Top Social Media Jobs That You Can Get Into In 2023

Top Social Media Jobs That You Can Get Into In 2023

Planning to make a career in social media field? Check out this post where we've mentioned about various social media jobs that are in huge demand.

With over 4.62 billion people now using at least one form of social media worldwide, it’s no surprise that the social media marketing scene has come alive. From TikTok’s rapid growth amongst Gen Z to Instagram’s spike in influencer advertising, it’s no secret that social media jobs are more popular than ever before.

stats of social media users over time

The only problem is competition within the sector has never been so tough. As active creator based platforms such as Tiktok invite all users to post content, rise up to virality and make money off of their posts, it can be hard to stand out amongst a tech-savvy crowd and rake in those engagement metrics. 

Whether you’re jumping into social media influencing or looking to promote the voice of a brand, it’s important to play to your strengths when choosing the right social media position for you in 2023. 

From creative content strategists all the way to engagement metric analysts, there are a wide number of social media jobs to pick from as we step into a digitalized future. Read on as we explore the social media marketing landscape of tomorrow and discuss which social media position could be best for you.

Has the social media marketing scene come alive? 

It’s no secret that the social media scene has come alive in the last decade. From the evolution of Facebook friends to TikTok followers, each new platform on the social scene brings fresh forms of content creation, consumer trends and of course job opportunities.

Digital ad spending is at an all-time high post-pandemic, with Facebook responsible for just over a quarter of all ad-spend worldwide. As more active consumers rely on social media content when making purchasing decisions, smart marketers continue to invest in the internet’s potential.

In fact, TikTok has just been named the most promising platform in 2022 for the social media marketing industry. The video creation app with a 105% user growth rate has become the fastest-growing social network the internet has seen, creating a wide number of social media jobs in response.

us social network user growth

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However, despite its recent decline amongst a Gen Z audience, Facebook still remains the most used platform by a global marketing force, with Instagram following closely behind.

On the back of the pandemic’s push for digitalisation, the social media scene has come alive, with more people than ever before investing time and money into popular platforms for a swift return on investment. From small business promotion to brand ambassadors, utilising social media networks for profitable gain has become a trend.

However, with a rise in active consumer content dominating the scene, professionals are now taking steps to improve their content marketing strategy game and battle against both consumers and competitors for engagement.

In a post-Covid, digital job market, social media roles may be flooding in, but the competition for flexible, WFH based positions is higher than ever before. As we explore the social media jobs highest demand, let’s have a closer look at the skills needed to be a successful social media marketer in 2023. 

Finding social media jobs in 2023

After the e-commerce industry saw a 35% spike in new business start-ups since the onset of the pandemic, employing a social media marketing team has become a must-have for a large majority of business leaders.

In fact, 90% of businesses claim that they use social media within their company strategy to improve brand awareness, customer retention and market insight research.

From creators to analysts, there are a number of social media jobs to pick from in an e-commerce based landscape. The question is, do you have what it takes to succeed within the industry?

Here are some of the skills you might need to bag a job in social media and what you need to do to get started.

What skills are employers looking for?

There are a number of transferable skills that can be utilized within a social media-based position. From communication to creativity, here are just a few that you might want to work on before jumping into an application.

Flexibility and efficiency 

The world of social media is constantly evolving. With new trends cropping up around every corner, social media marketers need to be prepared to be flexible when creating content strategies and communicating with their demographic.

Social media jobs require a cool head in a crisis. You need to be prepared to change tactics both quickly and efficiently while jumping between numerous platforms at once.


Brands use their social media presence to communicate with both their audience, ambassadors and competing brands. As a social media marketer, you are in charge of representing your brand’s voice and values to a large demographic, so confident communication skills are essential.

Analytical skills

If you’re looking to jump into the metric corner of social media marketing, it’s time to polish up your analytical skills. Whether you’re measuring engagement data or researching market trends, you need to be able to identify patterns within your findings and use them to create an actionable strategy for your brand.


