5 Add-on Covers to Make the Most of Commercial Auto Insurance

5 Add-on Covers to Make the Most of Commercial Auto Insurance

In this article we have mentioned five add-on covers that you can buy to make the most of commercial auto insurance.

Every day, your business uses automobiles to get things done. Whether it is delivering products to your customers or reaching their place to render your services, nothing can be accomplished without automobiles. These mobile machines have become an integral part of your life, and you cannot imagine a day without them. 

But, have you made proper provisions to ensure that your beloved vehicles receive adequate repairs and maintenance as and when they need them? 

Automobile repairs are expensive. If your commercial vehicle gets broken or bent, you’ll have to immediately spend a lot of money on repairs that might become burdensome. However, if you buy auto insurance, things won’t impact you that much. The insurance company will cover bodily injuries, property damage liability, and medical payments. 

But, what if your automobile’s glass gets damaged or a natural calamity is responsible for the damage rather than a road accident? Under such circumstances, even car insurance won’t prove to be instrumental. After all, it only covers your automobiles only in case of collision. 

Don’t panic yet. You won’t have to make such expenses by yourself if you buy proper add-ons. The following are five add-on covers that you can buy to make the most of commercial auto insurance: 

1. Comprehensive Insurance Cover: 

The word ‘comprehensive’ means including or dealing with nearly all aspects of something. On similar terms, comprehensive insurance covers your automobiles in case of any damages that occur to them. It doesn’t matter whether the damage was caused by a collision or not. 

Even if the damages were caused by natural calamities such as earthquakes, fires, or hurricanes, your automobile will be covered. Moreover, comprehensive insurance will cover you in case an animal or a break-in causes damage. 

With a comprehensive insurance cover, you can feel assured that your commercial automobiles will get the desired protection when needed. 

2. Roadside Assistance Cover: 

Imagine you ran out of fuel and became stranded in the middle of a highway. Under such circumstances, auto insurance won’t help you, but roadside assistance cover will. Roadside assistance cover brings you desired assistance in situations when you’re stranded in the middle of a highway due to some reasons such as fuel running out and mechanical breakdown. 

Under a roadside assistance cover, you can get services such as on-the-spot repairing, towing assistance, emergency fuel delivery, and travel assistance. All you need to do is make a phone call, and the roadside assistance insurance company will do its best to make the required services available to you in the least amount of time. 

3. Accessories Cover: 

Car accessories are expensive. As automobile insurance doesn’t cover the expensive accessories of your car, you must buy accessories cover. It protects your vehicle in case of unfortunate events such as theft. There are basically two types of accessories in an automobile: electrical accessories and non-electrical accessories.

Electrical accessories include your automobile’s air conditioner, stereo system and fog lights. Non-electrical accessories cover things such as your vehicle’s seat covers, curtains and internal fittings. An accessories cover includes both types of automobile accessories. 

You can feel assured that in case of an unfortunate event, if any damage happens to your automobile’s accessories, you won’t have to repurchase them or get them repaired on your own. The accessories cover will be there to assist you. 

4. Zero Depreciation Cover: 

Every automobile undergoes depreciation as it ages. An insurance company accounts for the depreciation of the car when settling claims. As a result, you risk getting a lower amount of claims. That’s when a zero depreciation cover can save you. It ensures that the insurance company doesn’t account for depreciation when settling claims. 

As a result, you can get a higher amount than expected. Furthermore, zero depreciation cover is only available for cars up to five years old in most cases. Along with this, some insurers only provide up to two zero depreciation claims, while others offer unlimited zero depreciation claims.

So, when buying a zero depreciation cover, make sure to have an in-depth conversation with the insurer. If he offers unlimited zero depreciation coverage for your automobiles, it’ll be the best for you.

5. Engine Protection Cover: 

Engines are one of the most important components of an automobile. After all, vehicles cannot operate without engines. In an unfortunate event of an accident or a natural calamity such as a flood, your car’s engine might get damaged. 

As car insurance doesn’t cover the engine, you may have to make all the expenses on engine repairs by yourself. If you don’t want to land in such a situation, it is best to buy an engine protection cover. As the name suggests, an engine protection cover insures your automobile’s engine in events such as water clogging, oil spillage, and electrical failure. 

But, sadly, engine protection cover is only available for automobiles younger than five years old. So, if your commercial vehicles are not yet five years of age, you should consider buying an engine protection cover. 

Commercial automobiles are the mobile assets of your business. They help you reach your customers in time and deliver adequate services. But, as you already know, it is never absolutely safe to be on the roads. You never know when an accident might be waiting for you on the next turn. 

If your vehicle suffers any damage, you may have to make a lot of expenses on repairs. No doubt, cheap auto insurance may protect your automobile against damages caused by collisions, but it doesn’t offer any other protection. If an animal damages your car, commercial auto insurance won’t come to your rescue. 

So, it is imperative for you to buy some add-ons to ensure the all-around protection of your commercial automobiles. Some common and highly beneficial add-on covers have been mentioned above. You can choose the ones that best suit your needs.

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