Top E-commerce SEO Practices To Multiply Your Sales & Conversion Rates

Top E-commerce SEO Practices To Multiply Your Sales & Conversion Rates

Go through these 7 E-commerce SEO practices that not only increase your e-commerce sales but also help you to multiply your conversion rates.

If you are having an eCommerce shop, your schedule must be quite hectic. This is because it is the most fragile yet popular industry in the digital marketplace as compared to other domains. The crucial aspect of eCommerce realm is that it is the highly used platform in this tech-savvy arena.

The major online crowd believes in making a purchase over the web and it is the reason that an eCommerce entrepreneur has to showcase his business across the web with a strong identity.

A fair web presence will certainly put you on the top of the search engine rankings. But, how you will get that position. The answer to your question can be to implement the smart SEO in your website design so that it can run fast in the web development realm to win the battle.

Your next concern will be how to implement the best E-commerce SEO practices in the best way so that it can cater the furnished sales.

You can follow the below tips to optimize your E-commerce SEO practices-

1. Wisely use category pages

In a web store, category pages are the second most important page type after the home page. You should handle category pages just like individual home pages. Here, one needs to check the categories in the form of closely related product pages. It is also advisable to add content to the category pages. It should also allow sharing on different social media networks such as Twitter or Google Plus.

Wisely use category pages

2. Try long-tail keywords

In general approach, business keywords are the combination of approx 2 to 3 words. It leads to better SEO results. In today’s scenario, users make searches with the long sentences and phrases to filter the relevant information. The advantage here is, long phrase keywords go directly into the purchasing funnel and let web store owners to identify what their customers are looking for.

Try long-tail keywords

Search engines display matching results for customers queries depending upon the phrases. With these filtered options, users are allowed to explore more into the store.

From SEO perspective, backlinks are the most crucial element. They allow you to give a domain rank to your biz domain which is actually a score out of 100. This rank helps you identify where you stand in the Google search results for a specific keyword.


You can also check the organic traffic coming to your website. It is a good habit to get backlinks so that you can rank higher in Google.

4. Follow conversion rate optimization

If your business has established into the digital marketplace from a long time, conversion rate optimization can bring you positive results. You can collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative data to understand why people are bouncing back without making any purchase.


The insights from UX research, analytics and qualitative data, one can move for A/B test on a store by informing design changes.

5. PPC is a profitable chore

Social media is a broad network to give you wide exposure. You can use your Instagram profile or Facebook ads to drive traffic and in turn optimize your sales. Walking on the same track, entrepreneurs can widen search engine clicks on their website through SEM. It is a good way to grab the additional traffic from Google search queries to your website.

ppc is best

There are multiple types of campaigns one can run with Google Ads including search, display and shopping. You need to decide which type suits you. The tools like Adroll and Criteo can also be used to run web retargeting ads.

6. Speed up your website design

The total time your website needs to load is imperative in its ranking in the search results. In general, people prefer a web page to load within 2-3 seconds. Else, users will bounce back to a competitor’s place. Google also treats this concept as a strong ranking element. To achieve the same, you can look at several factors like -

  • omit those redirects that are not necessary
  • pagination by splitting the products of category pages into multiple pages,
  • reducing the image sizes to allow less load of your web page
  • enable HTTP caching to store elements such as CSS, JavaScript and related images

7. Schema markup

Schema markups are the kind of codes that can be used for blogs, products, reviews, directories and local businesses that are powerful to give fruitful results for SEO. These codes can be easily added to a website so that Google will understand your website in a better way. It allows the smooth analysis of the data that you have posted in the website.

In a Nutshell:

No matter how sustainable your business growth is, you cannot take the risk to put SEO as secondary. It is not a constant process that one should follow once and forget for the lifetime. Rather, it should keep on changing as per the recent Google updates. We tried to put our genuine efforts in fetching you the best-in-class optimization tips that can be used to boost the sales and conversions of your web store. If these are implemented well, you can see your business rising proactively.

Jacob Colleen is an expert web developer at Webby Central, SEO company in California. He has a great interest in writing technical posts that shower light on the trending concepts of the search engine optimization so that the merchants can get uplifted sales and higher return on investments.

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