5 Tips for Writing Successful B2B Marketing Content

/ May 23, 2017 | 4 Mins Read

5 Tips for Writing Successful B2B Marketing Content

Do you want to write successful B2B marketing content? If yes, here’s our write-up that consists of effective tips to achieve this objective.

When it comes to tips on content marketing, the focus is often on B2C marketers. It’s thought to be easier to push content when it’s aimed directly at the consumer – they are the ones on social media and willing to read all sorts of stories and share imaginative photos with their contacts. On the other hand, B2B marketers are left to their own devices. Creating marketing content that is aimed at businesses is not considered exciting or even that important.

But this shouldn’t be the case. After all, you’re not talking to a faceless corporation; you are connecting with a human being behind the business’ operations. Therefore, you do need to put effort into your content marketing even if you are talking as a business to another business.

So, how to best do this? Here are tips on how to write successful B2B marketing content.

1. Make it easy to remember

Your content should stick in the mind of the reader. The information shouldn’t just rely on listing the functions, qualities, and characteristics of your product or service. You don’t want to just outline data – the facts and figures of it all – but be informative in an interesting way. How to do this? Instead of listing numbers and information, create stories about the actual use of your product or service. Talk about how other businesses have been able to use your service in a transformative way – compare your product or service to that of a competitor’s and explain why you are better.

2. Keep it simple and valuable

Since you are talking to another business, you must make the content easy to read. A businessperson has less time to go through pages of information – while a customer might read things for fun; a business will never do so.

The content must be quickly available and easy to read – a minute to three minutes is the perfect length for your content. You also want it to use conversational style and include images that make the information easier to understand. Use different fonts to ensure the person can skim the content and the right information will jump on them. You can also use different apps to boost productivity and for improving your writing abilities instantly like Grammarly, OmmWriter.

In addition, each post must provide value. Even when the post is a short, one-minute read, it has to provide new information to the reader. You don’t want the person to read it and think they just wasted a minute of their precious time. Instead, add information in a way that makes the reader think two things:

  • “I really need to read this” at the start of the post, meaning you need engaging titles that cause curiosity.
  • “Wow, that was interesting and informative” at the end of the post, making the person want to find out more about the topic and more specifically find your product or service worth exploring further.

Now, you can add value also by providing access to information or resources. If these are in the form of a ‘call to action’, you can engage the reader further with your business. Just remember to not make all of it about your business.

It’s a good way to show how the business can cut costs – not just by using your products, but also by utilizing other products and business sites. For example, the latest offers on Adobe software or an engaging infographic about turning your office green by OfficeChai can be a great way to provide more value for the reader with concrete examples.

3. Focus on analytics

In terms of creating valuable content, B2B marketing should focus on informing the businesses on the analytics. This means focusing on numbers that tell a story of why your product or service is such a valuable option for the business. Businesses make buying decisions with a much more rational and number-focused approach – it’s not about the price of your product but the way it can cut the cost for the business or provide them with more profits.

Take an analytics approach to your content. As well as ensuring the content is based on the actual analytical benefits of your product and service, you also need to learn about the businesses you are marketing to. Make sure you continue following up on how your content is consumed – is it shared forward and how often? Information like this can help you fine-tune your content further.

4. Create content for your audience

You’ll also need to ensure the content is professional and speaks to a professional audience. While B2C content can often be more playful in nature, B2B should stick to professional style. It doesn’t mean boring but it does mean the content has to be built with the office environment in mind and not your couch at home.

You don’t want to make your content jargon-filled or hard to understand. However, you do need to create content with the audience in mind. You don’t want to explain concepts that they would know or treat them like children. Be aware of their knowledge and professionalism and match it with your tone and information.

5. Ensure the content can be shared

The social aspect of content is super important in B2C marketing but it is actually equally valid for B2B marketers. Indeed, professionals are much more likely to share an informative post with their colleagues and even comment on it. Therefore, you want to make it easy to share the content on different platforms and to engage with the post.

Don’t think your content doesn’t matter just because you are a B2B marketer. Take note of the above tips and start writing successful content that appeals to businesses in your industry.

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