aid of enough data, it will be possible to figure out various patterns of customer behaviors. To deliver this with utmost relevance, the proper volume and types of data must be gathered and processed in a way that its level of reliability or veracity can be understood.

By being able to maintain an instant analysis of these data, we can begin to build these patterns at an increasing timeliness. It is quite actually big data and goes beyond human capacity; thus it is an ideal job to be accomplished by AI.

Programmatic Advertising :

Programmatic Advertising has become a huge business. It is technically the automation of buying, planning and optimizing media to allow advertisers to target particular demographics or audiences. It can be effectively utilized for mobile advertising, social media campaigns as well and online display promotions.

This approach can even be beneficial for TV and print. Know that more than 50% of the online display ads that are bought in the US are sold programmatically. The primary programmatic display sellers are Facebook and Google Ad Exchange.

Technically, the advantage of programmatic advertising revolves around the idea of simplicity and efficiency (involves no negotiations), and the marrying of data and automation allowing a more informed buying and a better targeting.

Designing Websites :

We can no longer deny that websites are becoming a commodity, especially in today’s highly modernized and competitive business world. However, the thing is never at the moment you have you site being developed. There are still some things that you must think about - one is your website’s overall design. Impressive designs will not just promote higher conversions but may add further value to your brand. People are not just particular with aesthetics, for them, a website’s UX and UI designs also matter.

Today, there has already been some platforms that offer free or low-cost website for your business. However, many marketers opted to use them as they can offer no guarantee with these sites and often, their layout and overall theme are hard to modify. Decreasing your chance for a better conversion rate.

Today, there are already agencies that offer AI website design services by algorithmically weaving website designs and having them improved based on user behavior.


Patrick Panuncillon has been an SEO strategist for more than 8 years and currently running his own outsourcing business solutions firm in the Philippines. Connect with Patrick on Linkedin or check out his company Facebook Page. He is CEO at Creative Working Playground.

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