How Rich Snippets Can Improve Your SEO Results?

How Rich Snippets Can Improve Your SEO Results?

Do you want to improve your SEO results? If yes, then try rich snippets. Here’s our comprehensive take on different types of snippets and the best ways to use them.

Then, why the hell results don’t seem to be achieved?  

Are you concerned about your ranking and traffic? 

You might be on the brink of falling after reviewing your latest digital marketing strategy. You may have done everything to make ends meet but, still, you are not able to rank as high as you would like. Well, how about snippets? They are surely going to help you to successfully navigate the terrain of higher ranking and better traffic. 

Lead a rich life, but never settle for less! 

Actually, this is quite true in all sense. Don’t you think, settling for usual snippets can be a bad deal if rich snippets could help you skyrocket your SEO results

Always remember, to get a rich life, glamour, and bling is what all you need. Well, before you get into something serious, it’s essential that you should know what is being talked about.  

Rich Snippets- An Important and Underused SEO Strategy 

You might be knowing about rich snippets or Google Snippets that has been around since 2009. Well, ten years of tweaking and testing have passed by, and now the online marketers are in dire need of snippets to optimize their websites.  

But what are snippets exactly? Let’s have a look: 

Grab a large number of eyeballs through featured footage! 

Well, it’s absolutely right. Featured snippets in search come up with the same idea to answer the user’s particular query. Google extracts essential information from one of the top pages that appear after a search query and displays the same on the top of the Google search results.  

What are the different types of snippets? 

A piece of information that’s pleasing to the eyes 

As you know, rich snippets are eye-catching and lead to organic click-through rate so; your first step should be to identify what type of rich snippet works for your website. There are numerous rich snippets where you use structured markup that is designed to get a better ranking in SERPs. 

Google is continuously evolving! 

Featured snippets give a chance to online marketers to beat the competition, boost conversions and drive high traffic to their website. Understand that Google is continuously evolving and you have to adjust to the change that it brings. 

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Let’s have a look at the different options for featured snippets: 

1. Paragraph Snippets 

These snippets make use of small paragraphs to answer the user’s questions and generate curiosity among readers to know more by clicking on the link. You can make use of this snippet opportunity if your website has an FAQ section. 

2. List Snippets 

List snippets feature a step by step approach and are seen to have an elevated click-through rate as viewers like to read easily scannable content broken down into several points, which is actually a good thing. The more the task is complicated, the more points it will have, and the viewers are likely to click on your link. 

You are recommended to use this format of snippets if you have recipes, tasks, and tutorials and there you stand a chance to earn a better ranking in SERPS. 

3. Bullet List Snippets 

Google has rolled out a new featured listing format called Bullet List Snippets that contain numbered lists or bullet points. This is similar to the listing formats and is appropriate for the posts such as recipes, and those having step by step instructions. 

4. Data Table Snippets 

When it’s hard to break down complex data then, comes the table snippets. However, there are other ways to optimize your data, but, table snippets are used to keep things clear and simple if you have a piece of extra information on your website. 

5. Video Rich Snippets 

Do you know anything about YouTube featured snippets? If not, then, it is important to know that rich snippets also use YouTube videos to answer your specific query. It is recommended that you optimize your video description to match the query of the users and get the most out of it. 

6. Reviews 

Reviews can be a great way to attract a large number of audiences as users tend to rely on the reviews. It is appropriate for the websites that have a product or service to be featured on Google. 

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7. Music 

Music snippets are the best way to initiate media content on Google. Well, a correct markup is required for music rich snippets to be displayed. It is apt for the users who search for artists, album names or song names as it gives Google information on music such as album release dates. 

8. Product Markup 

Product markup is another way to increase the click through rate of your website and get a higher ranking in SERPs. It gives information about a specific product such as image, price, and usage. 

9. Organizations 

This type of rich snippet gives information about a particular organization that includes address, logo, contact information, founders, products. 

10. Top Stories 

This type of snippets allows a website to appear at the top in the search results. Well, it is only applied to news websites which are approved by Google News. 

11. Events 

This is another way to attract a large number of audience on your website. These rich snippets include information on dates, time, location and much more about a specific event. 

So, this was all about the different types of featured snippets that make the best use of your content and helps your website rank higher in Google SERPs. 

Now that you have picked the best snippet that works for your website, the time has come to make use of your structured data to maximize the odds of getting rich snippets. 

Why are these rich snippets more important to SEO? 


Snippets emphasize the need to structure your data that makes your prospects go and click on your website, sooner or later. Well, there are many reasons that you should opt for rich snippets. Let’s understand: 

Rich snippets mean rich traffic! 

Rich snippets translate into massive traffic boost, and this is undoubtedly true. If you are not ranking #1 on Google, rich snippets will boost the organic traffic of the website.

According to a case study published by Search Engine Land, the application of content-rich snippets helped increase a website’s click-through rate from 2% to 8% that increased the organic traffic of the website by a whopping 677%. 

Open the doors for Google’s blessings(High Rankings) 

If you are already ranking #1 in Google’s SERPs, you need to secure your high ranking, and it helps your website occupy a higher rank. Moreover, being ranked for specific keywords, you can optimize your website’s content in a better way, making it a high benefit activity. Ensuring rich snippets help you keep your regular traffic; otherwise, it may substantially decrease your website’s ranking. 

All thanks to Google’s calm rotation! 

According to a study by AHREF, the URL for featured rich snippets rotate around 4 times during a period of 4 months that sums up to 47% of the time. You are advised to optimize your content well, and as you get your query’s rich snippet, it is vital that you keep a check on it. Now, you can search for snippet opportunities. 

Resist dwelling on the weakness and accentuate your strengths 

Optimizing Google’s featured snippets is a daunting task for many digital marketers. It’s always good to emphasize questions by turning them into headers. Headers help you create useful, contextual information for short answers that are easy to feature in the Google SERPs.  

However, keyword density parameters are also counted upon, but, it’s not a top priority. Answering the questions entered concisely is the most important part.    

Remember, Google loves structured data 

Once you have discovered the opportunity for rich snippets, it’s essential to format your content. A well formatted and optimized content always draws the attention of Google and gives you an edge over other competitors. Moreover, concise data help your website to get featured in Google’s SERPs.  

Apart from this, the usage of comparison charts and images also draws users attention. It also helps to improve the click-through rates drastically. 

Get the icing on the cake 

After you are done with the structuring of useful information on your website, concentrate on markup as it helps increase the click-through rates. Structured data would work for Google but, using a microdata vocabulary called Schema.org would also increase your website’s chances to appear on other search engines. Other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex also support Schema. 

Closing Notes

Leveraging rich snippets for the SEO campaigns can be a little tricky. It takes substantial research, creativity, and restructuring of content for better optimization. Well, the rewards are worth the hassle the whole process creates. Always remember that content is the king, and you should continue adding well researched and well-optimized content to earn rich snippets and make your passive income dreams come true! 

Author: Prashal Neema

This post was submitted by a TNS experts. Check out our Contributor page for details about how you can share your ideas on digital marketing, SEO, social media, growth hacking and content marketing with our audience.

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