Top 9 YouTube Keyword Tools to Optimize Video Marketing Strategy

Top 9 YouTube Keyword Tools to Optimize Video Marketing Strategy

YouTube videos having great content is good, but to get the audience you deserve you have to optimize your videos according to YouTube's algorithm. Here are the key metrics that will help you do just that.

YouTube has become a high-rewarding, safe haven for video creators and content producers of all sorts. It provides equality of opportunity to everyone. This No.1 video-sharing platform is a boon for people who want an audience to share their talent. 

There are ways YouTubers and marketers can get a bigger audience for their YouTube channel, and this is by optimizing their video marketing strategy for YouTube.  

To garner the audience one deserves, having great content is necessary, and so is having the right YouTube keyword tool.

The importance of YouTube keyword tools

Keywords are essential in optimizing videos for better searchability and more clicks. It shows what people search for and what they click on more often. 

Keywords can help you choose a topic for your video, create a suitable title and description, and add relevant tags. 

Is there an official YouTube keyword tool? 

Unfortunately, there are no official keyword research tools for YouTube as there are with Google -- the Google Keyword planner. 

Some popular third-party tools promise YouTube keywords and do nothing but regurgitate useless numbers from Google Keyword Planner, which is not the data from the YouTube searches. 

But it is not a hopeless scenario. You only need to start optimizing your videos to find the right YouTube keyword tools that will offer you a list of highly-converting keywords based on what people search for on YouTube.

The 8 YouTube keyword tools to optimize your video marketing strategy 

Here are the tried-and-tested YouTube keyword tools designed to give you insights on people's behavior on YouTube.

1. TubeBuddy

TudeBuddy is an easy-to-use YouTube keyword tool to help YouTubers, and digital marketers easily make videos that get a huge viewership. 

The most effective feature of this tool is that it allows for a 360° picture of a keyword's potency. 

When you enter a keyword you want to target in this tool, it will give you a list of tags that would show you both long-tail and short-tail keywords with a high search volume like this:

This tool doesn't stop there; it also gives you more elaborate useful information, which is imperative for any successful YouTube marketing campaign. You can get the overall score of your desired keywords, how competitive they are, the frequency of searching for these keywords, and more. 

You can see this in KeywordTool.io's dashboard below: 

Another point that makes it a better keyword research tool is its light chrome extension, making the keyword research experience all the more convenient.


TudeBuddy offers a free trial to users for a limited time and then requires a paid subscription. The rates are $9, $19, and $42, depending on your chosen package. 

2. VidIQ

The salient features of VidIQ are that it is a YouTube Certified partner and the most cost-effective YouTube keyword tool out there.

This tool helps video content creators find the right keywords to improve their videos' searchability.

You can also see helpful information like recommended tags, the top-performing videos displayed in SERP, explore new keyboard options, keyword ranking, and search volume across time.

VidIQ's dashboard is crafted to house all the information mentioned above in one place. This enhances the user experience and makes the keyword research process quick and straightforward.

VidIQ houses dozens of other features created for video creators to enhance their SEO strategies and reach a wider audience.

This tool helps small businesses, digital marketers, and YouTubers who are tight on budget using a YouTube keyword tool for the first time and do not wish to spend a lot.


The keyword research tool requires a one-time monthly subscription at only $7.50. 

3. Morning Fame

Morning Fame is an invite-only YouTube tool that emphasizes analytics and keyword research. To find an invite link, click here. If this does not work, you can search for "morning fame invite code" on Google.

This tool has a unique benefit; you can find highly-converting keywords for your desired terms and search queries and leverage the videos that inspire you. 

Now simply paste the URL of the highest viewed video that you like, and you will see the list of keywords this video targeted. 

You will now have two lists of keywords -- one for channels with a larger audience and one for the channel with a smaller audience. 

This tool can show you your selected keywords' search volume and suggest good tags with these keywords included.


The basic plan costs $48 while the plus plan costs $120 a year.

4. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Trusted by industry-leading clients like Facebook, Netflix, and Uber, one can gauge this YouTube keyword tool's potency. Ahrefs houses an array of functionalities like SEO, competitor analysis, keyword research, and keyword identification to help digital marketers optimize their YouTube marketing strategy.

Suppose YouTubers or digital marketers want to spread their reach worldwide through a YouTube channel. In that case, Ahrefs can come in handy since it considers 171 countries while calculating search volumes for each keyword. 

You can see the "global volume" of a keyword on the right side of the screen, as shown below: 

The best feature of this keyword research tool is the unified dashboard you can see in the image above. It makes the entire YouTube keyword research process simple and easy.

Here you simply need to type in any keyword, get the value of its search volume across time and globe, and see the number of clicks it garners. 

