7 Ways Instagram Influencers can help you Grow your Brand

7 Ways Instagram Influencers can help you Grow your Brand

If you're one of those brands that haven’t started practicing Instagram influencers yet and is looking for a way to boost your Instagram efforts in 2019, then this post is for you.

Instagram is the trending and most critical social media marketing platform these days. If you are a seller, your social media team worries or thinks about Instagram, right from the very first step. If you are a consumer, Instagram is the place you go to find new products or expect yourself to be amazed by various engaging posts of Brands and their accounts.

Instagram is capable of transforming any business into a brand today. Instagram is what builds a name for a brand today. Instagram is what creates a loyal user base for a brand today. 

With Instagram, comes the trend of Instagram influencers or the social media stars that impact the common man via their daily life stories. Instagram influencers have a high number of followers, loyal fan base and active social life. Probably why brands prefer having tie-ups with influencers to get higher customer engagement.

With more than 500,000 active Instagram influencers, the numbers in which they engage their audiences is mind-blowing. To begin with, let me give you the top 7 reasons how Instagram influencers help you grow your brand: 

1. On-point graphics 

Customer engagement is the most valuable feature of any marketing campaign. Considering how a human brain retains an image 60000 times faster than a text message, engaging images are extremely vital for marketing. Influencers have usually mastered the art of creating engaging posts, using stickers and emojis along with on-point filters.

Tie-ups with influencers allow your campaign to shine via engaging graphics on Instagram. This means Viewers remember your product better in the long run. 

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2. Original A-game 

Once again, it is easy to know that influencers exist because of the amount of time they spend on social media. They interact with their followers and fans, know their taste and understand the field that they work with. So, hiring an influencer and giving them the freedom to function would mean the generation of original content from different Influencers for your product.

You could simply specify your brand value, goal, and tagline and sit back to see the magic of an influencer. A travel influencer would create something completely different as compared to a food influencers, for the same brand. 

3. Higher reach 

With influencers, the limit is the sky. As an influencer, there are different fields that one impacts. There can be a travel influencer, food influencer, style influencer, design influencers and many more. Moreover, in each genre, there are tons of people, of different cultures, backgrounds, and localities.

As a Brand, you can tie-up with any number of influencers that you want, you could target different fields or different influencers under one category. This allows you to reach the total number of followers of each influencer, all at once.

Moreover, each of them has a different style of getting the word out, someone posts stories, someone posts videos, someone has live streams and someone sticks to the photos. Everyone has their own way and as a Brand, it is best if you exploit each of these ways to the best. 

4. Increased visibility 

As a brand or seller, especially if you are in your starting period of existing, there are various techniques that you use to attract customers and increase sales. The goal is to get the word out about your brand's quality over quantity. This method also works best via influencers. They conduct contests or giveaways on behalf of your brand on their profiles and increase the visibility of your brand.

Moreover, each Influencer could have a special discount scheme for their own followers which would also increase their fanbase. 

5. Low costs 

Earlier the big names used to spend loads of money on hiring high-end celebrities for one-day advertisement shoots for commercials and banners or sign contract deals on a yearly basis. Not only was this limited in its impact and reach to viewers, but it was also costly.

Now, influencers allow the brands to have a lower budget for social media marketing and promote the product on a more daily basis via their posts and stories. Moreover, this allows brands to invest in multiple influencers as compared to a single celebrity.  Usually, the cost of hiring one celebrity can be easily divided to hire 4-5 influencers, depending on their popularity and purpose of hire. 

6. Promoting the Brand 

Influencers are people similar to every common Instagram user. They've simply mastered the art of social media and gained popularity due to their creativity and innovative nature. With this creativity, comes their style of promoting your brand.

They promote your brand without actually portraying it as a promotion. They don't have shoots for advertisements or dress up for a photo shoot. All they do is incorporate your brand in their daily social media activity or create a story around your brand on a monthly basis. For example, a food influencer can visit your restaurant after you tie-up with them on a monthly basis to try new dishes.

They can simply post love stories during their visit or share a few images and your restaurant is already famous among their followers just in a few seconds. 

7. Building Brand loyalty 

The one main reality about influencers is their loyal customer base. Their viewers are loyal and trust the opinion of an influencer. If a travel Influencer posts about a particular travel distinction and it's a fun vibe, high chances are that their viewers decide to go to the same place during their next vacation.

An influencer can promote your brand in mysterious ways with just the right amount of ‘belonging’ flavor in it. This increases brand loyalty due to the development of trust and faith among Instagram users. Viewers connect with these influencers.

They feel that if an influencer can trust your Brand, so can they. In fact, for example, 70% of teenage YouTube users trust the words of influencers more than traditional celebrities.   

Reasons like these should be enough for one to understand the value of an Instagram or any social media Influencer for marketing. In fact, Brands have started to keep a separate budget just for payments and deals with such influencers.

Also, brands spent around 1 billion dollars for influencer campaigns last year. In this cut-throat competition, you certainly don’t want to be running behind.  There’s a reason why influencers are called influencers - better content, high-end promotion, more value generation, and a large user base. It even generates more followers for your Brand's business account. It is a win-win situation that you shouldn't miss out on.  

Prince Kapoor is seasoned Marketing Analyst and Blogger. With his skills, he has been helping fellow marketers and brands worldwide. You can reach him out on princekapoor.

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