SEO After COVID-19- 8 Tactics That You Can Never Avoid

SEO After COVID-19- 8 Tactics That You Can Never Avoid

Digital marketing strategies like SEO can actually be crucial to your business success both during and after this pandemic. Know the tactics to follow to avoid missing the SEO benefits.

COVID-19 has almost put a halt to physical business activities. Small businesses have claimed that most of their operations are getting slowed during and after the pandemic. The present world is in a state of panic, confusion, and bewilderment. 

But, COVID-19 has havocked the offline world and not the online sphere. It is the best time to grab the biggest opportunity from the digital world. 

Several SMBs and startups have already started digitizing their business. However, with this digitalization, the most important focus should be on SEO. Without SEO, you cannot gain traction in the digital world. Many SEO companies in the USA are now the best partners of every business.

Thus, what should you do during this post-COVID period to avoid missing the SEO potentials?

Your potential customers are at home, and they are continuously browsing Google to search for products and services. But, you may notice a change in Google trends. Find out the topics and questions asked by your potential buyers about your products.

By collecting accurate data, you can identify trends. It will be easier for you to find the best topics for your content. You can provide the resource that your target visitors desire.

2. Focus on long-term and evergreen content-

There is a reason for writing long-form and evergreen content. As the pandemic has slowed down the pace, consumers have more to read your content thoroughly. They do not scroll through pages. Thus, to gain better results in the SERP pages, your page should contain at least 1500 words. 

Another trick for you is to publish evergreen content. For instance, as coronavirus is a trending topic, it will elevate your traffic level. Publish some trending content in your blog section.

3. Balance your long-term and short-term goals-

The pandemic will eventually end. However, it will leave a long-term effect. Thus, you can try to create an SEO strategy with both long-term and short-term tactics.  For your short-term goal, you can publish content related to COVID-19 themes. 

You may also update your website and listings. Moreover, you may update your listing for different local search terms. To achieve the long-term goal, you can publish content to answer your potential customers’ questions.

4. Check Keyword Rankings- Use Google Search Console-

It is better to use third-party tools to identify changes in keyword trends. As there is a shift in the user intent and search interest, you may need to update your keywords. You have a chance of missing big opportunities when you overlook keywords.

5. Invest in local SEO-

As lots of consumers have started searching for local businesses to buy products and services, you can leverage benefits from local SEO. The most important task is to create your profile in Google My Business. 

Make sure that you have included the accurate business details in your profile. Double-check your email address, contact number, and other information. Let your customers reach your site and make a deal with you. You may also include a map to display your business location. 

Some companies like to reveal their online availability in the GMB profile during the pandemic period.

The pandemic has raised the importance of the keyword- self-isolation. However, you must not overlook networking. As you like to grow your business, you need to develop your network in the digital platforms. You will also get backlinking opportunities to send a positive signal to Google.

You may team up with your business partners to add your website’s links to their platforms. It will enable you to build authority and gain the trust of your customers.

7. Look for reliable SEO talents-

During the post-pandemic period, you can take a step to hire the best SEO professionals. While some of your competitors have closed their doors due to COVID-19. You can stay active on LinkedIn to find the desired talents. The reputable SEO agencies offer quality services at an affordable rate.

8. Make the best use of time-

Successful businesses always use time wisely. Although content should be your major focus for SEO, you have something more to be done.

For instance, you can check the URL structure and adjust it. You may also redesign the interface to attract visitors. Ensure that the content on your site is easily readable. 

Another important task for you is to test the page-load time. A slow-time website can result in the loss of visitors. You may use the tool- PageSpeed Insights that help in checking the page performance. You should also test the mobile version of your site.

When you find the negative result from the test, you need to adjust the website elements and compress the image size.

These are ways in which you can scale up your business and SEO ranking during the post-pandemic period. You can hire a team of SEO professionals to start your campaign.

Prepare your eCommerce business to cope with post-COVID effects

When the corporate world is under stress due to COVID-19, the eCommerce sector has found a new ray of hope. Consumers have started giving more importance to online shopping trends. 

Truly, there are some consumers, who like to restore their in-person shopping activities during the post-pandemic period. Still, the number of consumers making online deals is increasing every year.

However, the eCommerce landscape has changed in the post-pandemic days. As you like to restore your business, it must adapt to the current shift. 

Read the brief guide on how to prepare and maintain your eCommerce business during and after COVID.

1. Ensure contactless payment option for your customers-

A single paper note may carry lots of germs and viruses. Thus, cash-based payment can become a potential threat to this world. To minimize contact with different persons, cashless payment has become the safest alternative. You can start digitizing your payment method to save the world.

In the past few years, digital transactions have become the first choice for tech-savvy customers. You can integrate more than one payment mode for these digital transactions. Your customers will easily be able to select the right one. With this step, you can lower the risk of contamination. 

2. Offer some incentives to your customers-

The long-term pandemic has resulted in a financial crisis for several businesses. Both SMEs and big businesses are in this situation. To manage this problem, eCommerce owners are bound to raise product prices. Thus, you may not generate profit without raising the price level to at least a reasonable rate.

On the contrary, as your potential customers are also in a financial dilemma, they are not ready to pay a high price for the product. That is why you have to twist your marketing tactics to restore your sales rate and revenue. The best option for you is to give out some incentives for purchasing costly items.

3. Control Your Stock-

The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the eCommerce stock control process. Due to travel restrictions, there was an issue with supply chains. It is especially true for businesses importing products from different countries. 

You have to control the stock while reacting to the changing behavior of customers. You may create an effective stock management strategy to assess the demand for some products. 

Moreover, you need to take some steps to track the fluctuations affecting the business. Based on your customers’ needs, you can fill the stock.

4. Use the potential tool - Retargeting-

The pandemic has lowered the motivation of consumers to buy products regularly. Your potential customers have lost confidence in their purchasing capabilities. However, you do not need to be concerned about losing your loyal customers. 

Retain your old customers, as it is a more cost-effective option for you. Moreover, a retargeting campaign reminds your customers of the presence of your business. 

Customers once look for products that had been out of stock. As the products are now back in stock, you can start the retargeting process.

5. Offer the best alternatives to the most chosen items-

Some items in your inventory go out of stock very frequently. You have to check their stock level regularly. When those products are out of stock, you may offer some alternatives to your customers. It is one of the ways to beat your competitors.

Ensure that your website technology tracks the customers’ requests. Moreover, your eCommerce store’s interface should enable your customers to filter products very easily.

6. Stay relevant-

As you like to restore your eCommerce business status and promote it effectively, you must adapt it to the present scenario. You must be responsive while making your reactions visible. 

Provide relevant information to your customers and let them understand the value of your products.

7. Interact with the target audience-

To distinguish yourself from other eCommerce businesses, you need to apply some creative communication methods. Your brand name should stick to the heart of your target audience and customers. You can use social media and other platforms to communicate with them,

8. Effective SEO is never avoidable-

SEO helps in making your eCommerce business foundation stronger. While your eCommerce site does not rank high, you will not be visible to your customers. 

Thus, to achieve a higher rank in SERP results, you can engage a team of SEO professionals. You will get valuable traffic in your website and increase conversion rates. 

9.  Observe your customers’ behaviors-

You can audit your website based on the trending customers’ behaviors. Your customers may like to find some new things on your site. Moreover, you should make their purchasing journey easier.

To sum up, your eCommerce marketing strategy needs some twists to manage the effects of COVID-19. You can start analyzing your customers’ interests to reach your goals easily.

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