The higher the number of clicks on a keyword, the better it is to use it in your video title, tags, and description. Once you do this, it is a sure-shot way to get more clicks and views on your YouTube video.


It offers a $7 trial for 7 days and then requires fees of $99 or $179 per month based on your chosen plan.

5. KeywordTool.io

This YouTube keyword tool prides itself on using the most authentic YouTube keyword finder algorithm i.e.; the YouTube search autocomplete function, to help digital marketers with keyword research.

Keyword tool.io can help you with an elaborate list of long-tail keywords most marketers ignore. 

The Pro version helps marketers with an elaborate list of keywords by automatically adding numbers and letters after the entered seed keyword. 

This tool helps marketers find the most searched terms and topics around the keyword of their choice, thus optimizing their SEO strategy for YouTube accordingly. 

Additionally, the Pro version helps YouTubers and marketers see trend data that would help them know the times of the year, particularly keywords that rank the highest. This trend is based on consumer habits, lifestyle, holidays, seasons of the year, etc. 

You can access Keyword Tool's basic features for free, but it has plenty of other features worth paying for, like the search volume of a keyword, cost-per-click data, and competitor keyword analysis.


While the basic version is free, KeywordTool.io's Pro monthly plans range from $69 to $159 per month, depending on the volume of keywords you plan to analyze. 

6. Keyword Keg

Keyword Keg has its proprietary metric for judging the efficacy of a YouTube keyword called "keyword power." The following formula calculates it: 

Keyword Keg has cross-platform potency. It gets search data from across 11 Top APIs, along with Youtube, which gives digital marketers the maximum number of suggested keywords possible to target.

Furthermore, this app allows you to target YouTube users based on Buyer Intent as well with its "Buyer Intent" tab. 

You can now ignore the keywords that rank high but do not lead to conversions or sales, which can help you streamline your keyword research process, so you do not waste precious resources and time on keywords that will not convert.


Keyword Keg will allow you to see some results for free, but for a complete keyword list and analysis, you have to upgrade to a paid monthly subscription. The price ranges from $40 to $280 per month; the annual package has a 40% discount.

7. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a dedicated Firefox and Chrome extension. Keywords Everywhere don't suggest new phrases or tags like other tools in the list. It instead calculates and displays three vital metrics directly on YouTube's search engine, namely,

  • the keyword's search volume,

  • cost per click, 

  • and competitiveness of that keyword's

You can see these metrics in the image below. 

The Competition value here is 0.02. The range is from 0 to 1—the lower the number, the fewer the competition.

This easy-to-use browser add-on should not be the only keyword research tool you shall have, but it could be a great addition to your arsenal of YouTube Keywords tools.


Keywords Everywhere is a free tool.

8. HyperSuggest

HyperSuggest is a keyword tool that has cross-channel potency. This is because it works across eight separate search channels like Amazon and eBay, along with YouTube. 

To get started with this easy-to-use app, just type in a short-tail or long-tail keyword you have chosen for your business, and HyperSuggest will pull the top keywords and tags related to that term.

You now have a robust list of search terms to include in your video title, description, tag list, and transcript to increase your YouTube videos' searchability. 


HyperSuggest shows a basic list of results for free, but if you want to see the full list of results, you will need to upgrade it to the Pro version. The Pro plan costs around $13.35 per month plus an additional $4.40 for an add-on to access the YouTube search tool.

9. Keyword tool dominator

One of the most sought-after YouTube keyword research tools, Keyword Tool Dominator, is a fairly simple tool to get your hands on the top-ranking keywords. Ideal for newbies, this keyword search tool helps you quickly find the top-ranking YouTube channel keywords and video Keywords. 

By mimicking a real-human user, the Keyword Tool Dominator takes the guesswork out of your search. Every time a search term is keyed in, YouTube starts making keyword and long-tail predictions based on the terms used to search. Unfortunately, it is not humanly possible to guess all the combinations people use to search for topics on YouTube. That’s where Keyword Tool Dominator comes into play – it simply saves all these YouTube predictions and neatly presents them to you – to be put to good use. Then, using the presented keywords, create a custom list or export the entire thing to your system. 

Keyword Tool Dominator is not all as mind-blowing as the provider would like you to believe. It is simple, effective, and a lot less tedious than some of the other tools. It can be used by newbies and experienced – with fairly good results.


If you are only going to scourge YouTube for keywords twice a day, you can get away with having the tool for free. However, if you think you need the tool frequently, a one-time price of $29.99 would do the trick


At the end of the day, the ultimate goal for every YouTuber or digital marketer is to find the tools that best serve your needs. See where you are at with your YouTube channel, define your short and long term goals only after that you will be able to choose the best set of YouTube Keyword Tools.

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