How Long Does It Take for a New Website to Start Converting

How Long Does It Take for a New Website to Start Converting

Discovring benefits of your new website? Are you getting beneficial conversions from your new website? How long does it take? Get all your answer in this article.

Websites That Convert a Challenge for Ecommerce Developers

Two websites can receive the same amount of traffic from the search engines and from paid traffic, but one drives much higher profits for its business owners.

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Why is this? Equally skilled ecommerce web developers can build sites that are far apart in their conversion rate. Simply put, a site with a higher conversion rate leads to more customers purchasing the goods and services that the business has put up on sale.

1. What Is Website Conversion Rate

Marketing Terms defines a conversion rate as the proportion of a website’s traffic that results in a sale or other desired event. Common conversion goals include:

  • A product or service sale
  • Signups for an app or offer
  • Placing an order
  • Reserving tickets or slots
  • Subscribing to an email list

2. Why Conversion Is Critical for Businesses

Businesses of all kinds rely on web traffic conversion for some portion of their revenue. As a result, understanding how long it will take for a new site to start converting is critical. If you avoid conversion rate optimization mistakes and your ecommerce web developers make the right optimizations, your site can begin converting right away.

Since the structure of every industry is generally different from industry to industry, it’s good to benchmark your site against others in your field.

For example, a software as a service (SaaS) app will typically have a different set of conversion metrics it needs to hit compared to, say, a restaurant website. Likewise, the traffic conversion rate goals of an online retailer like Amazon will look different from those for a social media app like Facebook.

b. Website Conversion Rate by Industry

You can use these comparison figures to determine if your site is above average or subpar in terms of traffic conversion rate. According to Acquisio, these are the average conversion rates by industry:

  • Retail - 3.86%
  • Automotive - 4.41%
  • Professional Services - 7.88%
  • Real Estate - 4.06%
  • Financial - 4.76%
  • Food and beverage - 1.93%
  • Fitness - 4.88%

Website Conversion Optimization Trends Across Industries

c. Target Audience, Traffic Strategy, and Conversion

In terms of time, how long it takes for a new website to start converting depends on the medium through which you promote your site. For example, you can use social media such as Pinterest or Facebook to promote, or you can use search engine optimization (SEO).

According to ConverseDigital, it can take up to 6 months to see results from social media work. Meanwhile, a Forbes piece on SEO for website promotion states that SEO generally yields results after 6 months as well. There are ways to get a site converting faster, if you are able to drive targeted traffic through, say, paid search ads or context advertising.

3. How to Deal with Unsatisfactory Website Conversion

The structure of website conversions greatly resembles the movement of water through a funnel. Out of a high number of total visitors, the number that ends up buying the end product or service will be quite small.

Turning around a poorly converting site involves eliminating some common conversion mistakes and implementing website improvements to turn more visitors into clients.

4. Web Development Company Mistakes That Lower Conversions

When you build a website for your business, avoid these mistakes that can lower conversions.

a. UI Complexity

One of the biggest causes of low conversions for a website is UI complexity and clutter. If the user interface of your site has many competing elements that confuse the user, it will be harder for the user to understand what they are supposed to do on the page.

For example, on a sales page, if you include many different buttons and user controls that tell the customer different things, your message becomes unclear. This mistake can be rectified by eliminating unnecessary user interface complexity.

b. Annoying Popups

Along with complexity, annoying popups and banners are another costly distraction when it comes to website conversion. For instance, just before a user clicks the button to buy, several pop-ups showing up on your page demand the user’s attention.

Because you interrupted the user’s train of thought with a useless distraction, a higher percentage of users will abandon their shopping carts. If you want better-converting websites, keep popups and banners to a minimum.

c. Slow Website Speed

If your signup or other conversion landing pages load very slowly, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. This is because visitors to your site do not know how awesome the experience is that you have to wait for them once they sign up.

As a result, when your sign up landing page loads too slowly, a good number of them will leave your site without waiting to find out. This is one avenue by which unoptimized websites lose their audience and inflict lower conversion rates upon themselves.

To remedy this conversion rate optimization mistake, work with your developers to speed up landing pages and other critical parts of your site. You can try, for example, using caching techniques to speed up web pages and compressing UI assets such as images and stylesheets.

5. Website Optimization Strategies for Conversions

Website conversion experts recommend a number of techniques to improve the conversion of any website. One of these techniques is called A/B testing.

a. Implement A/B Testing

In A/B testing, you will test different versions of landing pages, signup pages, product listing pages and other critical pages in order to identify the combinations that convert best. By adopting A/B testing on your site, you can very quickly turn things around and make your website convert much better.

b. Adopt Flat Design and Other Design Optimizations

Another way to improve the conversion of your website is to improve the design and optimize it. Design, however, cuts both ways. Some flashy website designs convert poorly, while others convert highly. What seems clear, however, is that your website design must be engaging to the end user.

As a result, you have to be careful that you are testing the effect of your design choices. One way that web design teams have attempted to make their designs modern and appealing to users is by using flat design techniques.

c. Target Images and Text to Match Your Industry

One important but easy to overlook optimization that boost website conversions are using images and language on your pages that will draw the reader in. Make use of images that are relevant to your industry and that meet the visitor’s intent.

Likewise, the text on your pages must address the visitor’s intent or reasons for visiting your website. Maybe the visitor is looking for a solution to a problem. If so, directly address that problem and show how your website will help the user find a solution.

6. Fastest Path to Ecommerce Website Conversions

Website conversions are an important area of many businesses’ online activities. How fast your website can start converting depends on a number of factors, among them, how well it is optimized and what source of traffic you use.

With SEO and social media, it takes more effort to see conversions than if you use carefully targeted paid traffic. To improve the conversion rate, apply A/B testing and optimize website speed, user interface design, as well as effective communication on the page.

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