5 Ways WordPress Hosting Gives your Site an Edge

5 Ways WordPress Hosting Gives your Site an Edge

Have you ever wondered whether WordPress hosting is better or regular hosting? Let's try and resolve this doubt by discussing who won the battle in this write-up. Do not miss out on it!

To be honest, a regular WordPress hosting plan is for the most part similar to a regular shared plan, especially on the front of the resource.

However, a WordPress hosting plan offers an additional and unique set of benefits that make it the far better option for WordPress users. We have discussed some of these below for your benefit.

WordPress hosting plans are available on a wide variety of different platforms - see here for a variety of WordPress hosting ratings and reviews. Additionally, read on to get some scope of what’s important when choosing WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting plans

1. Premium Support

The biggest benefit that you get from choosing a WordPress hosting plan is superior support. Typically, a WordPress hosting company will only offer WordPress hosting as their only or at the very least their highest priority product. As such, they do not juggle different software and platforms. As such, their support team can specialize and focus on becoming experts in WordPress.

Consequently, WordPress companies are far capable of providing high-quality support. They are better placed to provide help and support on all matters of content, site, best practices, and everything else related to your WordPress website. Moreover, WordPress hosting companies tend to make easier for website owners to get support. You can reach them via chatbots, email, or even phone calls.

2. Easy Setup

WordPress gains popularity on the back of being easy to set up and easy to use as well. However, it still can be very confusing for some to grasp. For instance, when you have to set up your own configuration and your own database and its files, it becomes very a daunting task very fast.

While you can get good at it over time – practice makes perfect – why go all through this hassles? Wouldn’t you rather focus on creating content for your website? WordPress host plans come preinstalled with WordPress. Others have a one-click installation process that makes it easy for you to install WordPress. As such you do not have to figure your way through WordPress.

When creating your site, the last thing you need is to deal with mis configuration and lengthy downtime. With optimised WordPress hosting, you also get around any back-end complications that require advanced knowledge of WordPress or coding. If you love the look and feel of WordPress websites but lack any of the initial technical knowledge needed to install a CMS from scratch, managed hosting is your new best friend.

3. Security

Owing to its simplicity, WordPress has become the most popular content management system in the world. However, as a consequence, there is an increasing number of people trying to make hack WordPress websites. Hackers around the world are busy exploring security holes trying to take advantage of to gain unauthorized access. What complicates the security issue even further is the fact that some of the plugins and themes are inherently insecure, compromising the security of WordPress websites.

WordPress host companies whose focus is providing WordPress hosting are better placed and capable of dealing with the security issues that plague WordPress. They provide frequent security patches and provide advanced security tools and features that help protect your WordPress website.

This is something that is often overlooked by site owners and can end up causing significant and often costly issues as they have to deal with a site being down, hacked or even the data on it compromised. And in a world where GDPR and other regulations now exist, this could potentially cause significant stress and cost to a business.

4. Great Performance

To accrue all the benefits that WordPress has to offer, the host environment should be specifically tuned to meets WordPress demands. Shared hosting and DIY WordPress installation entail having a barebones hosting plan that you must spend time and money installing Wordpress speed optimization software that enables you to get speed on par with what WordPress hosting offers.

A faster site is better for user experience and there is also much to suggest that it is better for SEO too. Google wants to ensure that searchers have as smooth of an experience as possible and so a faster site now likely comes into play in how a site is ranked in search engines. This is one big reason why this sort of WordPress hosting can pay for itself.

Keep in mind that with shared hosting, you share resources with hundreds or even thousands of other websites. As such, when any of the other websites have security holes, poorly optimized websites, or incompatible themes and plugins in use, your website will suffer along with them. Your website will fail multiple times a day without you knowing – and the host company will not tell you.

5. Maintenance

WordPress has plenty of issues that need fixing frequently. As such, you need a hosting plan that regularly maintains the website. With WordPress hosting, all the important core updates are typically automatically installed. However, you also need to keep the plugin and themes updated.

WordPress hosting plans come with specialized software that monitors your themes and plugins too, checking for updates, tracking their performance, or tracking any security issue right from the server-side. These kinds of software make it easy for you to maintain your website in an automated manner.

All of this will help create a better WordPress website and a better overall website experience that in the end will help you and your customer and mean a better experience is achieved. A safer, faster and more easily maintained WordPress site will make it easier to be a professional and as such showcase professionalism and in turn should help you gain more visitors, viewers and hopefully also customers if you are a business.

Hopefully, these will have provided you with some reasons to decide on a specific WordPress host for your site.

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses and overall ROI. You can follow Sam on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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