3 B2B advertising trends to embrace in 2021

3 B2B advertising trends to embrace in 2021

Content marketing is one of the fastest-growing for B2B, and it is an industry that will keep on growing and benefiting business in the upcoming 2021

Content marketing is known to be one of the most essential parts of B2B marketing techniques, and it will keep on glooming even in 2021. It is a $400 billion industry in which many organizations blindly trust. 

In 2018, significant changes were seen in content marketing, business today many businesses are using different content marketing strategies such as blogs, video content, infographic, press releases, podcasts, and many ways to make brand awareness. For B2B businesses, there are different ways to market their products through content advertisement.

Content marketing also brings many various brand objectives, such as sales, customer experiences, and cost-effective ways for B2B and B2C. It has proven to assist both businesses to do better than just marketing. Since 2021 is soon to arrive, we compiled a list of things that worked well in content marketing in 2020. 

Every business should know about the current and upcoming advertising trends, and it also informs the marketing strategies are done in the right style. Content marketing is on the boom and not leaving anytime soon. 

Instead, B2B Digital Advertising will grow by taking content marketing support in the upcoming future. It is a well-recognized marketing strategy that every big and small B2B is doing. Content is producing every day in creative ways to attract the targeted audience, but every business wants to be unique and bring fresh content.

The three top B2B advertising trends to embrace in 2021 will ensure that your business produces unique content that brings a successful outcome. As a company, if you are in the middle of planning your 2021 B2B marketing strategies, then we are going to tell you some notable trends to anticipate.

1.  Video Content

When you are doing B2B, you need to show your product and service in a way that is easier to understand and visualize. It might be possible that you are aiming to attract businesses from different countries and video content supports dropping an outstanding first impression. 

As per Google research, it has stated 70% of B2B buyers prefer watching video content before purchasing. According to 71% of B2B, they have experienced better sales through video ads.

Video content has many benefits, it highlights the critical features of your product or service and shows its usefulness. Many techs B2B purchasers have stated to found video content helpful while on a purchase hunt. 

Companies who are doing B2B can even take advantage of explainer storytelling videos or whiteboard stories to explain their product or service advantage. They are known to retain the attention of the targeted audience.

Video content can do wonders for your B2B. It does not only assist in showing you the product but also has the below mention benefits.

- Video content boost conversion

Video content is now acknowledged as an investment because it generates exceptional results. It is said if you could solely add a video on your landing page, your conversion rate would increase by 80%. It can also have a significant influence on purchaser behavior and encourage a visitor to stay longer and turn into a lead. A text is no longer prefer as viewers prefer video content.

- Video is a good addition to marketing campaigns

As routines and lives are busier, people no longer prefer opening an email and reading lengthy text. Instead, if there is video content added, the click-through rate is known to be 200%-300% more. If we take a personal example, we would prefer watching a video at work while checking our mail rather than a text email.

- Google supports Video

Apart from advertising on social platforms, search engines are now bringing results in the video. If some customer is searching for a similar product, it could be possible your video pops up in the search results. Many businesses have already added videos on their website as well as YouTube. As it is most searched for "How To" videos.

- Videos develops trust and reliability

Video is the ideal way for your business and your brand to build a personality, allowing you to communicate with your audience and gain their confidence. 90% of users state that in the decision process, product videos are beneficial. 

The more videos you have to help educate and inform your clients, the faster you can build the confidence of your customers, and it would further turn into sales. Video content is known to create trust and reliability. About 92% of video content is shareable through smartphones. If your video is creative, fun, and engaging, there is a chance it could go viral.  

2. Focus Podcasts

For B2B, podcasts will work efficiently as the number of listeners is increasing every day. Various famous music apps like Apple Music and Spotify are featuring podcasts on their homepages of all types. 

Podcast provides an excellent opportunity to collab, let it be interviews with famous figures or experts from your company. It would be helpful to gain the attention of podcast listeners which is a whole new audience.  

3. Produce Email Marketing Solely

According to the latest report published through LinkedIn, it uncovered that 50% of total B2B social traffic is generating from LinkedIn and the outside traffic in which 80% of published content is coming from email marketing. So this proves how effective email marketing is solely for B2B.

To prove this point further, a study was done by IgniteVisibility, who discovered about 60% of B2B marketing strategies found email marketing an effective way of producing more leads and sales. Thanks to the new personalized email option.

4. Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is a method for providing a consistent experience with a company for the consumers and prospects, regardless of the platform or device used. For many years now, the term “Omnichannel marketing” has become a buzzword of marketing. 

However, in 2021, with 90% of consumers expecting consistent connections across networks, the approach is potentially more critical than ever.

5. Artificial Intelligence

AI is expected to grow 61% to 175 zettabytes by 2025. With the quantity of data that is being transferred and collected growing immensely, AI is known to be essential to businesses as it will provide them with the ability to make sense of the massive large amount of data in real-time. 

According to  Forbes, marketing and sales prioritize AI, and machine learnings are higher than any other department today.

6. Micro-Moments

Google introduced the term "micro-moments" just about a few years. This concept is about the changing behavior in the consumer, specifically about the usage of mobile devices. 

As per Google, micro-moments are a moment of decision making and choice shaping which happens throughout the entire consumer journey

This occurs when a user turns on the device rather than a smartphone and act to learn something informative, search something, or discover something and purchase something. The moments are essential for marketing purposes, and they are intent-rich.  

7. Chatbots

82% of online purchasers expect an instant answer to their sales or marketing query. Although for many businesses, this is not possible or is an impractical thing to do and would need the employee presence to answer the questions. 

But chatbots are a productive solution to help with this demand. About 40% of customers do not really care whether a chatbot is human or robotic as long as it helps them answer their questions.


Content marketing for B2B is known to grow every day faster and is changing traditional business ways. With the intense rise in this market, it is known that these trends would stick long and new advancements like AR and VR will come to make content distribution a more effective way to do business. 

The traditional ways of doing business through personal meetings have ended, and the new era will focus on digital advertising. All the companies are now finding innovative ways to do brand advertisement, and content marketing has all the styles and patterns to attract modern-day customers. 

Julie Moore is a professional working with Think Orion to provide expert services to the company clients. She is a fun-loving person and overall known for her excellent communication skills. She regularly writes blogs at ThinkOrion.

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