5 Powerful pro Tricks That Will Make Your Web Design Memorable

5 Powerful pro Tricks That Will Make Your Web Design Memorable

Wondering how to make web design memorable? In today's post, our expert Sam has brought you five tips to make your web design memorable

Today having a website is incredibly important, if you are to make more sales and succeed as a business owner. Unfortunately, simply having a website won’t cut it; you must also make sure the design is just right. Depending on the web design quality, you’ll be able to make more sales, secure more loyal customers, and its design also reflects the amount of professionalism you possess.

In the following article, we will discuss some design tips on how to create a website that will be memorable. This will come in handy for those who want their users to have a pleasant experience while navigating a website, and for those who want their users to become regular customers.

We have brought you five tips to make your web design memorable:

An essential element for becoming memorable is, of course, a logo. Be sure to turn your logo into a button that leads users back to your homepage; it’s what other websites do and since it is a common practice, visitors expect it to function like this. They might not always remember how to recreate the logo in their mind, but whenever they see it, or something that resembles it, they will remember you.

When you are creating your logo, don't go with something complex, you already know what most of the logos out there look like, so no need to experiment. Moreover, there is no reason to turn your logo into something that is closely connected to your product.

The majority of logos are an abstract shape, and while some companies end up spending tons of cash coming up with the perfect logo, it’s possible to get a good design without breaking the bank if you know where to look.

Your logo is something that helps you establish your identity, so go with a design that effectively conveys your brand message and evokes the right emotions. Just get a team of graphic designers to help you create your logo and you will have something you are proud of that you can also customize in the future, just to innovate a bit.

2. Use spontaneous navigation and ensure it takes minimum load time:

It is important that users can intuitively get around your website. So, look at the other successful online stores to find out what intuitive design is all about. It needs to have a natural call to action so that the users know immediately how to make a purchase, or how to contact you.

Another crucial thing you need to remember is to ensure your website runs fast and smoothly. If a page takes too long to load the visitors will be annoyed and will most likely leave without bothering to wait for it to load.

So, find a web hosting service that will give you top speed and that offers content network distribution so that your site is uploaded to numerous servers. With CND, your site will load faster regardless of a user’s proximity to the server, and it will also enable your site to exist on multiple servers, which will help your visibility.

3. Make it mobile-friendly

A huge number of users are now browsing the web on mobile devices, and that number is still increasing. In other words, by not optimizing your website for smaller screens, you lose plenty of potential customers. Additionally, if you do not optimize for mobile devices it will hurt your website's ranking, and people might not even discover your website.

When you optimize for mobile users, it would be a good idea to have a site that includes a lot of scrolling. Users on small screens would rather scroll than to have to click on a certain spot in order to reach the content they want. If you go to sites that are well-optimized for smartphones, you’ll see that even the home page has a lot of content that is reached via scrolling.

Besides, the majority of the website have multimedia content such as self-hosted videos, slideshows, YouTube/Vimeo clips, infographics, etc. When you optimize your desktop site for mobile users, don't forget about this content. Otherwise, your mobile website visitors won't be able to view it properly. Only certain media formats are supported for playback on smartphones. For example, only MP4, WebM and OGV videos can be watched on mobile gadgets. That's why consider twice what media format to choose for your mobile site and go ahead and compress and optimize your standard desktop videos using this tutorial - make your movies and clips mobile-compatible. As for visuals, PNG and JPEG images are good for the cell phone. However, there might be technical issues with GIF pictures and you'd better avoid them.

4. Invest in good, professional photography

For the sake of professionalism, and for a larger collection of shareable and high-quality content, you should invest in good photography. If you are selling clothes, fashion accessories, or any kind of sports equipment, then high-quality photography is the most powerful tool to win over your online customers. The same applies for real estate and restaurant websites; you need photos of both the interior and exterior to draw in more customers.

In addition to being great website material, high-quality photography is an amazing click-through rating booster, or to put it bluntly, social media advertising asset. Social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, need quality photography in order to catch the attention of the user who simply scrolls down in his or her feed.

An interesting photo will make sure he or she stops to look at the title and perhaps click on the link that leads to your site. Lastly, with high-quality photography, someone can use a photo from your site as an external link, which can boost its ranking.

5. Give away free stuff

Finally, you can give website visitors free gifts, so that they will have a memorable time while they are on your website. Of course, use this technique to gain something in return. Distribute gifts only to those who register and leave their email address.

This gives you valuable information for future customer incentives and it will also secure customer loyalty in the future. Once the user feels respected and has a pleasant experience on your site he or she is more likely to become a paying customer.

The Last Word:

As you can see, these are all easy tricks you can implement. The positive results are quite obvious, so it would be wise to follow these guidelines. Get a quality logo and quality web hosting services, make sure the design is mobile-friendly as well and offer free gifts to your registered users.

Sam Makad is a business consultant. He helps small & medium enterprises to grow their businesses and overall ROI. You can follow Sam on Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

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