20 Steps To Launch An App In The Market

20 Steps To Launch An App In The Market

Launching an app ain’t easy, but it’s probably not as hard as you think. Follow the guidelines that will help you develop a strategy to maximize user retention

As we all know, smartphones are ruling the world in this era. People almost want everything at their fingertips these days. 

As per reports, the mobiles are expected to hit $188.9 billion in revenue by the end of 2020. It shows that the app market has become really completive in the past few years. It is a big challenge for businesses to make their application recognized in such a competitive market.

Henceforth, to achieve success, you need to take care of many things right from designing, creating and launching the app. Many of us always worry about how to launch an app. To let you flourish your app in the market, in the article, I will talk about a few points to take note of in the launch stage. 

Here, we will go through different stages and their points one by one.

Stage 1: Pre-Launch

1. Market Research

It is the first and foremost step when planning to build an app. Have keen research on the current trends going on in the market. Look at what users are having trouble with and how you can provide a solution for it.

Even research what makes the competitor's app work in the market. What services are they providing in their application? Make a list of the things and then go for the development part.

2. Testing Prototypes

Having a test of your app with real uses is an important part. As sometimes, from your point of view, things may seem perfect, but users may not understand a few things in your application.

Therefore, take a review from the users before the launch of the app and make the needed changes. This can even help you to promote your app, as users who use the app will share their feedback with others.

3. Have an In-App Rating Panel

Your app can fail if users keep giving negative feedback on the app store reviews, even if there are low downloads. The thing you can do here is provided feedback on features within the app.

It will help you to work on your app without affecting user engagement. Communicating with users about problems they’re facing will leave a positive impression on them. 

4. Fix the Launch Date

Selecting an app launch date is as crucial as selling an app idea in the market. Make sure your app launch date does not merge with any other tech events based on your business. It may distract the users from your app launch. Select an appropriate date based on your marketing plans and further schedule. 

5. Beta Testing

The main aim of beta testing is to final time test the app with real users. To check whether any error is remaining or not. It will help you to get users to give feedback on your app. It helps you to find bugs, check the speed of your app, its interaction with the user and much more.  

6. Marketing Plan

Never make the mistake of having a marketing plan after the launch of an app. The marketing of an application should start before the launch of the app. Users should know about your app before it is launched.

Marketing of an app comes with a variety of mediums and planning.  It will generate a strong base for your app among people.

7. Take Advantage of Social Media

Social media can help you best with the marketing of your application these days. It is a powerful platform to market your app. People are so attached to one or another social media platform.

You generate huge traffic for your app through social media. Establish an enormous presence in your business with the help of different social media platforms. 

8. Build a Website

To build a stronger base of users for your application, build a website for the same. Do not just limit your presence to the app store and extend it to the web browsers. This will help you to keep users engaged in your business platforms. You can invite users to sign up for your app through the website during the launch of the app.  

9. Enhance Your Network

While the app development process is going on, you must grow your network. Here, the bloggers can help you to have an awareness of your app among the users. Recognize the bloggers who show interest in your application and connect with them. Look for similar forums to your business and start engaging them in your business application.

10. Build a Press Kit

A journalist or a blogger may lose interest in your application if they don’t find any needful information for the same. Henceforth, you can build a press kit in advance and give it to the reporter and bloggers. In short, they should be able to publish the needed and right content about your application.

11. Localize Your App

The chance for the success of your application is more on the global level rather than the regional one. Therefore your app should be able to run properly across all the regions. You can localize your app, and it proves to be a good practice with. As it will ensure that your app runs properly in any country, region, locales and more.

12. Create Innovative Promotional Videos

Make some interesting promotional videos to draw the user’s attention that describe your business and application. Promotional videos will visually show your application's working and help you get more user engagement.

It will increase the awareness of your app launch among the users. Try to make a video of around one minute but make sure that it even covers every aspect of what your app is all about. 

13. Review The Submission Things for App

Whether it is Google or Apple, both have made available the guidelines about a checklist for launching an app. It is very important to check these guidelines before launching the application and make things available as per the guidelines. The thing to note here is to properly check the guidelines and not miss a single point.

Stage 2: Launch

14. Use Paid Ads

Paid Advertisements will work as a boon for your application after the launch. If you’ve enough budget, then I would recommend you with the paid advertisements. It will help you increase traffic and focus on your targeted audience. It builds awareness among the users.

15. Improve Store Ratings

Having more positive reviews and ratings on the app store for your app from day one can leave a positive impression on the users’ minds. It is the thing that will make your app stand out from the other apps. 60% of the users will download an app with higher ratings and reviews. Start with your app community and relatives, tell them to give reviews on your app.

16. App Store Optimization

It is always advisable to utilize the app store optimization technologies for your app. It helps you to rank higher in the marketplace. The higher the app's rank, the more it will be recognized among the users. To achieve organic and long-term traffic, app store optimization is a must. Look at the competitors' search term keywords and their app store optimization.    

Stage 3: Post-Launch

17. Monitor App Performance

After the launch of an app, it is a thing that must have a look at its performance frequently. It will help you understand the user pattern of using your application, and you can make changes as per the user behavior.  It is even important to note the app's performance through app analytics and mentions on social networks. 

18. Have Time to Time App Update

To keep users engaged in your application, it is important to keep it updated from time to time. Users will always expect new features and services in your app. To keep the app successful, you need to understand what users expect more from your application and make updates accordingly. 

19. Re-Evaluate Marketing Strategy

Analytics will help you to understand where to focus more on your app for marketing purposes. You need to keep updating your marketing strategy to get more users for the same. Think creatively to make your business grow in the market. Paid promotion campaigns are one thing that will help you keep your app visible in the market.

20. Are You Ready For The App Launch?

So, these are some tips and tricks you need to remember during all three stages of your app launch.  

Users in the market always welcome creative and innovative apps. All you need to do is make users recognize your application. One more thing to remember is that launching an app is not where you need to stop. It is where your journey for the success of your application begins.

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