Follow Up Trendy Techniques To Make Your Application Viral

Follow Up Trendy Techniques To Make Your Application Viral

Virality is something that has to be engineered from the beginning. It is what separates a great application from the average application, and it’s harder to create virality than it is to create a good product.

Every day around hundreds of applications are uploaded on Google Play and Apple Store. Now imagine the number of applications lost daily. It is an extremely challenging task for Mobile App Development Company to grab the attention of the target audience. The bar is exceptionally high to take the application to a new level that depends upon marketing strategies.

The companies also have forgotten the importance of mouth-to-mouth marketing after the addition of digital marketing. Will you download an application advertised on a banner or a recommended from a relative or friend? The answer is simple to understand that is possible with user acquisition and promotion strategies.

Now the question arises is why will anyone recommend your application to their friends? What is different in your application that attracts them towards it? Do you have some remarkable factors that stands you out of the crowd? 

To make it simple, let us guide you with exciting tricks and tips to make an application viral.

1. Bait and Download

The most vital part that one must keep in mind while working on the mobile app building is to come up with essential aspects to bring the audience to a hook. This mainly depends on the trigger, investment, rewards, and action. 

The application must have a trigger that can increase the curious nature of the audience and bring something exciting in the market. Another aspect is the action that must be taken by the audience. There must be something compelling to make them hook their attention towards the application.

To grab their attention, there are different strategies to opt for such as rewards, or a great game to relax the user’s mind. Last comes the investment that is also known as the premium version. 

Well, you have a great application in the market then why not earn something out of it? If rewards are distributed properly then customers will be ready to buy the premium version as an investment for their entertainment. 

2. Fear Factor

If you are not aware of human nature then let us explain it to you, human hates to lose things, it is their weirdest fear. They simply don’t want to lose anything, whether they win the price or not. It is simple psychology that makes the audience grab out things before they miss out on an opportunity. 

It is best to build anticipation among the audience that makes them eager for the application. Make them want the application more and list out the reasons why they MUST download it.

No one wants to miss out on anything and that is the biggest fear of humans so make sure to instill that curiosity among them. For instance, giving access to a limited audience will make others want to have it, or the beta stage can be a great way to step forward. The anticipation of buying things will make them want to go for it no matter what.

3. Right Influencers

To enhance your application visibility and popularity, it is essential to make sure that the right people are talking about it. A single right influencer can attract thousands of people, especially when it comes to social media platforms. 

We have one of the biggest platforms to bend as per our will so take leverage of it. A single video, tweet, and post from the right person can have a huge impact on the market while enhancing its credibility.

Now the question arises, who has such authority over the market that can make the target audience use your application? For instance, if you are launching an application related to fitness or health then no one can be better than a sportsperson or owner of a health company. 

This will have a mass appeal in the market to ensure that traffic can be diverted towards the application. It is not that easy to get in touch with the influencers and persuade them to market your application.

The pitch must stand out that makes influencers go for the application. It must showcase the value so that influencers can feel that it is worthy of their time. Building a mobile application requires to keep these aspects in mind to attract influencers.

4. Maintain Freshness

Attracting users is easier than keeping them hooked to the application. If a user has downloaded an application then it is essential to keep them engaged and maintain the number. However, with so much competition in the market, the expectation of mobile users has gone a notch higher.

 If the application is not as per the user standards then they will simply install it while never looking at it again. Maintain some freshness that can guarantee loyal customers.

5. Rewards

Keeping the audience hooked to the application is not easy yet possible. It is essential to keep rewards for an application to keep user interest hooked. To incentivize them to rewards, it can be done easily by giving digital coins to help them out in a game, and opening premium features for a day or two. 

This will keep them interested and it increases the change for them sharing the application with friends and relatives. There is also an option of tangible rewards that are free wallpapers, extra storage, discounts, badges, and stars. It is for the extrinsic use to not only hooking the attention but also maintaining it. 

It is also best to add intrinsic value to promote user enjoyment. Before that, it is best to have an insight into the audience. Understand your target audience and their requirement to add on the rewards.

6. Viral Game - Win or Lose

“Slow and Steady Wins the race” is the perfect saying for the viral ladder as well. If you are witnessing the drastic increase in your viral game then it is highly possible to fall as well. The foundation is extremely essential to be successful in the market that can be attained with long-term strategies, technology, and customer insights. 

This can be easily achieved with the help of a Mobile App Development Company that has years of experience in the same. So, don’t wait for your competitors to go higher when it is just a step away from you. 

Nishtha Kumari is the Content Specialist at Appventurez, a leading mobile app development company that offers cost-effective Android and iOS application design and development services in USA and India. Her priority is to cover up new technologies and techniques for her audience.

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