Reasons to Improve Your App Store Optimization before Publishing an App

Reasons to Improve Your App Store Optimization before Publishing an App

Ever wondered why it's often urged to improve your app store optimization before publishing an app? Here's a blog that talks about the reasons to do so.

At the moment, there are over 2 million applications in the App Store. Two million! Imagine that! A sea full of apps that all have hope for success, but so few get that glimpse of fame. You’re reading this article, of course, because you want to develop an app yourself, or even are on the verge of releasing it. Well, have you thought about how you’re going to position yourself in front of your targeted audience? How are they going to find you among all of those other apps?

We’ll tell you the answer: ASO. ASO is an acronym for App Store Optimization, and it should most definitely be the first thing on the list when thinking about your marketing strategy. Optimization is extremely important, because it makes your app visible to the right people. People that are looking for a solution to their problem will search it in a specific way, and you need to know that even before you launch the app into the App Store.

There are a few things that ASO includes like: a popping name (kind of like search engine optimization), a great photo, a helpful description and representative screenshots. All of these elements combine to create the perfect image for your app that will lure your customer’s right into the download button. And if you developed a great app, we assure you they will keep it for months.

Let’s talk a little more about why you should use App Store Optimization on your own app, why it is important and why it works:

1. You don’t need to hire someone to do the ASO for you

In other words, you can carry the process yourself. There are a few parameters that you need to follow. If you have a good designer for the icon, and if you know your customer very well, the optimization will be a piece of cake for you. We’ll give you some tips as well, so keep on reading.

2. You’re more visible to your targeted audience

You will obviously optimize for the audience you have in mind for the app. Of course, other people may search for it, or even download it, but your focus is on your known user. Basically, this is the reason why ASO exists: to make your app pop in the eye of your customer. He/she is the one who needs it, so he/she is the one you market it for.

3. It helps with monetization

Whether you are going to monetize your app or not, you still need to get capital via ads or whatever means of profit your app has. In a logical course of action, after using app store optimization your user will find it faster, will download it and will help you cover up costs you had when creating the app. More users seeing the app equals more downloads equals more profit. So… what are you waiting for?

4. It will get you streets ahead of your competitors

You have probably already identified your competitors: you know who they are, what their apps look like, how many downloads they have and what are their reviews. Don’t feel like a stalker, it’s natural for you to know that, and it is actually a great benefit. Why? Because you can use that information to position yourself in a unique position, and shine against your competitors.

I hope you’ve realized by now that ASO is not a step that you can ignore in your road to success regarding your app. Let’s now talk about a few tips you should keep in mind when starting your own App Store Optimization process.

A tip we’ve actually included in the last reason for why you should ASO is to get all the info you can gather about your competitors. If you haven’t done that by now, that’s okay, but don’t forget to do some research to see what they’ve done and what is their success. You can choose to go with a similar concept because it seems to be working for others, or go in a completely opposite direction, which will make you stand out of the crowd.

Another tip is to not start thinking about your audience like puppets. They’re actual human beings, which are smart and enjoy feeling like they are smart. Including some sort of catchphrase, or a pun, or something that will make their brain work a little bit, you’ll probably have more success than a very explanatory app title.


What you should get out of this article is that ASO is a marketing strategy that helps you stand out in front of your user. You can do it yourself, you don’t need a specialist, and you can start working on some funny/pun-like/intelligent titles for your app if you don’t already have one. Don’t forget however to check out what are the most searched words, called keywords, that you should at least include in your description.

Mehul Rajput is the CEO of Mindinventory, a mobile app development company. He does blogging as hobby and love to write on mobile technologies, app development, and mobile app marketing

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