Last but not least, a social media marketer needs to be able to think outside of the box. In a social media landscape that is dominated by consumer content, professional content creators need to be innovative if they want to see high levels of engagement.

Choosing the best role for you

Now you’re familiar with some of the key skills required to become a successful social media marketer, it’s time to take a closer look at the social media jobs dominating the sector.

From data-driven roles such as a platform analyst to design-based alternatives such as content creator, there are a number of positions to pick from. 

The question is, which position is best for you? Let’s find out.

Social media manager

Average Salary: $60-70k

Known as one of the most common social media jobs, the social media manager role is perfect for keen creatives and efficient multi-taskers. Whether you’re working within an in-house marketing team or managing a smaller brand as a side hustle, all brands, companies and services require at least some form of social media management if they want to keep their digital audience engaged in 2022.

As a social media manager, it will be your job to curate your brand’s online presence and represent its voice and values on a number of diverse platforms.

The role of social media manager is perfect for someone who has both analytic and creative strengths, as your position will require you to not only curate and schedule innovative text, image and video-based content that speaks to your brand’s target demographic, but also monitor its success.

As a position that requires a great deal of efficient planning, there are a number of tools in the industry that social media managers can use to schedule and monitor the success of multi-platform content. From Hootsuite to SocialPilot, using site scheduling tools allow social media managers to plan content in advance that can be edited accordingly in line with demographic trends.

Engagement coordinator 

Average Salary: $40-50k

Social media success revolves around engagement. Therefore, one of the most in-demand social media jobs in 2022 is an engagement coordinator. 

As an engagement coordinator, you’ll be responsible for maintaining your company’s voice across its social media platforms. Whether that is in the form of answering comments and messages, guiding demographic behavior or dipping into social listening, your job is to keep your brand’s demographic actively engaging with their content.

Currently, Instagram has the highest engagement rate amongst platform giants, with audience engagement figures six times higher than Facebook. Followed closely by Tiktok, these are some of the platforms you can expect to be working with the most.

For this role, communication is key. In order to effectively boost engagement, brands need to be constantly creating partnerships between competitors within the niche and of course brand ambassadors that can reshare company content. As an engagement coordinator, it is your job to reach out to potential allies and nurture the partnerships that will contribute to platform growth.

Platform analyst 

Average Salary: $50-80k

For social media job seekers with a hunger for data analytics, a platform analyst role could be the perfect gateway into the industry.

The role of a platform analyst differs from many social media jobs as it centers around platform metrics, rather than creating and posting the content itself. As a specialized role that is most popularly found within larger in-house marketing teams, a platform analyst monitors and measures engagement metrics, click-through rates and trending market data that can be used to influence future campaign creation.

Most platform analysts use a number of AI-generated analytic tools such as Google Analytics and Finteza to monitor platform metrics in real-time and gather insights into site traffic, demographic profiles and trending SEO keywords.

While this role takes more of a back seat within the social media marketing scene, it is regarded as one of the most vital components of social media success. When utilized correctly, analytic insights can help content creators predict future demographic trends and jump ahead of competitors when forming new strategies.

Brand ambassador

Average Salary: $40-100k

Last but not least, brand ambassador roles are becoming increasingly popular post-pandemic. Differing from other forms of social media roles, a brand ambassador position tends to be taken on by those with an authoritative presence across social media platforms.

Brand ambassadors, otherwise known as influencers can use their own social media platforms to share and promote sponsored content as part of a branded partnership. In turn, ambassadors boost their own platform engagement while influencing their audience to interact with the brand they are promoting.

While the role of a brand ambassador is flexible and described as a profitable side hustle, there are currently over 37 million influencers on social media, rendering this role a difficult one to pick up within the industry.

As we step into the future of social media marketing, it’s clear that new roles will continue to appear as more social platforms begin to trend. In an e-commerce dominated landscape, social media promotion has become a must-have for any brand looking to see growth, rendering social media jobs in high demand for a digital workforce.

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