10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Videos for Advertising

10 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Use Videos for Advertising

It sounds crazy, but for small businesses, the video opens the doors to possibilities to both educate and entertain customers. Despite this fact, many small business owners still hesitate to use this powerful marketing tool. Here are the top 10 reasons why small business should use videos for marketing.

You’ve probably watched countless video advertisements at this point in time. You might have even wondered what it was like to star in such an advertisement. But did you ever imagine your small business could have a video ad of its own? 

Now, you might be worried that you just don’t have the budget or time to produce a video ad. However, there are now video production houses that can help small businesses include video ads in their marketing arsenal. To convince you further, here are 10 great reasons small businesses should use videos for advertising. 

10 Reasons a Small Business Should Use Videos for Advertising 

1. Help Customers Understand Your Offerings More Easily 

Did you know that consumers can understand your product up to 74% better if they watch a video, according to Vidyard? Take advantage of this by creating a video advertisement that features your product and solves its problem!  

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TIP: Try going for an explainer video that explores all your product’s functions and includes a sample clip of your product in action. You can also gather customer FAQs and turn them into a video with a Q&A format. Include product diagrams and other illustrations as needed! 

2. Land Your Business on Google 

Websites with videos on their landing pages are 53 times more likely to end up on the first page of Google. Wouldn’t a first-page ranking be a huge plus for your small business? Even a short video ad that introduces your brand or your flagship product can boost your site's visibility. 

TIP: Use your logo wisely in your video. Include it in the intro and outro. Then, keep it in one of the upper corners during the rest of the video. That way, you can tell your viewers who you are without distracting viewers from the video’s message. Just be sure that your logo is visible in all shots! 

3. Bring In Conversions 

Place a video ad in your product’s description, and online consumers will be up to 35% more likely to buy whatever you’re selling. Aside from that, sixty-four percent of consumers make a purchase after watching branded social videos, according to Tubular Insights.  

TIP: You might want to open a YouTube account for your brand. 68% of YouTube users have watched videos to decide on a purchase. That means there’s a huge chance that potential customers will try to look you up on YouTube. 

4. Convey More Info Quickly 

The average video can have 135 words of pure narration per minute, give or take. Pair narration or text with clear visuals, and your video advertisement will say more in a shorter time.  

TIP: Speak a little faster when discussing familiar ideas, and slow down for new concepts. This can help viewers catch and understand important points with ease. 

5. Teach Your Viewers and Advertise at Once 

You might be surprised to find out that the best marketing campaigns have an informative element. The most competitive small business websites can advertise and educate, sometimes in the same video!  

A small business that sells handmade paper can put up gift-wrapping or scrapbooking tutorials featuring their products, for example. Meanwhile, a brand specializing in kitchen appliances can post recipes or create a little cooking show. 

6. Help Viewers Connect with Your Brand 

Wondering how you can convey your passion for your brand to your audience? A video advertisement can reflect this passion easily. Translate your brand and personality into visuals and music, and then tell your story using these elements. The resulting video ad can spread your sheer excitement to your viewers.  

TIP: Some royalty-free music sites have built-in search functions that let you look up soundtracks by mood. 

7. Come Up with More Memorable Campaigns 

80% of users can still remember a video advertisement they’ve watched within the past 30 days. Plus, viewers retain up to 95% of a message they’ve watched in a video. If you want consumers to remember your brand, video advertisements are the way to go. 

TIP: Want to make your video ad stand out? Be sure it stirs up your viewers’ emotions. You can make your audience happy, sad, afraid/surprised, or angry. 

8. Create Incredibly Shareable Ads 

If viewers like your video advertisement, they’ll probably share it with their friends. Then, if these friends agree that the video ad is interesting or valuable, they’ll share it even further. Your video’s exposure can spike because of this phenomenon. If you’ve played your cards right, your ad might even become viral. 

Wondering how video advertisements compare to image or text ads? Social video gets 12x more shares than images and text combined, according to Wordstream.  

TIP: End your video ad with a CTA reminding viewers to like and share the post or even tag their friends. 

9. Refresh Your Strategy  

One thing holding you back from using videos for advertising is the worry that your consumers aren’t fans of video content. However, 87% of consumers want brands to produce more videos, according to a 2019 forecast from Hubspot. That means there’s a huge chance your viewers will actually appreciate seeing more videos from you! 

Of course, video marketing shouldn’t be your lone strategy. Keep your marketing campaign fresh by balancing videos with other low-budget advertising ideas for small businesses. Better yet, combine them and create a video ad featuring behind-the-scenes footage of raffles or guerilla marketing stunts. 

10. Take Advantage of Runaway Growth 

Back in 2017, video made up 69% of Internet traffic. This year it’s set to hit 80%. Also, a whopping 87% of companies are using videos as a marketing tool, and that figure is only expected to rise.  

On top of that, YouTube is now the second-biggest search engine in the world. This is one trend you won’t want to miss out on! 

Don’t get left behind! It’s never too late to start outlining a video advertisement or two for your small business. With these 10 reasons, you can rest assured that your video ads will be more than worth the investment. Your newest video ads might even become your competitive edge against your rivals in the industry. 

Author: Micah

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