Red Hot Tips to Write a Social Media Blog

Red Hot Tips to Write a Social Media Blog

If you wish to master the art of writing a blog for your own social website or a social medium, both above and below shall be mouth-watering to you.

Social media is all about content. Be it a viral video of the leaked Avengers End Game Trailer, the image of Paul Pogba throwing harsh foul words at Jose Mourinho, Donald Trump’s Tweet or something even as miserable as a loner posting himself burping into the camera!

Then, there are some informative, engaging, funny pieces of writing that cannot even will be missed! At one end of the pole are Articles and the other end are WEB BLOGS! Web Blogs that are actually read are not pieces of cake. A lot of research and background study goes into writing a blog.

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Each word is like a water drop. Even a drop of saline water would hamper the taste of the water in the glass. Similarly, minutes of thought process goes into writing a sentence.

Getting straight to the points the headline promises, if you wish to master the art of writing a blog for your own social website or a social medium, both above and below shall be mouth-watering to you –

1. Who Could Be Your Reader?

Before you even start thinking about the topic you are going to write on, you must know your audience. The tendencies wants, needs, aspirations, behavior, sociology, psychology, etc. are all that makeup what you need to know before you begin scribbling! Or, all your resources spent will go in vain!

If you do not know what your prospect reader would like to read or are not able to calculate and hence, predict the same, you would not be able to choose the right topic for your blog in the first place!

No, you need not to be an omniscient or almighty to know it all. You need only possess the following tools and you will be good.

2. Spiky-Flashy-Trippy Headline

After you get into your audience’s heads, you have a sun-shine bright opportunity to give them what they want beginning right from the starting line! Apologies, but humans are shallow and selfish. Look what we have been doing to the environment already.

Similarly, we do judge a book by its cover even when the saying says otherwise! Your headline needs to be as catchy and researched like you style your air in the mirror every morning!

Jokes apart, if you want to get yourself or your blog noticed, you cannot ignore the face, the hairstyle, color and all that makes you look handsome! If you wish for a hairstylist instead for your own help; find below the tools you could use to do so –

  • EMV Headline Analyser
  • Headline Analyser by CoSchedule

3. *Use *Bullet *Points

See, even you paid some attention to the above Heading. Gotcha! That’s how impactful a bulleting is. If you wish to list down something and, at the same time, want the reader to pay attention to it, you must bullet it. It’s only human of anyone (who can read) to skim through the text and quickly go through the bullets in your web blog.

Note: That does not mean that you bullet your entire web blog. D.U.H!

Another point is that you have to be very careful with what you’re bulleting. You cannot carelessly ask the reader to engage his attention towards something of no value. For example, we wish if you read the below pointers, you would get the idea what we are attempting to say here.

  • Communicate clear benefit for the reader.
  • Double-spaced, single-spaced, whatever-spaced; keep it symmetrical.
  • Do not bullet an entire paragraph. Remember, you are still writing a blog and not an online assignment help sourced assignment answer!

4. + Images

Ever wondered why Wikihow has such a wide catchment area? It is only because they not only believe in “Content IS King” but try imbibing the same in their content. Their content has a lot of custom-made infographics explaining the “how-tos of anything”.

The images they use are self-explanatory and hence of some value to the reader. This is very important. To understand the essence of an image and informing the reader as much possible via images shall be the key.

This is because your reader is in a hurry or not even be a reader. But! You could thread even a non-reader in your weave. Therefore, in order to magnetize your customer towards your write up…..

Well, you would know a million website already to get yourself the best images for your own blogs. However, our infographic is not that bad, is it? Here’re some tips you can get your hands on the best pick for your pic (Ha Ha!).

Next thing on your list shall be a huge sector of Digital Marketing. You are going to trick Google to fall for your blog or social medium profile. You could be wondering how could possibly trap Google, right? Well, Search Engine Optimisation exists for a reason!

5. Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is responsible when you are only able to see something of value as the 8th result on the Search Engine Result Page on Google and not the first r second.

It is because those websites keep their SEO game strong! Since they are one of the top few horses on the SERP (go learn some SEO, brother); there are more chances for a prospect to convert into a customer and be retained if he/she clicks on the first few results.

You see now? It is not necessary that the first few results would always be situated there in place on merit basis. It is only because their SEO team has been doing a great job for the past couple of months.

Yes, that’s the darker side of SEO. You will have to work on your blog by keeping in mind the following along with about 300 more factors that will affect your blog’s ranking –

  • Meta title
  • Meta description
  • Keyword variation
  • Keyword density
  • Keyword focus
  • Interlinking content
  • Image alt tabs

See, these are not even a handful of factors on which your SEO game depends on. When you have written your blog as per the SEO parameters, you would want to evaluate your efforts so that you direct your efforts in the right direction. In order to do that –

The above exist so that you can track your metrics and insights anytime you wish to. During your blog, you better use the keywords which your audience is more likely to use rather than the ones that fit in a particular sentence of your blog! That’s the lesson. No more SEO tips for you.

Coming to an end, we hope that the above 5 elements of our blog help you in writing the perfect blogs you have always wished to attract people through. Thee are a handful more factors such as a clear CTA (Call-to-Action), Formatting, Headings, Sub-headings, etc.

Dylan Eales is a expert at Sample Assignment have given you much more than just a base for your blogs. They have been providing assignment help to students, writing blogs and articles for them for about a decade now. They know all about what shall be the answer to a blog or article requirement.

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