11 Best Social Media Tools of 2023 to Make Your Life Easier

11 Best Social Media Tools of 2023 to Make Your Life Easier

Using a social media management tool make your life considerably simpler, it doesn’t need to go through series of budgeting approval – because there are many Popular tools out there to help you achieve all of your social marketing aims in 2019.

Did you know that around 2.62 billion unique people use social media platforms around the world?

Not only are there over two billion users, but studies are also showing that these social networks are often a component of internet addiction due to users unable to resist the urge from compulsively checking alerts.

Any brand or business owner today should be striving to have their audience turn “on” their push notifications, no matter the platform. But let’s face it, no two platforms are the same.

To survive the social media marketing game, having an omnichannel marketing strategy on the channels your customers are most active is a given if you want to build a long-term, sustainable business.

But, managing that amount of potential traffic and ensuring you reach your audience is getting harder and harder.

The only problem is: there are over 5,000 different marketing tools to pick from.

Which are the best? Which can improve your social media efforts?

In this post, I’ll break down the top eleven social media tools to make your life easier whether you’re building a personal brand or scaling an enterprise level company.

1. Social Pilot

The best all-around social tool

SocialPilot is one of the leading options available and is used by Fortune 500 companies and agencies that market on a massive, global scale and is my pick for the best all-around social media tool.

The key to using social pilot’s social media scheduling tool effectively is leveraging its analytics and scheduling features to your advantage.

SocialPilot lets you upload content and tailor it to different platforms. Then, you can schedule their launch, which will happen automatically.

It makes it much easier to manage multiple social media platforms since you can manage them all in one easy-to-use interface.

Need powerful analytics reporting? SocialPilot also has you covered with detailed analytics systems to help you identify what works and what doesn’t so that you can optimize your efforts.

2. Later

The best Instagram scheduling tool

Scheduling posts on Instagram isn’t available on many tools still, due to strict API access.

But one tool with API access has nailed it: Later.

Being linked directly with the Instagram Graph API and being an Instagram Partner, they are the gold standard of Instagram posting.

Later is an Instagram focused marketing tool with powerful scheduling features like a visual content calendar, showing you how your next post will look on your feed:

With drag and drop functionality, you can move those posts around to organize your feed even more.

3. Sprout Social

The best social media analytics tool

Most data-driven marketing isn’t data-driven at all.  Data requires more than just looking at numbers, it requires action.

How you use the data is far more important than the data itself.

This is where a good social media analytics tool comes into play.

For this, I choose Sprout Social because it manages all social media platforms on a single dashboard:

Plus, it gives you actionable information and tells you potential next steps to take based on that data.

Now that’s data-driven marketing.

You can also get more specific, diving straight into campaigns on Instagram to see how your latest hashtags performed:

Condensing all of your social channels into one dashboard is both efficient and user-friendly.

No more jumping back and forth between Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Need a better analytics platform? Look no further.

4. CoSchedule

Best scheduling tool for Twitter and Facebook

We covered Later for Instagram, but what about the other titans of social media?

For Facebook and Twitter, CoSchedule is the best publishing tool you can use.

With date and time customization, scheduling posts is easy.

Plus, CoSchedule directly supports image, video, and text posting too.

Stay on top of the latest viral trends

Social media is more than just sharing company news and information.

It’s engaging with your fans and potential customers. More specifically, it’s forming brand awareness and tapping into the latest trends and news to become more relevant.

With Google Trends, you can scout the next viral hits as they are starting to happen:

For example, if the World Cup is trending, you can craft a series of tweets based around that subject to generate extra traffic and awareness.

Use Google Trends to stay informed and tap into potentially viral topics.

6. ToDoist

Best task management and social calendar tool

Planning. Planning. Planning.

To succeed on social media, you can’t just wing it.

This often leads to subpar content that is rushed. When posting on social, you want to portray the best of your brand.

Using ToDoist, you can tap into their templates, like this social media calendar, to organize your future content ideas:

Don’t wing your social media strategy. Use ToDoist to plan out your ideas and collaborate with your team.

7. Plann

Your all-in-one social media auto-scheduler

Need a beautifully effortless place where you can plan your Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok, and LinkedIn?

Plann we'll help you to be guided on the progress of the outcomes of your post, your stories, track your website click-throughs and even show you your best highlighting color palettes to keep you focussed on your growth.

8. Freshdesk

The best customer support option

Customer service on social media is booming. According to Gartner, companies who ignore social support see a 15% higher customer churn rate.

If you’re ignoring social media support, you are losing business.

Managing support on social media is nearly impossible without a tool. Especially as you scale.

Keeping track of mentions and responding in a timely manner is harder than it looks on the surface.

For my pick,  there is no better social support tool than Freshdesk when it comes to social customer service.

You can integrate all of your social media platforms directly to engage with customers and take on a whole new level of social support:

Freshdesk automatically creates tickets from your support mentions that get assigned to your service team.

And all of it is managed in your help desk dashboard.

Now that’s social service.

9. Grammarly

Craft the best social posts you can

Developing good social media posts requires better copywriting.

If you aren’t a professional, there is no need to panic.

Now, there are tons of tools out there that can help you write better in less time.

My personal favorite is Grammarly. One of the coolest features from Grammarly is their goals feature, shown in this review:

Using the goals feature, you can customize intent, audience, style, emotion, and the business domain you work in.

Want to customize copy for a witty, informal marketing company? You can do just that.

Need professional styling for a formal B2B company? Grammarly can help tweak your copy to fit.

No more boring, sloppy social postings. Keep it consistent with Grammarly.

10. Unbounce

Best social media landing page builder

Landing pages are critical for converting prospects into leads and turning those leads into sales.

On social media, your approach should be no different.

Social media is a great place to connect with existing and potential customers.

The next step is bringing them back to a landing page to convert on a lead magnet or a sales page.

Enter: Unbounce. Unbounce is a landing page builder that utilizes drag and drop functionality to help you create stunning landing pages without a developer.

It has countless customizable features, including CTA buttons and even complex page elements like these:

On top of that, it features powerful on-page SEO optimization, too.

If you are just driving traffic back to your homepage and not a landing page meant for social traffic, you are missing potential conversions.

11. Canva

Create the most stunning social graphics around

Creating good quality image graphics for social can help you boost credibility and stand out on crowded platforms.

Whether you want to promote your latest product, video, or podcast on social, graphics can help it stand out and grab attention:

Canva is free and provides tons of templates to work with for beautiful social graphics:

If you are looking to step up your graphics game, Canva is the tool for the job.

Wrapping Up:

I don’t think we need to reiterate why it’s crucial to have an effective social media strategy in place in 2019 and beyond, but don’t forget that over 80% of clients seek out experts online when searching for professional services. Don’t miss out on the bigger piece of the pie (the leads pie, that is) and use these eleven best social media tools for 2019 to improve your social media efficiency and success.

What are some of your favorite tools that didn’t make the list?

Adam Enfroy teaches 50,000 monthly readers how to blog like a business at <a href=" adamenfroy.com ">Net solution. You can follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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