What to Look in a Perfect Digital Marketer

What to Look in a Perfect Digital Marketer

Are you searching for a perfect digital marketer for your business? If yes, this blog will help you achieve this endeavor by providing the essential things to watch out for a while looking for one.

Digital Marketer or Digital Marketing Consultant are the terms that you must be hearing very often these days…

And if that’s not the case, then you must change your company because you are not hanging out with right people then.

Yes, my mate. I’m sorry to break your bubble but you should definitely look into it.

Do you know why?

Because Digital Marketers are most trending thing in town. It is the most utilized means of marketing today.

Today, every company has turned to Digital Marketing and the traditional marketing is almost losing its standing with every passing day.

What do you think is the reason behind this rise of Digital Marketing?

  • It costs low
  • It is easily measured
  • It provides real time results
  • It has a wider reach
  • It is more viral
  • It is much more interactive

Now we know what are some major benefits of this rising marketing mode… what we need to do is to imply it practically.

And how do you think are we going to hit this mode of marketing and then remain in the market for as long as we can.

There is one major solution to this, and that is Hiring Experts or a Team of Experts.

Yes, only the people with this expertise can manage this competitive and ever-growing form of marketing.

And these are Digital Marketers!

Because it is certainly not a piece of cake to run your digital presence without an expert, there are strategies coming in every day and people are unable to cope up with this evolving industry. So there are only experts who have these skills and who specialize in these fields.

Don’t panic on how you are going to hire these individuals... You will surely find plenty of them. But the only thing to worry about is how to find the right one.

Today, this post will guide you on what to look for in a perfect Digital Marketer.

Here you go with the Essentials you should look in a Digital Marketing Manager:

Look for Value:

Always look for value in everything you do or everyone you hire. I have seen people going after money or going after ‘Saving Money’. But trust me it doesn’t benefit them at all.

Value is everything you should look for, if it’s valuable, then go for it and if it’s not then leave no matter how trending or how popular it is.

Same is the case with hiring a digital marketing manager. Hire someone who is offering you with Value. Go for Value-based Pricing.

time based pricing


If you are currently getting a return of certain amount and the manager guarantees you that with his marketing skills, you can increase your success metrics (like lead generation or revenue) by 60-70% percent then you should definitely go for it, provided that the previous records support his claim.

And for the opposite outcome, a minimum rate should be settled, so in case he does fulfil that promise; he shall be paid with that amount.

Go for Specialists:

Currently, you will come across a lot of mediums on which digital marketing has been done. There are agencies; big ones and the small ones. Then there are freelancers and then there specialists who are being hired.

Well, I suggest you that instead of going for an agency and outsourcing your digital marketing to them, you should go for hiring specialists.

hiring talent



Because he is working with you, in front of your eyes. You can ask him for changes, you can make him understand what exactly you want.

He knows your product inside out and his whole concentration is on your product only without any distractions or multiple other products.

There would be much higher accountability as well, along with the specialization that he has.

So, you will get the kind of feeling like you own his expertise and your product is getting the desired attention it wants.

Read more here on why hiring Specialist is better than generalist or Agencies:  Hiring a Marketing Manager Vs. a Firm

Identify by KPIs:

You need to judge the applicants by identifying your KPIs or the Key Performance Indicators.

Firstly, identify what are your major KPIs, what matters for your company and in what elements you basically want to have a better performance than before.

Some of the elements which you should have as your KPIs are:

  • Engagement- what kind of engagement is there on your website?
  • Social Interaction- what is happening on the social media platforms?
  • Response Rate- how frequently the visitors or the customers are being answered on your social pages or website?
  • Bounce Rate- how many visitors are exiting your website without signing up or checking out?
  • Traffic- the amount of visitors on your website?
  • Traffic Sources- from where these visitors are coming from?
  • Conversions- how many visitors are converting into actual customers?
  • Cost per Lead- what is the cost per potential customer?
  • Revenue per Lead- what is the revenue per potential customer?
  • Cost per Click- what is the cost of one click on your ad?

Hammad is a tech entrepreneur with a passion for technology and online marketing. He's currently focusing on a new startup Truconversion , a SaaS application in web/mobile analytics space. You can visit his blog at: HammadAkbar.com

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