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Within Boundaries The Changing Impact of Inbound Marketing



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Within Boundaries The Changing Impact of Inbound Marketing


1. The Conversion Chase 

Would you rather spend your time chasing after that special someone or have them chasing after you? Some love the chase but at the same time it is more flattering It seems like to have others pursue you. On some fronts, them finding you would Certainly be less exhausting  That in many ways are the same philosophy when it comes to inbound marketing.

The Conversion Chase

First, ask yourself, which is being utilized more for an effective business marketing strategy.  Is it the inbound or outbound marketing approach. Inbound is the easy straight forward answer. More are relying on this approach to gain customers in cost effective manner.

What are the major differences? Obviously, the main difference is the idea of time-consuming approach vs time-saving.

There used to be an argument over Outbound vs Inbound in terms of which was more effective financially as well.  Inbound is becoming the most effective way to get more feedback, and acquire more identifiable stats and garnish more comments.  Of course, in a sense from the  From a commerce standpoint you are getting more bang for your buck and sometimes it is lower in cost as well.

Social media has provided an efficient way to make impact 24/7 around the world. The full-time campaign consists of around the clock developed a marketing strategy. Again the goal is to get people to find you.

Outbound is the old way but seemingly more familiar with certain forms of media such as television advertising ad billboard radio commercials. It was once thought of as the prevailing method to lure the viewer into its awaiting proverbial web.

Most concentrate on Inbound marketing over outbound as the immediate source and outbound as a secondary source but still can be relevant in areas such as video sales etc..

But outbound is still used in a comprehensive marketing strategy to reach a  certain amount of people in a chosen audience .

Let’s switch gears and look at a specific company specializing in inbound information called Marketo. This article in Marketo shoes how to successfully initiate inbound marketing from its early inception.

So ‘Let the Marketo strategy begin. First, some basic questions are important. What are some of the benefits that your company can offer clients?

2. Pertinent Questions

As far as implementing the Inbound strategy,  What are some perks for your business?  The article says one benefit happens to be  “For one thing It helps fuel SEO efforts .”

Pertinent Questions

It also Increases “ brand awareness for your company .”

Of course, a major attraction is  ‘Now your customers can Gain access 24/7'.

Before they were isolated channels and had only intuitive decision making. They had to target a massive advertising campaign and point to only certain given demographics only.

When you create your inbound marketing plan focus on 4 Things ‘Lead Generation

A Mission Statement, Customer Engagement and  Tactics Measurement.

The 1:1 ratio targeting is based on behavioral factors . These are big data fact-based decisions exploring from integrating channels. Once followed there is an information abundance regarding statistics.

Some of essential concern in inbound are SEO strategy, Developing landing page, Using social media,  and also Marketing analytics, Email and lead nurturing, and Marketing automation.

Another important consideration is to think about creating Live Events and webinars to help promote products.

According to the article “The key is to create a strategic content strategy tailored around your personas and the stage of the buying cycle they are in.”

Some ideas as far as on  Social media that you should spend time thinking about are things such as how often Will you post on Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms.

Ask yourself a basic question ‘What is your compelling story’

Also, spend time researching and studying Identifying your target audience. Is it a male or female predominant audience and what age group would be most affected by it.

Pay attention to your Marketing Automation “ empowers inbound marketers with tools and strategies to convert fans and followers into leads and customers.”

Especially extremely important  to Learn to Quantify your Success “financial metrics that show how marketing helps your company generate more profits and faster growth when stacked against your competitors.”

Use these techniques to foster better brand preferences when spending time reflecting on your own brand expectations

3. 5 Main Sources For More Information

Here are some website resources to find more material on Inbound marketing.  Inbound is the main website source.

These 5 websites are considered five of the top best resources for all issues related to topics of marketing and social media. There are regular posts on their blogs detailing current information strategies across the board. These are extremely reputable sources that make almost all top five lists or at least to the top ten.

One main source is Quicksprout which contains comprehensive guides to many marketing questions.  It contains a Beginners guide to Online Marketing section.Content is massive and will take a long time to sift through but there is a lot of pivotal information to be learned.

Another major informational website Content Marketing Institute makes the main point to specifically focus on content. What distinguishes effective content marketers from other and  ‘What social media channels are they using.

 Another called Hubspot focus on Subjects ranging from re-targeting to content marketing to on-page SEO.

If you want to use Moz one thing they specialize in is learning Google Algorithm  Updates. It has created a traffic-centric library and there is also Social Media Examiner is a well-known resource for posting all kinds of information related to all social marketing needs.

There is a never ending supply of information on these websites. Take advantage of their free blogs on diverse marketing topics seems like a no brainer. Spend the time going through each one deciphering which articles meet your marketing needs.

4. Other Reasons Cost Effectiveness

Why is Inbound on the way in and outbound becoming more obsolete?


One reason happens to be Cost effectiveness. If you want to check your return rate;  another point is to always focus on the Return On Investment or ROI.

We must realize that Inbound is effective because its Communication is a Two-Way street

Outbound marketing is only one way to get some customers interested in your products. There maybe some that are not internet savvy and rely more on commercials throughout watching television or listening to radio ads. But generally, most people are on the internet.

According to the infographic in SEO pressor, “Content marketing and social media participation

Are hints that Outbound marketing company is in complete control and the difference with inbound marketing is that consumer behavior has shifted which makes it mutually beneficial.

Companies are investing more in inbound marketing methods

This is mainly because the Inbound strategy has four main components to  attract, convert, close and delight

So it is important to develop that inbound marketing strategy that entices viewers back and back again.

Use the combination of visuals and text when formulating website information. Focus on deciding your USP VS UVP. That is Unique Selling Proposition or Unique Value Proposition. These are slightly different should be explored which is more to your benefit. Unique Selling Proposition tells the market why they should care. Unique Value Proposition is who you are as a company. In other words your identity.

Your company will reap the benefits of a  24/7  promotional marketing system that does most of the round the clock work for you.

Of course, if you are still convinced Outbound has its place and yes it does to a degree. But it was more prevalent in the past and that was because the technology was limited. Advertising by radio and television seemed to be one of the only ways to advance their marketing cause. Now with so much technology at our fingertips, there are so much more avenues to explore. It is only common sense to spend effort finding ways that customers will reach you first. It is the customers initiative  in finding your product that could be half the battle.

How much energy should companies spend developing Inbound marketing strategy?

5. Other Final Thoughts

It has made it easier because now companies can concentrate on the task at hand which is getting more customer service awareness to their product and or services.

Companies are always looking for ways to improve their visibility among potential clients and quick google search can help fuel the pathway to an easier relationship.

That is what inbound does it provides a comprehensive way for your company to have the most impact in the digital age. Where others find you instead of the other way around.  Once you implement your inbound strategy you will see the difference in conversion rates, statistics, feedback, and comments. Around the clock, it is time to watch the results of your inbound strategy come full circle and full throttle as well.

About Author:

Edgar Rider has published posts for journals such as  Teach Magazine, Meditation Brainwaves,  Artist Unleashed and Modern Times Magazine. He has also written about social media for Grow Map and Duct Tape Marketing. Recently, he wrote a piece called Track The Social Media Stats Frenzy for Almost Done. You can Follow him on Twitter.

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