6 Things Every SaaS Marketing Strategy Needs in 2018

/ May 11, 2018 | 4 Mins Read

6 Things Every SaaS Marketing Strategy Needs in 2018

Ready to scale your SaaS startup? Let's make it easier with these 6 things that every marketers needs in SaaS Marketing Strategy.

SaaS marketing is a complicated process. Generally, the users sign up and learn about the usage of the product and then performs the tasks all on the same domain.

This gives the marketers various touchpoints of its consumers based on how they interact with the system, its content, and services.

1. Strong product

Marketing campaigns are put to no use if the product is poor. A dissatisfied customer shares negatived reviews of the brand to at least 9-12 people, thereby reducing your chances of converting prospective clients into customers.

Know what your customer wants and design your product accordingly. This will make your product strong and strong products aid the marketing process by making it easier as a product speaks for itself. Also, make the marketing information oriented and be all ears to the customers’ problems first and provide the solution accordingly.

Banging on the customer directly with your product information would drive them away. Be specific while conveying information about the product and services provided and how different and helpful it is to the customers.

2. Customer Acquisition

The most important thing in SaaS marketing strategy while targeting new customers is talking about the prospective customer’s problem and making them realize the criticality of the problem and also the urgency of getting its solution which you can provide. There you are positioning your service.

Whether the question is about acquiring new customers or retaining the existing ones, the answer always is Know your customer and their needs. Your target consumers are busy people, they require quick solutions to urgent problems.

Customer Acquisition

But for that, they need to realize that they are facing some critical problems which if not attended urgently would cost them and their organization money, wastage of time, increasing risk, lost opportunities and other negative and undesirable outcomes.

This shall induce buying and make the conversion of your client to your customer, faster. In marketing terms, this is called using the push strategy, wherein you push your product or service in a way that the customer feels the need of it and makes the purchase.

Also, choosing the communication channel properly is one of the most critical things. You need to know where your probable consumer segment is, what media they are exposed to and what channels do they pay attention the most. Target that and the acquisition becomes quicker and efficient.

3. Customer Retention

The next step is customer retention, you cannot afford to lose the existing customers at the cost of new ones. Both are equally important for your SaaS marketing strategy to work and generate revenue. To do that keep customer satisfaction paramount while strategizing.

Customer Retention

Make your customers happy, deliver what they desire, maintain the service quality along with a high touch frequency. This shall enable you in knowing their problems in a better way and provide a quick and customized solution.

Very often than not customers are delighted by this which increases their loyalty towards your brand ensuring repeat purchase and thereby retention.

This is important because a large chunk of your profits come from the existing customers, their loyalty ensures your profit’s loyalty.

4. Probable Marketing Campaigns

Make your product do its own marketing, Product design or concept makes the product unique and self-marketable, meaning most of the marketing is done by itself. What you need next is making the customers try your product, unless they try it they won’t know what it offers.

5. Freemium subscription or trial based subscription

Freemiums and trials are the great acquisitors as they reduce the hostility of minimizing the investment and commitment of the users.

The trial-based subscriptions offer limited features and then prompts upgradation. The free gives the customers a glimpse of how the product functions, user-friendliness and what all it offers. Customers are going to be a part of the program and learn at their own pace, do not push much as that may drive them away.

The advantage of using freemiums is it helps you know the customer's touch points based on which upgradation can be prompted. Also, you have the customers information which helps you reach out to them again.

6. Customer Support Service

Keeping a high touch frequency with your customers makes their experience delightful. Making them feel important helps retention.

A great customer service is where you reach out to your customers before they do. Knowing their problem in advance, understanding it well, designing a solution for the same and then projecting that efficiently by using a proper medium.

Delivering a great product is the first step, helping you acquire customers and great customer service is the second step, helping you retain your customers and increase their loyalty. This can be done by researching about your consumers, know them well, know what they want and when do they want it.

With all this data you can make sure that you reach out to the customer on time and provide them a delightful service making your’s a great brand and thereby reducing competition.

Mitul Patel, CEO and Founder of ProtonBits, a Top Rated Software Development Company. He is a tech evangelist with a reputation to provide optimum solutions for business automation and solving real-life problems with the power of software solutions.

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