Vital Ingredients for Optimizing Mobile App Landing Pages

Vital Ingredients for Optimizing Mobile App Landing Pages

Do you wish to optimize your mobile app landing pages? If yes, here’s a blog about nine crucial factors that will boost your landing pages for mobile apps.

Whether you are a blogger or planning to launch a new website or rather releasing a mobile app into the market, you must be familiar with the vitality of the landing pages. Mere developing an app or launching a website is not going to solve your purpose alone, but you need to consider ways to optimize it to create that buzz amongst the users.Whether you are a blogger or planning to launch a new website or rather releasing a mobile app into the market, you must be familiar with the vitality of the landing pages. Mere developing an app or launching a website is not going to solve your purpose alone, but you need to consider ways to optimize it to create that buzz amongst the users.

In short, the landing pages can be a great marketing tool which will generate more traffic to your website or mobile app. The landing pages should be optimized not only for the desktop users but also for the Smartphone users, whose numbers have steadily increased over the years.

You also need to remember that ‘First Impression is the Last Impression.’ So, don’t develop a page that becomes difficult to navigate and make it content friendly. This will be a blow to your app campaigning strategy. After all, your target in hand is to engage people; so, you have to be very cautious with landing pages. Following are the most crucial factors that will boost your landing pages for mobile apps.

The main purpose of the landing page is actually getting the response from the people out there in the market. In other words, you are here to promote your app. Therefore, it becomes exceedingly important to get a distinguished name along with a unique logo design.

best logo design

The prominent name and logo will not only attract people towards your app, but it will be able to frame some idea regarding the app beforehand. They will be able to search your app on the App Store more easily. You will get an instant recognition. However, if this key element is missing in your landing page, then you will fall short even though your idea may be exclusive.

2. A Crispy and Catchy Headline

When it comes to choosing headline for your mobile app landing page, it needs to have the following qualities. First and foremost, it should be concise and apt. The headline also needs to be unambiguous and catchy, which can spontaneously draw the attention of the visitors. You have a short space to work on and so ensure that the word limit for the headline does not exceed more than five or six to be precise.


This is where your imaginative power will come into play because you have to describe your website or app in the shortest of terms. You may find this assignment difficult because selecting the most appropriate words for instant appeal isn’t a child’s play. You can also call it as the tag line for your app. You can use this tag line while advertising or promoting your app.

Let’s illustrate this with an example. Paytm is a popular online payment app in India which is used for varied purposes. So its headline is ‘Simplifying Payments in India’. These four words tell you the entire story of the app; for what it is used. Make the headline bold and use an accurate font.

3. A Clear and Persuasive Call to Action

A clear and persuasive Call to Action, CTA in short, is predominantly the most essential component for landing pages. It helps to drive more traffic to your website or app. As it is evident from the name, CTA entices customers to take immediate action for example on a specific deal. If your app is already available in the App store, then you need to convince the users to download it or if it you are planning to launch one, then you can request your users to subscribe for the mail list to get updates.

It needs to pinpoint just the target such as “Grab the Deal”, “Best Discount Offers” etc. POP and Shyp are the optimal examples known for their CTA landing pages.

Another important aspect about Call to Action is keeping a single visible button. The CTA will fail to offer its benefits if the desired button on the landing page isn’t prominent enough. Your goal is to ask people to do act upon something. Therefore, please make sure that the CTA button is visible clearly. You can choose a contrasting color for the page in comparison with your main page.

While developing an app you also have to ponder upon some other significant aspects. Firstly, the visual appeal of the page shouldn’t eclipse the CTA button. It means you have to strike a perfect balance between aesthetics and CTA button without compromising one another.

4. Inclusion of Videos and Social Media Accounts

If you were to take an expert advice, then a video must be included into your list of compulsory elements for the landing page of mobile app. An app video is much powerful medium to attract the users in comparison to the written content. Moreover, if you take usual poll, most people prefer watching a video for getting information because they are able to connect more aptly and quickly. However, don’t try to exaggerate your app in the video. Try to keep it short and simple covering all the important points. Interestingly, if people like your video, they might share it on various social media platforms.


Now taking of social media account, do you think your landing page will be successful without adding this essential ingredient into your recipe? No. Social media is one of those venerable platforms which directly connect you with your audiences and you simply cannot let this opportunity slip out of hands. Most apps these days have Facebook and Twitter buttons on their landing pages.

5. An Orderly Presentation without any Clumsiness

If you want your app to be installed on more and more Smartphones, you will have to adopt this policy. Since there is space crunch, you have to adjust everything into that little pocket without giving a clumsy or untidy presentation. Don’t try to complicate the designs and try to get as much white space as possible. A sophisticated landing page comprises of all important elements with minimal or no clutter at all. If you wish you can go through a few examples such as that of Moto360.

6. Showcasing Awards and Contact Information

If you have been awarded with some best mobile developer in any previous contest, then don’t forget to exhibit it on your landing page. In addition to that, testimonials of clients or positive reviews of your audiences will be a big bonus.

You also need to put in your proper contact details so that the users can get in touch with you regarding their problems and other feedbacks. If you received a negative review, then it becomes quite necessary to know the problem and work upon it to turn it into a positive comment.

7. Simplify the Formalities

You need to keep in mind that as you want a life without any complexity, so do the people. So, it is the point of getting into the hardcore rules for the login process or filling out a simple form? Time is money and you have exhibit this when developing the landing page. People tend to get frustrated very easily and so you have to design your form in much a manner so that you can gather the most crucial date within minimal time. The optimum example in this regard is Shopify.

8. Content should be Readable

Now this is an important component especially if you are planning to launch the landing pages of your blogging app on the mobile. Here, the crucial factors include the font styles, their sizes and how well can you influence your readers and audiences with the best mobile landing page. Although, the screen is small but you need to maximise its utilization so that anyone can read the content without difficulty.


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9. Next Job in Hand

Once you have added these indispensable stars in your landing page, the next job in hand is to check their proper functionality. The well optimized landing page will have three major qualities i.e. quick loading, attractive and asking people to take desired action.

The Final Words

After getting acquainted with the key elements of an attractive landing page, it’s now your turn to try it and note the change in the results. This will certainly optimize your page and draw the attention of the users towards your app. Promotion is also a key constraint.

However, much of the outcome depends on how well you are implementing the elements. So all the best!!

Mehul Rajput is the CEO of Mindinventory, a mobile app development company. He does blogging as hobby and love to write on mobile technologies, app development, and mobile app marketing

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