31 Storytelling Quotes From Great Writers

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31 Storytelling Quotes From Great Writers

Here's a list of 31 storytelling quotes from great writers which you would love to read.

What do we usually know about the great writers? As a rule, just their traditional biography written in Wikipedia and textbooks. But creative people and their habits are quite extraordinary! For example, the W. Somerset Maugham did not see anything wrong with being bisexual; Mark Twain was fond of cats while couldn’t stand children; James Joyce was very much afraid of water, lightning, and dogs.


Before presenting you the best storytelling quotes, let’s look at the lives of famous writers in a new way! Enjoy the facts you may not know before.

1. Honore de Balzac

  • Do you love coffee? Can you imagine a day without 2–3 cups of espresso? And did you know that Balzac drank up to 50 cups of Turkish strong coffee per day? If there was no possibility to brew coffee, he just chewed the coffee beans!
  • Balzac sincerely believed that during sexual intercourse, a man loses his creative energy. So while working on his another work, the writer greatly reduced the number of sexual contacts. One day, talking to his friend about a recent date, Balzac bitterly exclaimed: "This morning I had sex and lost my novel!"
  • A funny incident occurred when the writer's apartment was attacked by a thief. When Balzac woke up and realized what was happening, laughed out loud: "My friend, it is unlikely you will find in the dark that I cannot find even in the daylight!"

2. Mark Twain

  • As mentioned above, he was passionately fond of cats while hated children. You may be surprised, but Mark Twain even offered to erect a monument to King Herod, known for mass killing of babies.
  • Twain was a heavy smoker. He started smoking at 8 years of age and didn’t give up this habit until his death. Twain smoked from 20 to 40 cigars daily. He chose the cheapest and the most smelly cigars! "It’s easy to quit smoking. I’ve done it a thousand times."
  • Mark Twain was a very sarcastic man. Once on a party, the writer complimented to a lady but heard in return that she cannot respond with the same. What do you think the reaction was? "After all, you can lie – just like I did!"
  • A banker once asked the writer: "Why do you have so many brains and so little money?" M. Twain said: "Nature loves balance. In sum, I have as many brains and money as you."

3. Alexandre Dumas

  • Dumas often used a very original way to attract the public to his performances. He announced plays in a romantic character, complementing ads with texts like "Will a man who looked intently at me during the presentation of "Tour de Nesle" come to the theater? He confused my heart and mind. I’ll leave a note for him. In love." A lot of Parisians came in the hope that the beautiful stranger left a note just for them!
  • What associations arise when you hear the phrase "a barbecue owner?" South appearance, accent, and a cap? You may be surprised with the fact that Dumas was the first owner of the kebab house in Paris. Once being to the Caucasus, Dumas enjoyed barbecue so much that he decided to introduce the dish to the French.
  • Alexandre Dumas was an avid debater. Once this passion led him to a duel! But the method chosen by duelists was very original: the duelists drew lots, and the loser, as an honest man, had to shoot himself. That evening Dumas’ thirst for life outweighed his honesty. He retired to another room, then the crowd heard a shot, and then Dumas returned and calmly said that he missed. All laughed so strong that forgave the writer this funny fiction.
  • Once Dumas’ doctor asked the writer to write a review on him. The novelist wrote: "In the area of the doctor, it's time to eliminate all the hospitals. But it would not hurt to open two new cemeteries.

4. Edgar Allan Poe

  • As a child, Poe studied at the cemetery. His school was so poor that had no money for textbooks. Then the teacher of math found a decision – he conducted classes among the graves! Students used encryption on tombstones to count how many years the deceased lived, subtracting the date of birth from the date of death. Is it any wonder now that Edgar Allan Poe became the king of horror?
  • Until now, the real cause of death is unknown. It is believed that he may have been killed or committed suicide or was poisoned by alcohol or died of encephalitis or rabies.

5. William Faulkner

  • He believed that every writer is an inborn liar. And if you do not know how to "compose," then you’re a worthless writer. Faulkner practice on his friends by telling stories that never occurred to Almost like Munchausen!
  • The writer was a master of complex verbal constructions. He stretched his longest sentence to 49 pages.
  • For a few years, William Faulkner worked as a postman – right until it became clear that he often throws out undelivered letters.

6. J. R. R. Tolkien

  • As a child, the author of the future trilogy "Lord of the Rings" invented his own languages to communicate with his friends. his passion remained with him for life: Tolkien became the creator of several artificial languages, including Quenya (High Elven tongue) and Sindarin ( the language of the Grey-elves)
  • Tolkien was a horrible driver and slept in the bathroom as he was snoring so much that his wife could not sleep with him.
  • The author was a Francophobe – he hated all Frenchmen beginning from William the Conqueror.

7. Antoine de Saint-Exupery

  • As it is known, Exupéry was a pilot. Throughout his career, he has been in 15 accidents. But he was not just a pilot, but also an inventor! Saint-Exupery has got several patents for his inventions in the field of aviation.
  • The author of "The Little Prince" often entertained his friends with card tricks, which he skillfully mastered.

8. William Shakespeare

  • William Shakespeare was born and died on the same day (but, fortunately, in different years) – April 23, 1564 – April 23, 1616. By the way, April 23, 1616, was the last day for another great writer – Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, the author of "Don Quixote."
  • Shakespeare never attended university, but this did not prevent him from acquiring worldwide popularity. He is still considered as one of the greatest figures in the world literature. Shakespeare is the second world's most cited author after the Bible writers.
  • It is said that Shakespeare began his career as a regular actor. Hi first appear on the scene at the age of 25.
  • Contemporaries claimed that Shakespeare was fond of poaching, hunting in the possession of Sir Thomas Lucy without any permission.

9. O. Henry

  • Henry started his writing career in prison, where he was put for embezzlement.
  • Henry is a pen name of William Sydney Porter.
  • At the age of three, the writer lost his mother. After that, he was raised by a sister of his father.
  • The prison yard, on which once walked a prisoner 30664, is now given the name of the writer.

10. Ernest Hemingway

  • Ernest Hemingway was not only an alcoholic and a suicide man, as everyone knows – he had a fear of public speaking. Besides, he never believed to any, even the most sincere praise.
  • Before the 62-year-old Ernest Hemingway put a gun to his head, he was dozens of time lucky to stay alive. He was struck by 273 mine fragments while his feet were pierced with a string of bursts. The fate checked Hemingway for survivability for many times while Hemingway checked his heroes for the same quality!
  • Hemingway often and willingly talked about the fact that the FBI watching him. The interlocutors smiled, but, in the end, it turned out that the writer was right. Declassified documents confirmed that Hemingway was under surveillance.

As you see, the best writers of the world were quite controversial personalities. However, they were the same people as we are. Do not judge them too harshly, but rather enjoy the best quotes from great writers!

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