7 Tips for Entrepreneurs Before Selecting VPN Service

7 Tips for Entrepreneurs Before Selecting VPN Service

When privacy and security is concerned, VPNs are growing in popularity. VPN allows to protect privacy, secure information, and bypass censorship. We all use the internet on multiple devices, from multiple locations, and sometimes from public internet spots, helps you secure your internet connection and protect your identity.

The Internet is something you need to succeed in any business world today. From banking, shopping, connecting, etc.we are constantly using it daily and it has turned to such a normal thing to do.

While the Internet may seem like a safe place, unfortunately, it’s not. Every single time you log onto an internet connection, it is being tracked and recorded. And with that information, you are at risk. The most common issues are hacking, scamming, and phishing, which nowadays is taken to a whole another level than ever before.

The internet can be a scary place - even scarier if you have no idea what the heck you’re doing, and have no knowledge when it comes to your security issues.

But don’t you fear, because there is a way to protect your identity online and feel safe. This service is called VPN, also known as the Virtual Provider Network. This service allows you to connect to the internet via a server run by a provider.

With a secure VPN server, your computer, phone, or tablet can roam all its data and be securely encrypted. Securely encrypted means that your information and activities on the internet are encoded, and can’t be accessed by third parties. Sounds awesome, right?

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A VPN is actually one of the smartest ways to protect your online privacy and maintain your data security. A secure VPN is something you should consider as an online business owner. Here are reasons why:

  • Privacy protected

Nobody gets privacy on the internet, but with the use of a secure VPN, you can protect your internet activities from your Internet Service Provider.

  • Protected against hackers

Nobody wants to get hacked, but when you use a VPN you are entirely protected against them.

  • Evade censorship

Many countries today censor their citizens from using the internet, but with the VPN, you can avoid that.

Now that you’re aware of why you should consider getting a secure VPN service, it’s time to figure out which service suits you best. But before we can even jump into that, there are a few things to recognize before choosing one for your online business.

1) Connection/Encryption Protocol:

This is the first thing you should be checking for in a VPN. While there are various protocols in VPN encryption, it can easily be mistaken. Some protocols include IKEV2, SSTP, PPTP, L2TP/IPSEC, Open VPN, etc. Some of the best out of this group is OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSEC.

The encryption protocol is the one that protects your data from third parties interested in taking an unauthorised peak by infiltrating your channels of communication. The encryption your using will also affect other aspects of business, and GoodAccess explains it well in their small business cloud VPN guide.

2) Servers

Before choosing a secure VPN, you want to ensure your servers are spread amongst many countries. Because if you do not, that beats the purpose of even having one, as VPNs allow you to have seamless internet connection all over the world. 

3) Internet Speed

You should always want a fast internet connection, right? However, a big disadvantage of the VPN is that it slows the internet connection down. 

You can talk to your provider and find out what the issue is and if not there’s always a way to connect to other servers away from your location to get a better idea.

4) Pricing

While you might jump to choosing the free versions of VPNs, you have to realize that it may not be the smartest thing to do when choosing a secure VPN. 

Free is great, but it’s true when they say you get what you pay for. Free versions of VPN can work but it may not be as secure as you think, nor will it have enough capacity to serve your business well.

You can most definitely consider doing a free trial before jumping the gun to a provider but your long-term plan should be to upgrade to a paid version.

You can always compare prices with providers and see which one provides you with maximum features at a minimum price.

5) Reviews

In the world of online business, reviews are always something people depend on before considering to do or buy something online. And it also applies to when you choose a VPN server. 

Do your research online and check out all the reviews by expert individuals - this will give you an idea of what you’re getting yourself into.

Now that we have learned what to consider before buying a VPN, it’s time to choose a VPN service from some of the best names below:

  • Private Internet Access VPN

This service offers a robust VPN service at an unbeatable price, with an excellent new app interface.

  • NordVPN

This service provides you with many great features for securing your online activities and offers a wide range of network servers.

  • TunnelBear VPN

This service is easy to use and is very affordable, it’s definitely a winner. TunnelBear can protect against hacker trolls, and bring you joy with its bright colors, excellent interface, and cuddly cute bears. This service is just bursting with charm, but also has excellent delivery, all at an amazing price.

  • CyberGhost VPN

The CyberGhost VPN is not only a strong service but it provides unique features that nobody else offers, as well as a large number of simultaneous connections.

  • IPVanish VPN

This service secures and protects your web traffic. It has 10 simultaneous connections and overall has a great value and a nice interface. 

  • ExpressVPN

This service has some pretty impressive server fleet, packed with great features. Though compared to the others, it’s on the pricier side. But could be a good choice when you know it will securely protect you from hackers.

These are some of the best VPN servers you should totally look into when choosing a secure VPN. Are you convinced to finally make the move?

Choosing a VPN for your online business as an entrepreneur can seem tedious - but it’s better to take the time, especially when it comes to wanting the best for your online business.

Overall, you should just want to know you are fully secured on the internet. Take these above tips and information to successfully choose the best VPN service.

Usman Raza is the co-founder of Christian Marketing Experts and marketing strategist working with various brands online, and the content marketing manager of a Los Angeles based Digital Marketing Agency and PSDtoWPService.com. He is devoted to helping small businesses bridge success gaps by providing in-depth, actionable advice on digital marketing, SEO, and small business growth.

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