18 Ways to Earn Extra Income While Maintaining A Full Time Day Job

18 Ways to Earn Extra Income While Maintaining A Full Time Day Job

Learn how long it will take to see the extra income, whether it’s freelancing online, driving passengers or selling stuff you no longer need and make money with a side gig.

In most cases, you may seem satisfied and happy about the earnings from your full-time job. However, if you're trying to repay a loan faster or some essential things to buy, then having a side income can make a huge difference. With extra cash on your wallet, you can keep up with your expenses each month.

Fortunately, due to the advent of technological advancements nowadays, finding a side hustle on the internet is much easier and faster. Not only that, most of these jobs don't require you to go outside of your house to work. Inasmuch as you have a good internet connection at home, you can make money online without hassle.

Below are the 18 ways to earn extra income while having a full-time day job:

1. Start an e-commerce store

In this digital world, the E-commerce industry is becoming more popular around the globe. With more people using the Internet to make purchases, starting an E-commerce store can be an excellent source of extra income.

If you have a background in sales and marketing, you can sell items on high traffic platforms such as Amazon, eBay, and many more. However, if you want to do the selling on your website, you can use a software to build your own online store.

Although you have a full-time job at day, you can run your E-commerce business from the comfort of your home. All you have to do is manage your schedule, organize your clients' orders, and you're good to go.

2. Get paid to do what you're already doing

Whether you believe it or not, you can get paid to perform things that you're already doing as part of your routine. For example, if you love listening to music during your free time or after your full-time work, some websites are willing to pay you for doing so. Moreover, if you also enjoy watching videos or playing games during your day-off, you can make money out of it.

Therefore, it goes to show that money will not only come from your full-time job. With many companies who will pay you for anything like watching videos, eating, walking, and many, earning extra money with easy side hustles is something you can look forward to after working for your full-day job.

3. Do blogging

As most of the people use the internet in routine, blogging can be an excellent opportunity to make money outside of your job. Thus, if you consider making blog posts as your hobby, why not turn it into a side hustle. As long as you know how to attract visitors to your blog, you are good at bringing web traffic then the money will follow.

Generally, there are several ways to generate money from your blogs, such as advertising earnings and affiliate earnings. So, set up your blogging website now and work on it without quitting your regular job. Alternatively you can guest post on other websites too. It's a flexible part-time job where you can control your own schedule.

4. Work as an online consultant

Typically, some people are willing to pay you for helping them get results or solve their problems. For example, if you're an expert in a particular field such as business management and marketing, you can use it to work as a part-time online consultant and earn some extra income even if you're keeping a regular job.

In most cases, online consulting can be an easy and quick way of bringing additional money to your pocket. Unlike other jobs, being a consultant doesn't come with many requirements. All you need to have is the knowledge that the people want. Once you set this up, you can work as a consultant after going home from work or during the weekend.

5. Be an online tutor

If you have some teaching skills, you can get the most out of it to earn money on the side while maintaining a regular job. Nowadays, teaching English to international students is one of the in-demand part-time jobs you can do online.

Even if you're working in the office for eight hours, you can still earn extra income from teaching once you get back from home. One of the good things about this job is that you can have control over your schedule. This means you can teach English online anytime and anywhere without resigning from your regular job.

6. Start a YouTube channel

Many people are on YouTube to watch their favorite videos. Whether it's for getting information or looking for entertainment, YouTube is one of the video streaming platforms used by a lot of people online.

Not only that, but the platform can also be used as a money-making channel for those who are looking for side income. This means that the more viewers and subscribers you get, the more chances of getting paid for the advertisements added and watched on your videos.

Therefore, if you have something useful to share with the world like cooking delicious meals at home, you can create videos to share your food recipes with all the YouTube users. Also, make sure the content of your videos can potentially become viral so that viewers can click, watch, and share with others online.

Moreover, it's essential to know that being a YouTuber doesn't require you to set aside your regular job. That's because making videos can be done during your day-off from work or right after work. This means you can control your time without compromising your full-time job in the office.

7. Own stocks in a company

If you're looking for passive income while keeping a regular job, owning some stocks in a company can be one of the best options. When you have stocks in a particular company, you'll be entitled to your share of the income, which is commonly known as dividends. This is one of the great ways to earn extra income while working for a full-time job.

