How Can A VPN Service Increase Business Productivity

How Can A VPN Service Increase Business Productivity

Want to increase business productivity by using VPN Services? Discover this article in details to know.

Running a business has always been tough. And switching to online brought even more challenges. So today companies should look into more ways of improving their performance.

There are a lot of things every business owner faces on a daily basis. From planning the strategy to hiring needed talents - the duties are vast and various. But once the internet became the massive part of our lives, things became even more complicated. Now businesses have to worry about security as well.

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All work-related things are mostly online now. It means that the sensitive data of the company is always exposed to the potential threat. Also, today businesses hire remote employees rather often.

It gives malefactors even more chances to get their hands on the private information and steal it. That’s why companies should install not just an antivirus but VPN software as well.

What is VPN?

VPN (or Virtual Private Network) is a service that creates a secure connection to another network over the Internet. There are many reasons why an individual or a whole business would want to use it.

One of the most common - location change. In some countries, a lot of sites and kinds of content are forbidden by the government. With VPN users can seem like they are located, for example, in the US, and get secure access to the site or content they need.

What is VPN

Also, VPN helps to protect personal data from prying eyes. Turning this service on while using public WiFi you will get away from any malicious actions of hackers.

How does it work? Very simple. The service forwards your traffic to the isolated network - a remote server that belongs to the provider - and only then redirects it to the network you wanted to access initially.

Thus, getting to the end point, you will have another IP address, not the one you have on your computer, laptop or mobile device. And the network you are accessing will “think” that your IP address and, obviously, location are those provided by VPN. You will be wearing a virtual mask that will make you appear as someone else.

How will this service help my business

While users can benefit from the VPN service accessing certain websites and downloading content, companies can make much more use of such software.

It is a rather simple and inexpensive way to solve some issues modern companies face. The price can be as low as $1.65 a month if you make use of a special deal mentioned in this PureVPN review.

1. Additional security

Sadly, no antivirus will provide you with 100% reliable protection. But actually, there is no such thing as “overprotection”. Every computer, laptop, and device are always exposed to potential threats once they are connected to the internet.

In 2018 just in the very beginning of the year there already were five significant virus attacks business suffered from. So even if you have installed an excellent and reliable antivirus, you should still think of the way to enhance the protection. And VPN can be just the right tool.

This service will be a barrier between computers or devices your employees use and malefactors. It is especially relevant and useful if you have remote workers or if some members of your team travel a lot.

If they use a VPN being connected to the public WiFi, they will protect not only their devices but the network of your company as well. It will prevent any data leak or damages hackers’ attacks can cause.

2. Faster internet connection

Although everyone is used that VPN slows down the speed of the internet connection, in some situations this service can actually increase the bandwidth.

If the provider is using a faster server, your upload and download speed will increase as well. It can save time significantly and help your employees complete their tasks more quickly.

3. Encourage the productivity of those who are always on the road

If your employees travel a lot, they have to deal with the unsafe public network. Thus, they may feel uncertain to use unreliable WiFi because they can never know if their devices will remain safe from hackers’ attacks.

With a VPN service, they can be sure they are protected from curious eyes and threats. Therefore, they can continue working remotely, focusing on the task, not on their security.

4. Calm your customers down

Lots of companies need to gather some private data from their clients. For customers, it might be uncomfortable to share sensitive information via the internet.

To take their worries away you can educate them about VPN first, so they understand its use, and then implement this solution in your interaction with clients. Doing so you will create a safe environment for your customers so they can share their information securely.

5. Location change

Sometimes it can be quite handy. For instance, you need to travel to China to meet your Chinese partners.

In this country, a lot of sites are under censorship With a VPN service, you can change your virtual location to the needed one and access the forbidden website.

Sometimes it can also be useful to change your virtual location to build some working relations. For example, some people may not trust the email they receive from another part of the world. If you seem to be geographically near them, they might be more open to your propositions.

6. It is extremely cheap

The VPN service won’t cost you much. And as you can already see, you will benefit from using it a lot. Several dollars every month won’t hurt your budget, especially if we’re talking about the security.

Restoring the business after a malicious attack will cost you much more than an excellent VPN service.

In conclusion:

Virtual Private Network is a great instrument that will provide you with additional security. Using this service, you will keep your employees’ and customers’ computers, mobile devices, and, most importantly, personal data safe from any harm.

Also, you will have more freedom when it comes to accessing specific online resources and content. And, the last but not least, you can deserve a deeper trust from your clients if your company is using a VPN service.

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