Top 10 Blogger Outreach Tools For Reaching Content Stars

Top 10 Blogger Outreach Tools For Reaching Content Stars

Just try any option from this list of best blogger outreach tools to see how fast you’ll become a celebrity or a content stars!

Each blogger dreams to create viral content – and receive tons of share notifications along with boosting an audience. And here is where blog outreach tools can bring you success!

In essence, they work on linking people with top bloggers. Because if only you’re working as a team with the best people, all your content dreams can come true. Just try any option on this list of best blogger outreach tools to see how fast you’ll become a celebrity!



Key features:

  • Range by type (people and brands)
  • Range by location
  • Recognize popular content (ranged by time and date and number of shares)

To outreach the bloggers, Buzzsumo tool analyzes blog titles and the content positions on Web – both in a browser and social media. And helps you distinguish the popularity of posts – filtered by topics, domains, or search items. In addition, you gain access to see which influencers shared it – in other words, the result is as accurate as possible.

Besides, you can experience the amazing features of pro account – and be on trend with receiving content notifications and analysis reports’ alerts.

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Key features:

  • Communication and content history
  • Synchronize contacts
  • Geo-targeting
  • Filter by language
  • Network insight (reveals the connections between the key influencers)

Among the outreach tools widely used on IT market, Traackr always receives appreciation. It offers a great set of options to prioritize influencers, considering their position in social networks, blog indicators and list of contacts. Equipped with this package, you gain an opportunity to establish and maintain the effective communication with each blogger you’re interested in.

To make the choice, consider the score each person received. Specifically, it includes the criteria of resonance and relevance.



Key features:

  • Finding influencers (in a matter of seconds)
  • Customize emails (based on target audience)
  • Automatic follow-up (of non-responding recipients)
  • SEO integration (serves as a powerful SEO software)

With PitchBox, the task to outreach bloggers becomes very easy. This user-friendly and super fast platform is designed to avoid all the unnecessary details and accelerate top bloggers’ search process.

In essence, this blogger outreach tool assists establishing, among all, sustainable partnerships with the influencers of your interest – thanks to its emailing functions and SEO integration.



Key features:

  • Ready-to-use email templates
  • Automation of emails
  • Email Finder
  • In-app inbox (with conversation history and follow up instruments)

Among its functions, Ninja Outreach contains amazing tools outreach specialists use for emailing. Its database of more than 20 million websites and 2 million Twitter profiles is truly incredible!

However, Ninja Outreach is paid. The platform has four plans, ranged based on your needs and starting from $69 per month (but you can enjoy a 2-weeks free trial!).



Key features:

  • Web-based extension tool
  • Emailing functionality (templates, send later option, notifications center)
  • Built-in CRM and workflow
  • Integration with other outreach tools (including BuzzSumo)

With an ability to both launch and manage conversations, BuzzStream is another great choice for outreach to bloggers. The instrument’s strongest advantage is that starts searching for contact information on any webpage automatically – be it available there or reachable within linked profile in social media or hidden within a contact form.

And further, the conversation will be facilitated by the emailing tools. Though BuzzStream doesn’t have its own mailbox, the built-in notification center will eliminate any possible inconveniences caused.



Key features:

  • Filter by blog (targeting and compiling lists)
  • Keep track of additional information (update manually)
  • Update blogs
  • Monitor campaigns

InkyBee is an amazing blogger outreach tool to keep track of events on each stage of the process. In fact, it creates a complete profile for each blog found: with the place where it was written, social media presence, SEO scores, information about followers etc. Full automation with manual options that ease your life!

Like Ninja Outreach, InkyBee searches for content on Twitter – and helps to identify popular blogs among followers on this social platform too.



Key features:

  • Choice by niche
  • Work with contacts
  • Filter results (various metrics)
  • Range results (approximate impact criteria)

Klear is highly helpful for working with contacts that create the most influential content in your niche. With its filtering opportunities, it effectively concentrates on revealing the needed bloggers. And so, it saves your time to work on messages for them.

Mainly, this tool analyzes the data taken from social media – so be ready to get access to the celebrities and communicate regularly!



Key features:

  • Identify blogs (based on a needed industry)
  • Reveal acquaintances (of influencers)
  • Pin locations (individual bloggers) and visualize networks (spotting communities with colors)

‘Easiness’ is the word commonly associated with Little Bird – it identifies blogs, finds linkages, and visualizes communities in the easiest way possible. Moreover, the data is reliable enough because it is based on various sources – Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, to name a few.

Besides, Little Bird can evaluate strategy, training, and customer support – which turns to a comprehensive tool instead of a primitive contact searching engine.


Key features:

  • Identify key influencers (the process of getting started)
  • Keyword input
  • Presenting individual’s profile (website visitors, audience etc.)

Tomoson is highly helpful if you need to see the key stats of specific influencers. Just type in one word, and you’ll gain an accurate result, based on filtering the people who can help you.

As the strongest advantage of this tool, users highly estimate Tomoson’s database of influencers. In other words, everything needed is just to click ‘Search’ and meet a person you’ve been waiting for so long!



Key features:

  • Highly structured results (presented by author, title, and site)
  • Scoring metrics
  • Detailed information about posts (likes, shares, comments etc.)

ClearVoice outreach tool concentrates mostly on authors. The results range bloggers, assign scores, and provide all the necessary details about their posts.

And so, with its functionality, you’ll be able to develop a comprehensive digital marketing approach – working with the best writers will simply leave you no choice.

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