How to Use Instagram for Lead Generation 

How to Use Instagram for Lead Generation 

Want to learn how to use Instagram for generating more leads? Check out this detailed guide to earn more leads on this platform.

Most businesses on Instagram have one common goal, which is to generate quality leads that will convert into sales. Instagram is one of the top social media networks, with over 1 billion monthly active users. 

Businesses that understand the power of social media marketing are always on the lookout for how to use this platform to generate leads. Are you one of them? You have to stick around because I will show you how to go about it in this guide.

What is Instagram lead generation?

This means using different types of valuable content and other activities on Instagram to spark the interest of users in a brand and turn them into leads with the aim of making sales.

Why should you generate leads on Instagram?

Although Instagram has many active users, attracting potential customers who may have an interest in your products and services is hard. That's why you need to generate leads. 

Users who look for brands to patronize on Instagram expect you to warm them up with valuable content and, in the process, give them a reason to choose what you offer ahead of your competitors. 

Let's look at how you can use Instagram for lead generation

1. Optimize your Instagram business account 

According to a report from Databox, 30% of businesses agree that Instagram's business profile is crucial to their marketing efforts.

stats showing importance of IG business profile

But it doesn't end with having an Instagram business account. Optimizing it to reflect what you do matters most. Your profile is the first point of touch for any user who has an interest in your brand. Describe your business in the bio section using keywords that relate to your business. 

Those keywords should also form part of your username. Add a link to your business website or high-converting page. This is to convince your target audience that they're in the right place. 

Upload a well-designed business logo as your profile photo so that your audience can easily identify with your brand.

Take a look at the IG business profile of Dermae.

IG business profile of Dermae

2. Develop a content strategy & share valuable content always 

Valuable content is king on Instagram. When you consistently post content that helps users solve their problems, you build trust and credibility that can make a follower become a lead.

 But you need to develop a content strategy first. 

What does it mean?

The goal you want to achieve with the content you post on Instagram which in this case is to generate leads. 

Come up with topics that interest your audience and have the potential to generate leads. Analyze your competitors and reverse engineer their process if you don't know where to start. 

Let's assume you run a video production agency and you want to identify and analyze your competitors. You can type in keywords like #video production services and #video production company and see posts under those hashtags.

instagram hashtag

Click on it and select the top results. Pick a post, check out their profile, and the type of content of the post. Analyze each of them, including how users engage with them. That will give you an idea of how to create a content strategy.

Next is to create your content and schedule. 

Photos, videos, and infographics are common types of content that sell on IG.

Use your iPad or laptop to design your photos and infographics on graphic design tools. Video tools like Invideo can help you create any type of video for IG. 

When you post content, use the 2200 characters that the "Write a caption" feature offers you to draw attention to your content.

 If you don't know what to write, use any of the AI copywriting tools that have templates for Instagram captions. 

Add the end, add a call to action, which can be " Click on the link in my bio, sign up, and get my free e-book". Any user who signs up probably has an interest in what you do, and you can take it from there. 

3. Have a captivating landing page

The reason you design a landing page is to generate leads. Making it captivating for users who land on it matters. So don't make them regret clicking on the link in your bio. Offer a seamless visual experience, and let the content on your landing page meet their expectations.

 Deliver all that your call to action button promises. Some brands even use marketing tools to turn their posts into clickable landing pages. An example is Madewell, a popular clothing brand. 


If you fancy any post on their feed about their products, a click on it will show you a link that will take you to a landing page where you see details about it. 

 4. Leverage the swipe-up  feature on the Instagram story

Instagram stories can be a goldmine when it comes to generating leads. Many users spend hours daily watching stories from their favorite brands. You can leverage it to share valuable content that resonates and meets them at their point of need. 

swipe-up  feature on Instagram story

Brands that do product marketing on Instagram share testimonials of customers on their IG stories to generate leads. If you have up to 10K followers, take advantage of the swipe-up feature, which allows you to add links to your IG stories.

 It works like a charm because other potential customers who enjoy your content but have yet to make up their minds to make a purchase will at least give it a try. It could be signing up for a free trial if you have any. 

5. Engage your audience 

If you aren't social, you will find it hard to generate leads on Instagram. Your audience expects you to engage them by responding to their comments.

 It makes them feel appreciated and encourages them to give your products and services a  try knowing that you will always be there to respond in case of any issues.

 Leave insightful comments whenever your followers tag you.  Use Emojis, GIFs, and hashtags to give your comments a human touch. 

6. Work with Influencers in your industry 

Collaborating with influencers in your niche will create more awareness about your brand, boost your engagement rate, grow your followers and generate more leads. 

Social media users often trust the judgment of Influencers. Some even seek their opinion on brands.

 Imagine a popular influencer in your niche endorsing your products and services. That is social proof you can show potential customers to convince them to give your product a try. 

To get started, search for Instagram influencers in your niche or join Facebook groups to ask people to recommend top influencers in your niche.

 Before you reach out to any of them, check their social following, credibility, and the level of engagement they get for each post. That way, you're sure to work with the most suitable influencer. 

7. Host giveaways 

 A lot of users on Instagram like free stuff, and running an Instagram giveaway is a tactic to capture them as leads. Many of your followers who are lucky to get your products and services for free will spread the good news about it, especially if it is helpful and of great quality. 

Some will make a post on Instagram with the product they won and even tag you. Their followers who see it on their feed may want to check it out and, in that process, turn to lead. 

What do you do about it?

Upload the product and write in the caption the process to participate and win. 

An example could be: 

5 lucky followers stand a chance to win any of our latest products ( name the product)

Want to participate and stand a chance to win? Play by these simple rules:

  • Follow us on Instagram 
  • Engage this post by liking and sharing it 
  • Leave a comment on what you like about our brand using the hashtag ( the name of the product)
  • Tag us and three of your followers who may have an interest in our products 

We will randomly pick 5 lucky winners and announce them in the next 3 days

Look at the screenshot below to see how @Dermae, a small business that deals in skincare hosts its giveaway for its skin restore collection.

dermae instagram page

8. Try paid ad

Paid ad is your sure bet if you're in a hurry to generate leads on Instagram. Although it can be expensive, big brands with deep pockets don't mind. You can reach a specific audience who may have an interest in what you offer, irrespective of their location. 

Running a campaign on Instagram is simple, unlike on Facebook. You can start by stating your objective, which in this case is to generate leads. 

Define your target audience and pick suitable ad placement criteria. 

try paid add on instagram

Then use a valuable opt-in offer that encourages the target audience to give you their contact details like first name and email address. Instagram knows how to splash your ad on the feed of your target audience in a manner that isn't annoying. 

Final thought 

Lead generation should be a priority in your sales strategy because, without it, you won't make a sale. I have shown you how to go about it in this guide. 

Start by optimizing your Instagram business profile and posting valuable content that will build trust. 

Optimize your landing page, make it convincing, and deliver all that it promises.

Finally, launch an Instagram campaign if you're in a hurry to generate leads. 

Chuks Chukwuemeka is a freelance SEO content writer & strategist who helps SaaS brands grow their online presence organically. He’s the founder of depreneurdigest.com, a marketing blog, and loves learning new things about SEO. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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