3 Reasons That Storytelling Needs To Be Your Marketing Focus

3 Reasons That Storytelling Needs To Be Your Marketing Focus

Businesses need brand storytelling to connect with audiences and engage with them on a much deeper level than seen before. Now more than ever, people strive to invest in a brand's narrative or story.

People are inundated with ads all day long. From the moment they wake up in the morning they are faced with some form of analog ad and then it continues when they log into their computer. From there, even their entertainment has ads when they are trying to relax. 

Breaking through that clutter is the biggest challenge for a marketer these days. Even more challenging is to not just get seen through all of these ads, but make a connection with your target market. 

Which is why your marketing strategy needs to have a story to tell. Nobody cares about the specs of your product or service. They will tune out that type of message. 

But, when a campaign pushes the right buttons with a story, your ideal customer can connect with your brand and start following through by entering your sales funnel. 

In this article, I will go over several ways that a good storytelling approach will work wonders for your marketing. 

1. It works with just about any medium 

A good storytelling campaign can be applied to just about any medium that you choose to use for your campaign. Once you have dialed in on exactly the right platform for your target audience, you can craft a well thought out message that tells a captivating story. 

The one exception would be cold calling as you only have a few seconds to make your point over the phone. In many ways cold calling is falling out of favor when it comes to generating leads and this lack of storytelling ability is one of the predominant reasons. 

The key factor is having enough of the person’s attention to make that connection. Which makes video a very effective tool. And video can work on every medium. Even direct mail which is a great storytelling tool. The future of direct mail looks very bright since you can now send out video brochures that allow you to captivate your market with long form storytelling advertisements. 

If you have a solid email list then this is probably going to be the most effective use of storytelling. You can use a drip campaign so that you tell bits of the story in each email which then continues with the next one. Not many people will devote more than 30 seconds to reading an email so it pays to spread it out and keep their attention. 

2. Customers can contribute to the story 

The best way that a customer can connect with a brand is to feel like they have a voice. With the use of social media, there are a lot of opportunities for a customer to add to the story. 

With the use of hashtags, brands can have customers connect by telling their own stories and how the brand has helped them solve a problem, for instance. 

Not only does this encourage others to engage which gives you a lot of free content, but it also generates trust. ANd trust is the biggest single factor when it comes to connecting with a brand or to become a lead for a service. 

The key here is to have strong messaging from the beginning of the campaign. Not only will this drive the audience to connect, but it keeps the narrative focused so the campaign can have a singular vision. 

3. Lends transparency 

People are becoming much more conscious about the brands that they spend money on. They want to know what the company is all about and see that the brand does some good for the community in addition to solving their problem. 

Having a solid story to tell can shed light on what the company values and how it can be a net positive for the community or even the world. There should be a philanthropic angle to the story that highlights the ways that the brand cares and how it puts their profits to work to help people. 

Not only that, but it can help to bring awareness to a specific part of the business model. An example would be a clothing store that allows lifetime returns and replacement if the article wears out or rips. This is important for people to understand how confident the company is in the quality of their products.


Rather than hire traditional copywriters for your campaign, look to add somebody with experience in entertainment. A writer who has worked in film or TV is an excellent candidate to add some storytelling techniques to your copy.

Aadyasha is an experienced Digital Marketer at Acquire and a content writer specializing in marketing. Apart from that she enjoys dancing and loves to spend free time exploring nature.

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