5 Problems That Ruined Your Digital Marketing Strategy

5 Problems That Ruined Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Do you know what are the different problems that can ruin your digital marketing strategy? We will answer this question through our blog along with the various ways to solve each one of them. Read the pointers carefully to derive useful insights from it.

Everyone that has experience in the digital marketing space will have encountered some problems along the way. Unfortunately, the impact of this can be clearly seen from the way customers act on your site and the feedback you receive.

Here are 5 of the most common problems that digital marketers face and how to solve each of them.

1. Not maximizing ROI

This applies to all businesses but for marketing, it can seem to be a lot more challenging than others. Marketing ROI provides hard evidence for how effective your campaigns really are.

If you aren’t delivering the results, it can be tough to either negotiate a bigger budget from your boss or, if you’re a freelancer/agency, difficult to keep business from a company that isn’t getting rewarded for your efforts.

2. So how can you solve this problem?

Well, the first thing you must be doing is making sure that there is a good relationship between the marketing team and the sales team. They need to be working in unison to get deals over the line. This can be done by investing in a management software eg a CRM.

Next, you must start documenting progress through service level agreements. HubSpot’s state of inbound marketing report found that businesses that operate using service level agreements are 34% more likely to experience greater year-over-year ROI than those companies that aren’t.

Finally, you must be tracking core KPIs, such as organic traffic and lead generation, conversation rates and the number of referrals. These will help your produce an ROI report, further allowing you to prioritize your marketing efforts in areas that require the most attention.

We are assuming that you want to be in business for a long time, rather than looking for short-term gains that will quickly fade away. If this is the case, then you should be looking at maximizing white-hat link building.

Digital marketers face pressure to deliver results and may often turn to black-hat methods. While they can be effective, black-hat link building carries a lot more risk.

Instead, focus on using the white-hat linking building. These methods don’t fear the latest search engine updates and will prepare your business for long-term success.

White-hat techniques also rely on providing valuable content to customers, improving their experience which leads to more sales. Satisfied customers are also likely to refer you to other colleagues or other businesses.

If you aren’t familiar with link building, then it makes sense to hire a specialist to do it for you. For those that don’t have access to a large budget, find a freelancer or agency that will provide affordable link generation services.

4. Misguided SEO

Following on from link building comes bad SEO efforts. You will know that this is affecting your business through the lack of traffic generated and your low position in search engine results pages (SERPs). Some of the mistakes made with SEO are basic and often unnecessary.

For example, some websites may not include the correct keywords in a blog post for it to actually rank for what it’s supposed to. There is also the quality of content to consider; posts that include a lot of spelling and grammatical errors are going to harm the con High-quality content is key to the inbound marketing methodology.

These are just a couple of the careless SEO mistakes that will run your digital marketing strategy. However, these issues can be solved by installing plugins in the hosting website.

One of the most popular plugins is offered by Yoast, which informs the user of any SEO problems a post or page has before it gets published.

It’s worth noting though that plugins won’t be able to correct any fundamental or technical SEO problems, but they’ll help cut out the basic mistakes.

5. Time management

Digital marketers can find it tough to meet demands because they cannot find the time or the right resources. However, the underlying problem isn’t that don’t have the time; it’s that they aren’t able to manage what do they have effectively.

If you had the ability to add an extra hour to the day, that would solve a lot of the issues. But since you can’t do that, there must be another way.

To start with, you should look to plan your work a few days in advance so that when that day comes around, you know exactly what you’re doing. If you complete your tasks early, you can get ahead, giving you a bit of extra leeway to complete longer or bigger tasks.

Alternatively, you could look to brining someone else in to help carry the load. If they can get onboard with your business goals, you can focus on the marketing while they sort out all the other things that need doing.

6. Wrong platform

We’ve this problem for last because if all the other signs are saying you’re doing everything right, the only other explanation is that you have picked the wrong platform to build your website.

The more time and money you invest into this site, the quicker you need to figure this out because once you’ve spent it, you can’t get it back and transfer the work you’ve done to another.

Some of the problems that can come about from choosing incorrectly include slow loading pages, turning visitors off and not enabling some plugins that you think are necessary to how the page should function.

Chances are that if you have purchased plugins etc on a previous host, you won’t be able to install them on another free of charge.

The solution is rather simple: do your research and consider all the available options and functionalities of the platform before going all in. Most of the big websites like WordPress will likely cater for your needs but it’s always better to be that bit cautious.


As you create and tailor your marketing strategy, you will make mistakes along the way, sometimes through no fault of your own. Some will affect your business more than others.

Avoiding the 5 errors on this list will prevent you from ruining your digital marketing campaigns.

Tom Buckland is the Founder of an organic marketing agency based in the UK. Specialising in increasing revenues on Amazon & Google, he's the #1 ranked Amazon marketing consultant.

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