The Magic Formula to Persuasive Copywriting – Sell Anything to Anyone

The Magic Formula to Persuasive Copywriting – Sell Anything to Anyone

In this in-depth blog, you will learn about various persuasive copywriting techniques which will improve your conversions and sales.

Every year more people are taking their shot at starting an online business, whether it is selling physical or digital products.

With an increase in competition comes an increase in customers. The need to be able to capture their attention is only becoming more difficult as time goes on.

Anyone looking to increase sales online should have a proven framework that makes this step easier. You are not alone if you have stared at a blank document for hours, trying to find the right words.

We will go over a simple 10-part framework that will take your blank landing page and turn it into a money-making machine.

A proper headline

One of the most critical elements of your landing page is having an attention-grabbing headline. The attention span of most people online is around 8 seconds. Just shy of a goldfish.

The main goal of a headline is to grab your customers' attention, NOT to sell.

Many people get this wrong and think they need to put a sales pitch for the headline. A great headline often comes in a question or has an emotionally charged idea.

Asana is an excellent example of an emotionally charged headline.

asana homepage

You should never describe the exact product or service you are selling. Instead, target your customer's motivation for needing your product.

The opening statement

Once you have stopped your potential customer from exiting your webpage and have struck curiosity in their mind, it's time to support the headline.

The opening statement should support the headline and explain your product or service to your customer.

The opening statement is where you put yourself in your customer's shoes and address what's going on in their mind.

Asana speaks directly to team leaders who might struggle to keep their teams organized and on track in the example above.

Share your credentials

At this moment, your customer is having a battle in their minds. They are wondering who you are and why they should trust you.

It is time to talk about yourself and showcase your skills, expertise, and who you have worked with.

If you are selling physical products, you show all the influential people who have used your products.

Imagine reading a sales page and seeing someone you admire or look up to who has an association with that person or company. The trust factor will go up in your mind.

If you use specific stats and numbers, be sure not to make them up or inflate them. Your customers are astute and will catch on quickly.

A grand opening statement can also use video where you can talk directly to your customers through the screen—building a more personal connection and trust.

Tell them what you are offering.

In this offering section, you present your solution to their problem or desire.

You need to anticipate your customer's objections and handle them ahead of time. The reaction you want them to have is, "how did they know I was thinking that?"

If you are offering a coaching program or a course, one of your statements might look like this:

"We have affordable options to fit any budget. Get started on the course today for just $49."

The above example overcame their objection to being too expensive by offering an affordable payment plan.

Need a few more examples of how to overcome objections online? Neil Patel has a few clever ways to overcome objections. 

Show them the benefits

This section is where you list out all the benefits of your product or service.

Having well-thought-out bullet points on benefits can dramatically increase your sales.

Providing potential customers with benefits helps them disconnect from the technical aspects of your product or service. It allows them to focus on how it will make their life easier or reach a specific goal faster.

If you are unsure how to write out benefits, you can check out 101 examples of features versus benefits

Understanding your customers and their desires also helps you develop compelling benefits.

Show social proof

This section is where you will show the faces of everyone who has spoken highly about your product or service.

It is your chance to show proof that what you sell does what it claims.

Most people arriving at your landing page will be highly skeptical. It's your job to break down those barriers.

Providing video testimonials is the easiest way to show social proof. It gives a more personal connection and builds trust much faster.

If you can't get video testimonials, use written testimonials that include the following:

  • Full name
  • A clear photo of the customer
  • Location
  • Age

The more information you can display, your product or service is more credible.

BuzzSumo is a great example of using influential people who use their software on their homepage.


Justification phase

When your potential customer reaches this point on your landing page, they are already weighing their options.

It would be best to clarify your product or service's value to them. What will your customers lose if they do not move forward?

You need to show them the value of your offer and do it in a way that favorably contrasts the price. How can you make this a "no-brainer" for them to purchase?

You need to provide options. You are getting them to imagine themselves with each one.

Option 1

You can give up on your dreams of becoming your own boss and continue going through your days wanting more. Since you made it this far, we know that's not the case.

Option 2

You can continue watching YouTube videos and searching Google for your questions on running your own business. While possible, it will take much longer to achieve your goals, and you will have to learn through trial and error.

Option 3

You can purchase this course today and get step-by-step guidance on getting your business off the ground. Forget about trial and error, and be able to make a phone call to your mentor with any questions you might have.

The options system will show them that your product or service is the clear and easy path to reach their goals.

Show them the guarantee

Providing your potential customers with a guarantee shows you stand behind what you are selling and puts them at ease.

Whether it's a 30, 60, or 90-day guarantee, the longer the guarantee, the more sales you will have.

You should write a guarantee that builds a relationship rather than just a return policy.

You might be suitable if you are worried about people taking advantage of your guarantee. However, with the increase in sales, it will be irrelevant.

If you see way more returns than anticipated, this might be an excellent time to see where you can improve your product or service.

You show them that there is no risk in doing business with you.

Bombas is an excellent example of using a guarantee that makes it a no-brainer to purchase.


Ask for the sale

Now that you have captured their attention, shown them who you are, showed them the benefits of your product or service, shared social proof that your product is impressive, and provided them with a risk-free guarantee, it's time to ask for the sale.

It would be best if you made this part as easy as possible.

If you want them to make a phone call, make sure it's large enough and clearly, states to call the displayed number.

If you want them to click on a button, make sure the button text says "click here to purchase."

It might seem silly, but you must not assume they know what to do automatically.

Incorporate a sense of urgency

Your customer is so close to making the purchase, but there is still one last thing in mind.

Why should they buy now? 

Having urgency is one thing that is missing in a lot of offers online. People like to procrastinate and think about things.

You need to convince them why they can't wait.

Procrastination kills sales all the time.

A few examples you can use to provide scarcity are:

  • Only four days left!
  • Only eight spots are remaining.
  • Thirty bookings in the past 20 days. Very few spots remaining.
  • This price is going up in the next 24 hours.

Summarize your offer and explain the bonuses they will receive by buying now.

Final thoughts

Having a proven system and framework can be powerful for selling products online.

Understanding how people think and process information will help you formulate the perfect landing page to sell anything to anyone.

When planned thoughtfully and written to speak to your customer, these ten elements will make it difficult for them to say no or exit your page.

By following this framework, we are confident you will see an increase in sales while improving people's lives with your product or service.

Derek Saunders is a freelance content marketer and runs a marketing blog at dereksaunders.com. He aims to help freelancers, bloggers, and business owners grow in a better way online.