However, you should bear in mind that your dividends will increase or decrease depending on the performance of the company. So, always check the stability and productivity of the firm before owning some stocks in it.

8. Investing in real estate

Being a landlord isn't always possible for people who work full-time jobs and are already financially struggling. But as an alternative, you can consider purchasing an apartment or small piece of land in another nation.

Even if you engage a local property management company to look after tenants while you're away, the cost is often lower. Even without a sizable down payment, commercial real estate can be a lucrative investment option and generate passive income.

You can search online for companies offering help and guidance in real estate investing.

9. Join in the sharing economy

By utilizing the sharing economy, it is simple to get a few hundred to thousands of dollars per month. But, its not just about Airbnb rentals! Go beyond simply listing your extra bedroom or basement.

Turn your automobile into a Turo rental and take the bus or bike to work instead. Rent out your clothing, snowboard, bike, sailboat, or camera gear you have lying around your home.

And if you're going to host guests on Airbnb, think about boosting your income by renting out your full home instead, and taking advantage of the time to travel or see relatives.

10. Get paid for your daily weekend routine.

Make a brief list of the things that you do in your spare time. Skydiving enthusiasts (like me) can become qualified instructors and jump on the weekends. You get to do what you enjoy while also making extra money. Ask your neighborhood pub if you can assist with running quiz night there, or bartend a couple of nights a week while you stay out and meet new people. If you enjoy discovering new places in your city, you could work as a tour guide.

Even if you want to relax and browse the web, you may get money by testing websites and sharing your feedback on a website like UserTesting.

So, wander outside. Use your creativity to begin a flow of extra income.

11. Teach English or other languages online

You have been speaking your mother tongue for your entire life and can also teach these languages online. You can sign up for a variety of websites to start teaching English, French, and German as a second language to people from various countries online. When you commit to regularly scheduled lessons, this employment can develop into a reliable side income.

12. Sell used items

Find whatever you don't use by taking a look around your house. Put them up for sale on eBay.com, in Facebook groups, or at a yard or garage sale in person. This can assist with home cleaning while earning a little additional cash. You can also have friends or neighbors who wish to sell items but lack the time to do so. You could propose selling their goods and sharing the proceeds with them.

13. Stage homes

Design-savvy individuals can offer to stage homes for realtors. Make a portfolio demonstrating your competence in staging homes, then pitch your services and prices to real estate agencies and home flippers.

This may not be steady work, but it can pay you well depending on the size and number of rooms in the house being staged.

14. Pet sitting

Pet owners need someone to care for their animals while they leave on vacation without them. For a price, offer to take care of their pets. While the owners are away, the animals are fed and shown affection by a pet sitter. Typical responsibilities include walking dogs and administering any essential medications to the animals. Although this work is shaky, it is ideal for those who enjoy spending time with animals.

Just like this you can also do a babysitting job, research some preliminary requirements online, talk to people doing similar jobs to gain experience and get a fair idea.

15. Offer handyman services

People who are either inexperienced or too busy to do it themselves might hire handyman services from people who know how to build and repair things around the house, for example, DIY IKEA's furniture. Both word-of-mouth marketing and internet community websites can be used to promote your services. Through recommendations, you might eventually be able to generate consistent extra work for yourself.

16. Walk dogs

Many pet owners don't have time to walk their dogs every day. This job keeps you active and doesn't often take too much time. You may even be able to walk dogs for multiple people at the same time and earn more for the same number of hours. Dog walking can turn into steady work and become a reliable source of extra money.

17. Offer freelance writing services

Many people lack the time necessary to take their dogs for daily walks. This profession keeps you busy and doesn't typically need a lot of time. You might even be able to walk dogs for several individuals simultaneously and make more money in the same amount of time. Dog walking has the potential to develop into a dependable source of extra income.

18. Take online surveys

There are many online website that pay people to participate in surveys that evaluate a website's usability, a product's quality, or any other service that needs to be assessed and reviewed. Even though surveys frequently don't pay much, you can sign up for as many as you like to raise your overall revenue using this strategy.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, these are the 18 ways to earn extra income while maintaining a full day job. Whatever your reasons are, working on the side and making additional money a month can eliminate some of your financial problems.

So, check the list of side hustles mentioned above and choose which one will suit your skillset and experience. Remember, working on these side jobs doesn't have to be difficult as long as you love what you're doing.

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses and overall ROI. You can follow Sam on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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